ನಾಳೆ ಎಲ್ಲರೂ ಅಧಿವೇಶನಕ್ಕೆ ಕಡ್ಡಾಯವಾಗಿ ಹಾಜರಿರಬೇಕು | Whip enforcement for JDS legislators

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provisionally our word disqualification Clause does not read medulla yes serega update sick toilet jelly is just a creaky whipped jolly agony and wata update gnarly automation in a harem Bhagat a how the Queen Sita why give it to Charlie model on Idol normal procedure Audrey eage in to pitch to mahogany particle at a nigga animation a hakama Kunta genius shots at Koenig a whip with Jonny Hadji day and want a detail lab the archive Rajiv I mean II didn't touch a satirical CUDA Moira Shasta crude wish to not go Paula yeah mato Nara in a go de amor Genesis the kukuda big cuchara monitor a MOOC on Terra whip johnniemorrow mu contra cut T Haku Ponte Preta glue nerdy Tyler the gag Bonita remember Ramesh Babu the table 11 a liberator love the speaker and the neighbor quarter a EDA Callison a congress new room art Auriga we put a Jerry Martin I can tell it ray he's gonna go glue Gopala yeah other itinerant go to e Regina me Patrick Rama but the a cadenza speaker Swahili key in a copy that I gotta get out of speaker teapot Robonaut to come to Mumbai Javed Ali ego give me a player guitar I Peru szostak Rika Coppola and uragan which will do this between the members and the speaker particle brother lado mm-hmm as long as they have not accepted in a speaker row crime about to a given Tahir lead him away except Marty didn't theory came Costello hmm yakmala he later develop I'm toe eriksberg except Marty Dre or party member or lack of ER America talaga be Poojari model Congress under Bandra yaro or puncture remember allow rheumatic Allah you expel Aggie drea name part in the experiment eternal I would you could occur so Roshan bado really puggle Agata yes suspend I remember it comes under the ambit of the vapor mm-hmm expelled member barratt elastin in any otherwise mclaurel Roberta ray are we put Jerry and Karen on the name again with it it pertains only to working inside the house yesterday Isaac McCauley new violet Marty Dre ha ha Muji's Agrotech you light up Aroon arlington are they you were gay finally do L do not know what up confidence to go back on the corner mostly healthy longer anyway – corella now we have a contact here today we were trapped Alabama go talk to him Eli lay low a spur to let me talk brutal that prayer today you need to consider a tiller in Akasaka girl Antony he ain't even the multidirectional taken the inverter inverter hideous delay obey elected the president either c'mon go very suddenly Chief Minister Ismail a URI inverter MMP reason mozilla are thinking of window period idiolect mukunda datta a wooden the whole tacky parliament the lake i watch by government the one devotedness volt allah other gear either go manga work mm-hmm I'm done Elsa no he they sell in everyday Hager get you realtor then and red suspect we are suspecting a new floor a smart idea num party would better of tada odd cock animal Disqualification no we aren't really living with Bert idea him what rescue tobacco window you know assembly cost in Chile yelled overlock shampoo lagina word realtor or nella card earring Marty ah what a million American auto ship because Buddha yes no no Dilip Kumar a pristine Academy and Ray Coppola Yamato Nara and Goethe Regina my patron Akane Tendo trauma but oh I get inta speaker hellotara sweet critic water binocular / corridor a he hopefully we pour again a play on guitar another person in a container with pooja really jealous just really gnarly activational pal go Linda he's recruiting Patrick Cote d'Or a oh sorry agree on Terry Bhutto hmm Audra Donna Nicaragua de lure a dreamer dependent or dinner of shots accrued or do so Trudeau has gotten Donna know except martini resignation and Tara booty in our array antis underbelly though he's in party he loses his Emily from the position of the MLA when he loses his version of the MLA what Santa T has got to would in the assembly that is very important baba shaaka Emily you know when the Sark Erica support voodoo on shaaka Aggie tree hmm oh no Bashar circus talent in there a dynamic portentous under with Ally Regina manga Cara Adam tada Greenlee on szostak Anna our guru Delilah only ex-mla cast on Akira cinema Cuchillo donkey Cara ah Go Go Go were you a player timid little lure Lainey no Supreme Court umber tactical of Mediterranean uh no none reading of this thing you were target ever go Betty martini one month alone the rules here is then right speaker analytic and accordion today hmm Nonna's went a-courtin enter the district says add melee unit called rare it becomes another regal complication you would they have complied with the law Emily's new speaker delays the in the ramen not Parramatta Karim general madre is bullsháá supreme court is in a watch murderer do we work Betty money never married is mandatory for any member okay look how to convince the speaker Allah Nonya pathogen a Mikado Nadia do you know Naga Gendron uh Nina's for me Amelia Boudreau demoon de Nanak Brad I remember she put the courses in attending very good Bernie Mickey diamond work on our no wonder which are and no he Supreme Court in London original row you what are can take a walk here in the hydro and the Willow Creek representing intrude market every speaker of instantly speaker row political parties hope oggela speak no Dana mechanical Aria speaker discretional Hill they dry in and there is a injustice oh yes there are delays hodge baha'i supreme court or not i got to what you intended a dilly speaker up which is no complaint is report for tobacco here to be a co doodle on

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