【ENG SUB】Infinite Defence I Sok I HU vs. ORC I Terenas Stand I WC3 Ladder

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MK? I am thinking about Archmage Orc recruits Far Seer a lot these days I won’t recruit MK MK is not weak against FS, Just I’m going to build lvl.1 expo He would recruit FS to harass me After I got defeated 3 games in a row by FoCuS, I’m recovering WR slowly These days I have rarely played Human in ladder
I just started Human again from yesterday Playing hard seems working for my play condition I need to confront other races I wanted vs. UD and vs. NE today but only Orc I meet I’m practicing fast expo tactic against UD
I need some UD enemies [Periapt of Vitality] Right [Tome of strength] Usually I build Lumbermill first But now I think I can build Hall directly
because I stole his boss creep [Claws of Attack +6] One of the reasons that UD couldn’t try fast expo
while ago is UD couldn’t buy Sacrificial Skull
without Graveyard It is patched Now it is easier to try fast expo Now Sacrificial Skull is available on shop [Wand of Mana Stealing] I have lost too many peasants
he’s lvl.3 This is why you should stay home
while I’m absence, enemies rob my expo This often happens to me against UD and Orc Funny thing is, when I build expo and stay there I see enemies are creeping
through replays When I go out for creeping, They kill my peasants This really happens a lot After Human builds expo, it’s hard to stay still So Human goes out for creeping And for sure enemy comes into empty base It’s not bad It could be worse I didn’t calculate his dmg
I just withstood I often lost heroes in that situation I just tried one more time
because I have priest this time [Rejuvenation Potion]
[Manual of health] Maybe he has built expo at 1 Chieftain had Wand of the Wind I think he creeped there [Cloak of Shadows] MK should level up for later endurance [Runed Bracer] [Tome of intelligence +2] Still lvl.2 It’s so close to be lvl.3
just one peon! One, one! just one! Just one to make lvl.3! Oh, I got him successful He’s not going to give me time He’s rushing without mercy Problem is, I can’t buy scroll of healing now My dmg is so weak I got it Lvl.2 Clap makes this battle whole different I have to be on guard against Wind Rider I need Workshop Let’s retreat I need to regroup OK, ja GG

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    속 헤어스타일 트롤버서커컷인가요?

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