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hi in this video I will show you how to
password protect videos and live streams to do so simply log in to your account go
to the section where your videos are located if we wanted to set our video to
password-protected we food first choose a video such as Prometheus air and click
on the PPV button located next to it in the PPV button we simply set our video
to paid and password-protected scroll down and now we choose the ticket that
we would like to name for this ticket I’m going to choose a standard single
video ticket for the password click on the setup ticket and here is the
important part instead of payment type such as a pop em in pay per view we’re
gonna set it to password type so we click on the password type and have
we’re able to generate codes and passwords for your video so we get a few
options here such as expiry periods so we can set if we want to limit the
expiry period of when the passwords will expire I’m gonna leave this to unlimited
the total loud reuse so we can set a limit to how many times the password
will actually allow the viewer to view the video and I’m going to leave this
unlimited as well and here we can set how many passwords we would like to
generate so for this tutorial I will generate 10 passwords now that we’re
happy with our settings we simply click on regenerate the passwords Now button
which will give us the list of all the passwords that we’ve generated so now to
save it simply click on the save new passwords button obvious community we
need to copy those passwords and now the passwords are fully saved into the
system we click Save Changes and this will save our ticket to finalize simply
click on the save and return to my panel button to save all the changes you put
your videos now fully password-protected as you can see here it’s Chaffin free to
pass and if you later wanted to retrieve those passwords we can do that as well
if we go over to the orders and passwords section
we have paid orders all orders and passwords obviously we click on the task
words tab to retrieve our our passwords that we’ve just generated as you can see
we’ve got the package type which was the name of the video and we got the
relating passwords to that as well so now you now you know how to
password protect videos and live streams you can simply go and share your
passwords for others to be able to see your video

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