066 Dr David Lewis Anderson & Hillary Raimo Time Travel & Space Time Physics @YinRadioTV

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6 Replies to “066 Dr David Lewis Anderson & Hillary Raimo Time Travel & Space Time Physics @YinRadioTV”

  1. Steve S says:

    how old is this interview ??

  2. Steve S says:

    Dr Anderson did an interview last year with some woman , also his web site is very up and running with so much content it's almost a book

    He has however limited in his informAtion now I feel , maybe he is liaising with the big bad government

  3. Steve S says:

    He seems one of the good guys I doubt he was bought off . But in sure if he was on truth syrup
    We would be blown away by his advancements

  4. asif pk says:

    Russia and Japan sent information back in to the past.. okay. why are we not receiving information from the future? time control tec must be super advanced in future.

  5. Matthew Rivinius says:

    They are using 1)mercury 2)argon gas 3)liquid ammonia 4) boron 5)platinum 6)gold 7)crystals 8) diamond

  6. Stephen Dickens says:

    lol the universe is already in a time loop, is it not obvious as everything around you from atoms to nature to the planets, its all looping, repeating, round and round it goes, could it be more obvious then that. even when the universe ends, it will began again, in fact it does it all the time already here and there in the universe as sections end and began again. There are a seemingly infinite number of possibilities, but in truth they are not infinite, just seemingly infinite to mankinds mind. The universe is on a time loop that repeats using these seemingly but not really infinite numbers of possibilities. If you say there is only a set number of seemingly infine number of possibilities. and if you stretch out these possibilities to never ending time, as the universe repeats, then some day even the very numbers that represent the universe of today will repeat again eventually, and that means even you and me will repeat again as well. But there are seemingly infinity possibilities, they are randomly picked as it were in the creation of the repeating universe, so all possibilities eventually play out in the field of time. But again this law of randomness means that eventually even all the possibilities that created the universe as it is now will even repeat again, and thus we all live again. remember to be truly random does not only mean any combination can be chosen, it also means the exact already chosen random numbers can be chosen again, and would eventually in time. In fact we have already lived untold number of times, and with a zillion alterations even through the randomness. but it all repeats, in sections of the universe here and there,,all repeating with seemingly infinite random possibilities as the outcome. Just look around you and open your eyes, what is the most obvious thing to be seen, from one day leading into another, to weeks,months,years. decades, everything repeating again. The atoms always forming to molecules again in the same order or patterns. From nature growing, to life, to the seasons repeating. even the weather repeats from nice weather to stormy weather and back again seemingly random but always repeating again. From the earth spinning, and the moon going around the earth, to earth going around the sun, to the planets around the sun. To the galaxy spinning in a spiral. How much more obvious could it all be, everything is a time loop, all repeating, everything is a repeat even when it seems random, it always comes back around again to repeat as it once was. This is an undeniable obvious truth that is everywhere all around us to be seen, if you can only open your eyes or mind to grasp it. sometimes the truth is stranger then fiction 🙂

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