10 Viruses That Almost Wiped Out The Human Race

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warning alert 10 viruses that almost
wiped out the human race number 10 the Black Death one of the most destructive
pandemics in human history the Black Death was an outbreak of the plague in
the mid 13 hundreds it’s believed that the pandemic that
ravaged Europe and Asia began when traders from Central Asia traveled along
the Silk Road trade routes the leading theory is that these traders brought
rats with them that carried the yesenia pestis bacteria that causes the disease
but other theories point the diseased finger at human parasites like fleas and
body lice and have even suggested that the black death was actually Anna bola
like virus this would suggest the black death could return without the
unsanitary conditions of the Middle Ages that were thought of aided to spread
either way the result was a European population hit by mass infection and
death even more so than usual back in those days in the roughly 4 years of the
Black Death around 25 million people died in Europe a loss of almost 1/3 of
the European population at the time but the black death was just the start of
the second plague pandemic a five hundred year period of sporadic
outbreaks that reduced the global population from 450 million to around
350,000 it’s not fully understood what brought an end to the pandemic but
thankfully it did because it took the human race 150 years to recover from the
devastating losses number 9 SARS in 2003 there was an outbreak of severe acute
respiratory syndrome in China causing flu-like symptoms including fevers and
muscle pain and often leading to pneumonia the respiratory disease took
the lives of 774 people from just over 8,000 cases and it’s roughly 10%
fatality rate makes it a relatively small epidemic compared to other
countries however these deaths were spread across
37 countries highlighting the true danger of the SARS disease the asad
corona virus is so easily transmitted that droplets released through a cough
or sneeze can affect another individual from up to 3 feet away
this allowed the disease to spread throughout Asia and across
in North America in a very short time this is a transmission caused the CDC to
declare in 2012 that SARS was a bacterium virus or toxin that has the
potential to pose a severe threat to public health and safety the disease was
thought to originate from Chinese horseshoe bats and as long as they
continue to act as hosts there remains the potential that a more virulent
strain could arise if it does it’s not guarantee the planet has the safeguards
in place to stop its global spread number eight the third cholera pandemic
if left untreated the acute diarrheal disease known as cholera can kill within
just hours despite global efforts to curb its outbreaks cholera still kills
an estimated 21,000 to 143 thousand people a year but the deadliest stretch
of cholera outbreaks came between 1852 in 1859 in what’s known as the third
cholera pandemic spreading from the Ganges Delta of India the outbreak made
its way to Asia Europe Africa and North America exact numbers are difficult to
ascertain but hundreds of thousands were lost in America and Mexico including
five percent of the Chicago population and the former president almost 200,000
people died in Tokyo alone between 1858 and 1860 and almost a quarter of a
million died in just one year in Spain but it was Russia that faced the biggest
casualties with over 1 million losses the deadliest year of the pandemic was
1854 though which claimed 23,000 lives in Great Britain but also turned the
tide in the fight against the disease it was in 1854 that British physician John
Snow a different one traced the Soho cholera cases to one water pump cases
declined after the removal of the pump linking the disease to contaminate water
and marking a step forward in our understanding of cholera without this
understanding it’s hard to predict the global fallout of the fall cholera
pandemics that followed number 7 swine flu in 2009 a ten-year-old girl in
California was diagnose with a new strain of the influenza virus it
contained four strains of h1n1 that’s the same respiratory virus behind the
Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 which naturally caused concern
these included elements of two types of swine influenza earning at the title
swine flu it only took two months from this first case for swine flu to be
declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization by August 2010 the pandemic
was over but in this short time the flu had infected almost 61 million people in
America alone this led to as many as eighteen thousand three hundred deaths
in the US and across Europe Asia Africa and the Pacific that also to two hundred
eighty four thousand compared to the infected this gives a relatively low
fatality rate of less than a percent but the true cost of the pandemic was its
impact on the young a study published in the lancet Journal estimates that’s 80
percent of the pandemic deaths were of those under the age of 65 now typically
seasonal influenza deaths will occur in over 65s as much as 90 percent of the
time tragically this study even estimated that three times the number of
years of life were lost in the 2009 pandemic compared to the same amount of
deaths in typical influenza seasons number six Ebola the Ebola virus is
relatively young having only been discovered in 1976 but it sent the world
into mass panic in 2014 when an outbreak took more lives than all previous
outbreaks combined in the two years since the first reported case the
outbreak caused over 28,000 deaths and took over 11,000 lives across six
countries Liberia Sierra Leone and Guinea took the brunt of the virus with
several thousand deaths in each country but fatality spread to Nigeria Mali and
even one American this may seem comparatively low given some of the
pandemics the world has faced but what made a boat of such a frightening
concept was its lethality the World Health Organization puts the epidemics
case fatality rate at a staggering 83 to 90 percent that’s compared to HIV and
AIDS which ranges between 80 and 90 percent in August 2014 this was enough
for the group to declare a public health emergency of international concern
the only thing that allowed the deadly virus to be contained and the epidemic
to abate in 2016 was the fact it could only be spread through contact with an
did bodily fluids however it origins have been attributed to fruit bats
acting as hosts bats don’t come out in this video very well at all so as long
as the man will stick around there remains the possibility that the virus
will mutate and become more easily spread number five the Russian flu
although there were recurrences of the deadly influenza the Russian flu
pandemic only actually lasted for one year but in that time it was able to
wipe out 1 million people across the northern hemisphere
despite a reasonably low fatality rate which some studies place it under 1% the
virus was able to be so deadly because of the rate of which it was spread there
were only five weeks between the first reported cases in Petersburg in 1889 and
the peak mortality rates this fast bread allowed the vicious flu to cover the
northern hemisphere in short time it also made for a higher than normal death
rate because it caused additional deaths from related ailments like pneumonia
one study in Indiana found that in that state alone almost 4,000 lives were lost
of a Russian flu and related ailments in the three years since its initial
outbreak in fact no one was safe and one of the widespread casualties was Prince
Albert Victor grandson of Queen Victoria and second in line to the throne the
scariest aspect of the Russian flu is the fact that despite exclamations of
the dead no one has yet identified the influenza strain and so humanity safety
cannot be guaranteed number 4 the Antonine plague to this day the Roman
Empire remains one of the most unstoppable military forces in history
as its heights the Empire covered two million square miles although its height
would be short-lived in part due to the Antonine plague from unknown origins the
plague swept through the Empire of the stupidly named Marcus Aurelius Antonius
august’s who led the outbreak its name from around 165 ad the plague believed
by historian William McNeil to be a combination of smallpox and measles
spread through the Empire reports from Rome claim that the Italian epicenter of
the Empire suffered losses of around 2,000 a day over the 15-year duration
total losses tallied up as much as 30% of the Roman Empire with 5 million
deaths spanning from Europe to Asia Minor and
North Africa these losses also decimated the Roman army killing around one in ten
soldiers and leaving them susceptible to barbarian attacks
luckily natural and developed immunities to the outbreak appeared to have allowed
the virus to burn itself out however some have cited the plague as the
instance that created the conditions that ultimately led to the fall of the
Roman Empire in the 5th century defeated not with a bang Baba the calf number
three the third plague pandemic in 1855 the last great plague pandemic began in
the Yunnan Province of China Western new nan is home to what’s known as a nidus
and environment which provides the perfect conditions and species to host
and reproduce in this case the disease that thrives there to this day is the
plague when the region experienced a boom in trade centered around cop and
other minerals the population boomed this advanced in populous and
transportation increased contact with plague infected fleas which were carried
to urban areas causing small epidemics but the outbreak of the pant a rebellion
in 1856 helped spread the plague through military movements and refugee
migrations within a few weeks 60,000 were dead and it took two months and
100,000 Nazis for death rate to drop below epidemic levels however this
marked the start of a third plague pandemic which spread as far as America
and Africa and ultimately took 12 million lives it’s only because medical
understanding of the disease had begun to advance that the pandemic wasn’t more
destructive and came to an end in the mid 20th century number two the Spanish
flu one of the scariest parts of the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic aside from its
catastrophic death toll was the fact that most of the victims were young
healthy individuals this differs from most pandemics which typically target
the sick or elderly this made prevention and treatment difficult and contribution
to the pandemic becoming one of human history’s deadliest natural disasters
despite the name the origin of the avian h1n1 virus outbreak is hard to trace
Spain got the brunt of the blame because World War one was ongoing and most
countries were hesitant to publicize the extent of their epidemics Spain being
new didn’t mind as much and thus got lumped
as the namesake but wherever it originated the effect spread as far as
the Arctic and remote Pacific Islands with 500 million infected worldwide this
saw life expectancy in the u.s. dropped by 12 years in the first year of the
pandemic 10 to 20 percent of those infected with the Spanish flu died
leaving the death toll somewhere between fifty and a hundred million at the time
this was between three and five percent of the global population and no one even
knows why it ceased in 1920 it’s believed that the virus may have mutated
into a less lethal strain potentially saving the rest of the planet by pure
coincidence number one the plague of Justinian beginning in the year 541 ad
the Justinian plague is one of the earliest recorded pandemics and remains
one of the most fatal as ever it’s believed the plague outbreak began with
disease carrying rodent on merchant ships possibly in Egypt what is known is
that when it reached the capital of the Byzantine Empire Constantinople it
claimed around three hundred thousand people in its first year roughly 40% of
the city’s residents the plagues namesake was the Byzantine Emperor
Justinian who was trying to rebuild his empire when the plague struck the plague
killed as many as ten thousand people a day at its height decimating his army
and economy and crippling his plans for the empire from here the plague when its
way to Asia North Africa Arabia and Europe and continued to break out for
another 225 years like Chumbawamba it got knocked down but it got up again
this left the dead an estimated 30 to 50 million or between 25 to 50% of the
population at the start of the pandemic then in 2013 it was confirmed that the
plague was caused by a different strain of the same microbe that caused a black
death 800 years later this raises the possibility that a new strain could
return in the future to terrorize the planet again so that was 10 viruses that
almost wiped out the human race which one shocked you the most and have we
missed any let us know in the comments down below also give this video a like
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    10. was a bacterium, Yersinia pestis
    8. was a bacterium, Vibrio cholerae
    6. Zaire ebolavirus has an ongoing outbreak since Aug. 2018 in Kivu, DRC
    3. was a bacterium, Yersinia pestis, same as #10
    2. the greatest virulence factor of Spanish flu was that it was during WWI when men in bunkers gave it ease of transmission. It was genetically no different than any other strain of H1N1 but rather caused a more serious immune response called a cytokine storm. Note, H1N1 (swine flu) NOT H1N5 which is avian flu.
    1. Justianian Plague is currently considdered to have been caused by Yersinia pestis, the same bacterium that caused #10 and #3.
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