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We just got a radio call from Andreas a guy from the pararawen reserve patrol he seems to have found a binturong in the forest … injured we try to join him to see what is happening Remember Last year I showed you an illegal gold mine In fact if they do not find their account with the gold extracted on the ground on the grounds we have a chance that they are ready to sell them to us the mine extends over 25 ha and then we will leave before they return There are very often accidents sometimes like that the mud sinks regularly and people are buried alive And the goal is to try to close this mine by buying land I announce today that we bought 7.1 hectares of forest including plots near the mine and we are still negotiating to try to buy more land and for these activities to stop there for example there is a lake which is bordering From the Pararawen Reserve, Kalaweit Reserve there is a good chance that these waters are polluted with mercury Hence the urgency to do something and there you hear in the distance We hear the sound of an engine so I think there are pumps that are active So the situation has changed since the last time the mine is still active and unlike the last time there I can not get close because the pumps are working so guys are there we bought the lands that are right next there so here we go again we will really try to secure the land around it at first before buying the heart of the mine, these lands … it’s not won it’s long negotiations, it’s a lot of diplomacy But we have no choice, we must keep hope and continue that’s why obviously even if the 2019 priority is the Dulan Reserve obviously to save all those orangutans one of Kalaweit’s priorities is also to close this mine so use funds allocated for the forest for the pararawen reserve So donations that are given to Kalaweit for the forest in general, your funds dedicated to Dulan obviously go to Dulan as the dedicated funds for the Supayang reserve in Sumatra We have just received a radio call from Andreas a guy from the patrol of the Pararawen Reserve he seems to have found a binturong in the forest … wounded … we try to join him to see what is happening The binturong is just above me guys thought, that’s actually it’s a female, thought she was hurt She does not run away when human are approaching but in fact she seems to be in good health and maybe it’s the female that we released a few years in the area it’s been a long time since we found it I think it’s she It’s funny because in fact she seems to be in good health The patrol team continues their patrols and Andrew and I we will stay a little to see if she move to make other images it’s great to say that we find binturongs in our reserve and yet we are in a part of the forest here where there are rubber trees rubber trees that were planted in the traditional way decades ago and so it is a secondary forest and yet there are always binturongs inside And if it is the female that was released in 2011 It’s awesome… Subscribe to this channel and do not forget to click on the small bell to receive all notifications and not miss any video And


10 Replies to “#104 FACE AUX ORPAILLEURS…”

  1. fatir eze says:


  2. Gembel Borneo says:

    I Love Kalaweit 😍

  3. jefgari says:

    Bonjour.Merci …à tous .

  4. Aisyah Deyinglia says:

    Semoga chanee berhasil beli tanah tambangnya

  5. cigaledu13 says:

    Bjr et bon courage pour ces négociations. je me rappelle de la vidéo de la mine c'est un vrai fléau. Allez vous inclure un rapport d'analyse de l'eau du lac dans vos negociations?

  6. Muhammad Abdan Syakura says:

    Jaga hutannya chanee nanti banyak manusia mansuia yang tidak bertanggung jawab memasukinya sehingga merusak ekosistem didalamnya, semangat terus chanee 👍

  7. L L says:


  8. Abdi Hasim says:

    Maju terus bg

  9. Dominique Moreau says:

    Ah le jeune et joli fiston est avec papa c'est bien qu'il vous accompagne
    Quelle tristesse de savoir que la rivière est polluée au mercure ! Allez faites bien attention surtout votre épouse doit craindre pour vos vies à tous deux elle doit s'en faire bonne chance

  10. Merrclaw says:

    Il est stressant ce début de vidéo mais quel soulagement de voir cette femelle, en bonne santé, se mouvoir dans les branches.
    Bon courage pour le bras de fer avec la mine. Souhaitons que leur rendement s'épuise et qu'il lâche l'affaire.

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