15/26 “Christus vivit” through the eyes of youth: Afonso Virtuoso, Portugal (ChV, 230-241)

November 22, 2019 posted by

Hi! I’m Alfonso and I represented Portugal
at the International Youth Forum. I’m here to speak with you about two chapters
of the Exhortation “Christus vivit”: A popular youth ministry
that is always missionary. On this point I would like to mention three concepts
brought out by Pope Francis. The first is the idea that,
the true life of a Christian must be one of authentic faith, because
only authenticity can reach and convert others. The second is that
a young Christian must be humble and bold. Humble so as to recognise having a lot
to learn from the elderly and that the elderly have a lot to teach. But bold in recognising that, in reality,
the cheekiness of young people is what gives strength and leads to action that converts
ideas into something concrete. The last idea is that Christ really is for everyone and everyone can follow Him. The willingness to promote Christian leadership
is everywhere and it is a priority for Pope Francis because, yes, you young people, we young people,
are all God’s “today”!

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