20-year-old killed when car slams into scooter in crash captured on surveillance video I ABC7

June 8, 2019 posted by

Brande just a horrific crash out here you see live behind me here the scene remains very active out here the entire thing caught on camera that video though so graphic we can only show you the moments just before impact take a look the victim completely unaware as he was in that he was in the deadly path of a speeding driver he was simply waiting for the red light when he was run down all of this happening around 5:30 this morning the victim sitting on what investigators believe was a scooter on Vineland at Vanowen here in North Hollywood waiting for that light to turn green when a red Audi slams into him from behind it threw the victim over a hundred feet destroying his bike killing him instantly the female suspect them losing control and slamming into several parked cars the impact so powerful it flipped an SUV that female driver now in custody taken to the hospital to be checked out authorities investigating if drugs or alcohol may have been a factor but they do know one thing certainly was involved speed is definitely a factor we don't know obviously how fast that she was going at this time but it's obvious that it was such a great speed that she had you know the SUV over there was parked further down about 50 feet north and it was pushed forward flipped over and then it caused a chain reaction with the other way so it's definitely a high-speed crash that victim said to be just 20 to 25 years old authorities working on officially identifying him no word on the suspects condition but she likely will be facing a long list of charges back live now you can see cleanup crews out here trying to clear all of the wreckage trying to get this intersection here at van Owen and Vineland reopened as quickly as possible this investigation continuing into that deadly crash hello I'm Marc Brown click the ABC 7 logo to subscribe to our eyewitness news YouTube channel


17 Replies to “20-year-old killed when car slams into scooter in crash captured on surveillance video I ABC7”

  1. rivercidal says:

    As far as one reported off channel 5 newsman said the driver is Jessica Martinez. She was caught running away from the accident then later apprehended. 2nd-degree manslaughter, and a slew of other charges. My condolences to the scooterist, family and friends of Anthony Clay.

  2. Robert Jacome says:


  3. goldenfreddy014 says:

    i live there in real time but I was Surprised when this happend

  4. jo s says:

    And thats why its not smart to drive scooters or bikes here in LA.

  5. RKGSD says:

    There's idiots everywhere on the roads. Nobody is safe.

  6. Arnold Guisa says:

    How the f can she not see what's in front of her?

  7. linda daulby says:

    Crikey, the poor guy.. feel sorry for his family.. I sure hope they press charges against her and get sent down..

  8. TariLynn Roberts says:

    They need to make the drivers name public as well! #$%^&.

  9. qaz qaz says:

    Lots of speeding assholes who could care less about doing a proper stop. You can find plenty of them in socal.

  10. Mark Rodriguez says:

    Yes!! Everyone slow down.Dont wanna go to jail or kill anyone.life is to short.rest in piece.🙏

  11. IBEVALERIE47 says:

    People need to slow the hell down! Everyone drives way too damn fast and innocent people are dying!!!

  12. B Jeon says:

    Stupid bitch better get life at least

  13. Kendar Martinez says:

    Wow we passed by around 7 street closed.. rip. Hope she gets what she deserves.

  14. Shanna Gray says:

    How very heartbreaking!💔

  15. GBC Channel says:

    omg wtf..

  16. Travis Castillo says:

    I past by there today at 4AM

  17. Sergey Kiselev says:


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