2015-2019 F150 SuperCrew Rough Country Heavy Duty Front & Rear Floor Mats – Black Review & Install

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Hey guys, Adam here with americantrucks.com
and today we’re taking a closer look at and installing the Rough Country Heavy Duty Front
and Rear Floor Mats in black, available for the 2015 and newer SuperCrew F-150s. You should be checking out this kit if you’re
looking for full coverage protection of your factory carpeting. Now, this gen is pretty new off the line. It’s only got a couple of years on them, so
you want to keep the carpets factory fresh and this is a great way to do so at the front
and rear of your cabin. Now the whole kit here is made from a high-quality
durable polyethylene construction, which is really just a flexible, durable UV resistant
rubber. So it does flex and bend and is completely
custom molded to your specific generation. As you can see all of the edges and lifted
corners and divots and bends, it’s all going to fit exactly on your floorboard as it is
off the factory line, which is something I really like. They’re not universal. They’re specific to your gen. Now because they’re all polyethylene construction,
they’re spill-proof, weatherproof slip-resistant. They have a textured black finish to get a
little bit more grip and they all have, not necessarily a tire tread-like pattern but
specific weather channels to make sure if you do spill anything or if you’re tracking
in mud and dirt, it’s kind of being contained within these parameters. It’s gonna keep it from spilling over onto
your factory carpeting, which I actually think isn’t really a concern. This does have a complete full coverage finish. The only thing it’s not covering are the seat
brackets under your seat, which really isn’t a concern to anybody. With that said though guys, because it has
that full coverage, it is gonna spill right on over to your factory door sills which gives
you a little bit of extended coverage. The driver side is going straight up under
the pedals to give you more of that coverage and the same thing for your passenger side. We know your passengers like to stretch out
a little bit. This is gonna give you under that dash coverage
and coverage of the side kick panel. So when you’re hopping in and out of the truck,
passenger and driver, you’re not gonna be kicking the trim, you’re kicking your shoes
on that additional wall. So big coverage there, really like that. The rear end here, which you can see under
the front mats gives you again complete coverage, but it’s going a little bit further with the
back. Now because a lot of guys take advantage of
under the rear seats, it’s got full coverage all in one piece, kind of that over the hump
style but going straight across the entire floorboard. So really, really solid coverage in the back
as well. And the same thing here, they’ve got those
channels. Now even though they’re complete coverage,
it is still super easy to pull them in and out. When it comes time to clean them or if you’ve
got a big mess, all you got to do is squeeze them, pull them out, hose them off, throw
them right back in and they’re good to go just like new. They’re impact-resistant, scratch-resistant,
tear-resistant. All that good stuff. So the really gonna take a beating for your
truck while keeping the factory components nice and clean. Now on the driver side, you can see it has
those retainer pins so you just snap them right back into the factory retaining locations
and it’s got the little caps here to make sure it’s nice and subtle. Passenger side doesn’t have that from the
factory so they’ll just lay right into place. These guys are made right here in the U.S.
and they’re available for right around 160 bucks, so just over the 150 mark I think is
a super worthwhile price for a set of front and rear liners. As you can see, this is specifically made
for the SuperCrew trucks, of course, because it’s got the back end coverage, you want to
make sure it’s the proper size for your truck, and it’s also made for the trucks that only
have the solid center stack console in the front, not bench-style seating. So if your truck has that flip up middle section
for a third seat in the front, this is not gonna be for you. You’re looking for over the hump floor liners. This guy is just for the solid cup holder
center console area. Now the install for this of course as you
can imagine is gonna get one out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter. Literally, anybody can tackle this in about
10 minutes start to finish, not even. Depends on how messy your truck is and how
much cleaning you got to do. I’m gonna show you every step of the process. First, we’re going to pull out the factory
liners and throw these guys in. All right, of course, we’re gonna start on
our driver side front for the uninstalls. Just pop out your factory floor mat and we’ll
throw in the new one. Now, for this, you’re just gonna unsnap on
both sides. What I like to do is just fold them so any
dirt in there doesn’t get back on your carpet. Now for your new guys, what you’re going to
do, start with it face down, top-down and curve it underneath your pedals. You might have to bend it a little bit to
get it in place. From here, you’re gonna line up the snap to
the factory location. There we go. All right. Line up the other one on the other side and
you’re gonna press down on that as well. Once you have that snapped in place, do the
same thing on the other side. For the passenger side, again, just pull out
your factory mat, trying to contain all that dirt. Take your Rough Country again, top-down, slide
this into place underneath of your seat and once it’s seated, again, this side does not
have the retainer pins so you don’t have to worry about that. Just push it down. Once it gets used to the heat, it’ll settle
in. You can put your seat forward and you’re good
to move on to the back. Now for the rear, what I like to do to make
life easier is just lift the rear seats up like we have here. I sometimes push the front seats forward too
just so you can see a little bit more of that coverage. Taking out that factory liner if you have
one. I like to pull it toward the one side, folding
it in again, trying to keep the dirt in there and you can set this aside. All right. Now for your Rough Country, what I like to
do is just sandwich it in just like this, folding it, set it all the way through and
then let go. From here, we can set it in place under the
seats. All right. You want to tuck this under your power inverter
under the passenger side rear seat, that lays flat there. You can see it’s cut around the center console
to have a perfect mold. As you can see on that side, you can see it’s
flapped up at the door sill. What you’re gonna do is just push down on
it, lay it flat, and then again, once it heats up and it gets used to the temperature, it’ll
settle itself back down and mold directly in. From here, you can put your seats down and
you’re good to go. Well, guys, that’s gonna wrap up my review
and install for the Rough Country Heavy Duty Front and Rear Floor Mats in black. Now if you want to pick up this particular
set for the front end rear of your truck, you can get them right here at americantrucks.com.


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  1. AmericanTrucks Ford says:

    Shop these Rough Country Heavy Duty Floor Mats: https://amtrucks.at/2YwCOzz

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  2. Veteran Veteran says:

    Will these stay in place if I have the vinyl floor option in my F150?

  3. Rob Varley says:

    They're already not fitting properly and they're brand new. Just like weathertechs and others. Every once in a while you have to reverse them for a day(put them. kinda inside out) so they fit snug again. Will that trick work with these?

  4. JTZ says:

    Them look just like weathertech's. There more and likely are made by weathertech.

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