2019 F-150 LED Safety Lights

September 13, 2019 posted by

How are you doing? Thanks for watching. This is George at Wicked Warnings here with some more LED strobe lights for trucks.
We’re your favorite place to get your LED safety lights and emergency strobe
lights, as well as your LED strobe warning lights. Here we have a pair of
2019 F-150’s for a local engineering company. Now these are twins. They needed some LED lights for trucks, so they came to Wicked Warnings and we fitted them
with an LED light bar on the roof. This particular light bar is our Whelen
Century 16-inch. Be sure to check the description of this video for links to
all of these products individually, as well as a link for the package to buy
one of these trucks. I’m going to put the package together for the single truck
and if you wanted to do two like this video, then simply buy the package twice.
In the front of these vehicles, we have our LED HAW DUO in amber. It is our HD
version. We’re using the same in the reverse lights of these trucks as well.
Keep us in mind for any of your tow truck light bar needs, small truck light
bar needs or any of your emergency vehicle lights. Always think of Wicked
Warnings. These are all ran off of a single 3/4 flush mount switch. It’s a very
easy install. The light bar is bolted directly to the roof. You can see here
how we’ve mounted the LED HAW DUO into the factory parking location, as well as the
factory reverse location. This is not a very hard install. It is a dual wall
headlight, so leave yourself some time to seal it appropriately. Thanks again for
watching Wicked Warnings and I hope you enjoyed today’s video with this
brand-new pair of 2019 F-150’s fully lit in amber, ready to go to work. Again, check the description, make sure you like and subscribe and give us a call or an
email for any of your vehicle warning lights needs. Thanks again for watching
Wicked Warnings.


2 Replies to “2019 F-150 LED Safety Lights”

  1. evan hale says:

    These videos are awesome. I took it upon myself to install our strobes at work. Your videos offer alot of inspiration and ideas. Thanks! Let me know if you wanna see some of my work.

  2. Angel Canales says:

    Do you do any security patrol cars

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