219 – Safety Gear Upgrades (Bluetooth Hearing Protection)

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Voiceover:The Wood
Whisperer is sponsored by Powermatic and Clear Vue Cyclones. Marc:On today’s show, it’s all about safety gear. Because that’s exciting, right? Right? (upbeat jazz music) Well it’s pretty obvious to most people that you shouldn’t stick your hand into a spinning blade. But there are other issues in the shop that may not be so obvious, and those include your eyes, your lungs, and your ears. Right, and this isn’t an area that we see a lot of innovation in, obviously there are pretty simple ways to protect yourself, and you should take those precautions, but occasionally a new product or maybe an improvement on an old product comes out, and I think you should know about it. And I’ve got a few of those here to show you today, so let’s take a close look. For years now, I’ve been wearing pretty standard safety lenses, like this. They’re not super comfortable, especially when used with a respirator and some sort of ear protection. The plastic really does dig into the side of my head, and kind of hurts my ears. So this is an area where I encourage you to look at some of the newer options
that are out there. For instance, this pair
has flexible sides. Right, they’re very thin, very very lightweight, so this is something that would be really comfortable for long term use, but you still have a pretty basic plastic set of lenses. Now stepping up from there, if you need a little more protection, as you know, these lenses
don’t cover all the way to your cheeks and around your eyes, so you could still get debris going inside there. So if you have fine dust, maybe you’re doing power carving, you may want to upgrade
to something like this which has a nice rubber
gasket around the eyes. But still, a lightweight
set of protective lenses. You can go up from there to goggles. These have a nice flexible strap, and this is going to do a better job of hugging your face and really closing off any possibilities for debris to get in there. Alright, so some cool improvements there. But I’ve got one really nifty product to show you here. Now if the feeling of safety lenses between your head and your ear muffs really really bother you, this is something you might consider. It’s Full Pro protective lenses. Now a friend of the show, Adam, sent these to me and I think they’re awesome. They come with a couple of Velcro dots that you put on the outside of whatever head gear you want to use to protect your hearing, and the lenses themselves
have Velcro straps that just strap on like this. So let’s take it for a test ride. So I’m just going to rest the lenses on the bridge of my nose, and pull the straps back, and that’s pretty nice. There’s no weight on my face, there’s nothing between the headphones and my head, super comfortable, you
could wear this all day. Now let’s talk about
protecting those lungs. For years now, I’ve been recommending the 3M 7500 series respirator. Super comfortable, very lightweight, and has a down firing exhaust, so you keep all that hot, moisty breath off your protective eyewear. You don’t get fogging. Alright, and I don’t know
if this is a new product but it certainly was new to me, this is 3M’s 6500 series. And what’s different about it, it has all those same features, but has one additional feature. With this little clip down here, it actually serves as a quick release. So whereas on this unit you’ve got to take the strap off your head if you want to remove it temporarily, maybe someone walks in and you need to have a conversation, this one has a nice
quick release mechanism. You drop it down the face mask itself drops a little bit, and you can have that conversation. And quickly you put it back in place to protect yourself again. Alright, so I think from now on, the 6500 is going to be my recommendation. Now the final set of
products I want to show you deals with hearing protection. And it’s not so much focused
on the protection side as enhancing the experience of hearing protection. Now I don’t know about you, but I love to listen to music, audiobooks, podcasts, all
kinds of audio content when I’m in the shop. Especially during a long sanding session, or a long milling session. But I don’t want to take
off my ear protection to do these things. I want to make sure
that I’m nice and safe, so Bluetooth is the answer. The problem is, Bluetooth headsets, the ones that really protect your hearing at the same time, are extremely expensive, and they’re not really appropriate for what we do. So I cobbled together a little solution that allows me to use Bluetooth with just about any device
that has Bluetooth on it, and still protect your
ears at the same time. And you’ll be able to keep the audio at a nice level that
doesn’t hurt your hearing. So let me show you what I came up with. Now this is a pair of
Howard Leight ear muffs. What makes these special, aside from the fact that they will protect your hearing, is that they actually
have speakers in them and a port here so you can plug in whatever music source you want. And what makes these different than, like, the i-work style headphones, well, these, although they do have a port, they require extra batteries and I really don’t want more
batteries to worry about. The batteries also make the headset a little bit heavier. Alright, so this is completely passive, the music will still
go through the speakers and you don’t need batteries. Now to get the sound into the headphones, you could simply run a
wire from your device, put that in your pocket and run the wire into the headphones. But I really want to eliminate wires for safety reasons, I don’t like the fact that they can get very easily caught on things. Alright, so what I went to was a Bluetooth adapter. This is the Outdoor Tech Bluetooth Adapter and you can see it’s
got a little plug here, that if I wanted to, I could also, again, run a cord from here to here, but instead, I just bought a little five dollar male to male adaptor that I plugged in like so, plug into the headphone jack, and boom. Totally lightweight, no wires, and it interfaces perfectly with the Bluetooth on my phone. Now here are a couple other cool details. Because it’s Bluetooth, and it’s interfacing with your phone if you’re using your phone, you can actually get your text messages and your phone calls through this thing, and if you wanted to take the call, it’s got a built in
microphone right there. For me, I usually take
it as a notification that when I’m done what I’m doing, then I can go back and check my phone. It’s just nice to know
that a call came in, or a text message came in. Such as, “Marc, your coffee is ready!” Which is always appreciated. The other thing is talk
time on this thing. You get about nine hours. So for me, just listening
to podcasts all day, I can certainly have enough juice in there for one if not two work days. And it’s very easy to recharge. It’s got a little cord that comes with it, plugs into a USB port, so there’s no batteries, you just recharge directly
with the built in battery. Pretty cool. Now, for the folks who say “Why don’t you just wear ear buds?” A couple reasons. I don’t want the cord, number one, and even if I had wireless earbuds, or Bluetooth ear buds, I don’t want the earbuds in my ears at the same time as I
have those headphones on. I get very uncomfortable with that after a few minutes. Alright, so for me, this solution for about 80 bucks roughly, I think is a great way to get Bluetooth functionality
into protective ear wear. Now I realize that safety is not the most interesting topic in the world, but if you stuck with me this long, here’s your reward. Go to thewoodwhisperer.com/giveaway and sign up for your chance
to win two great prizes. First of all, we’ve got from 3M, a safety pack. It contains the 6500 respirator that we talked about, some ear muffs as well as eye protection, a variety of things in there. It’s going to set you up for shop safety. The other thing we have available in the name of safety is from Festool. And this is going to be pretty incredible. We’ve got a ETS 150 sander, and also a CT33 vac. Now I use this on every single project, and if I didn’t have it connected to a dust extractor, all that dust would be in the air. Now, I’m okay because
I’ve got my respirator, but honestly, it’s better to keep that
stuff out of the air from the beginning. So if you can collect it at the source, that’s the way to go. And this combination of a Festool sander and a dust extractor is
one of the best ways, if not the best way to do that and keep that dust out of the air. So again, thewoodwhisperer.com/giveaway and enter for your chance to win, and thank you to Festool and 3M for offering up these awesome prizes. Now one last bit of news. About five years ago I started this thing called Safety Week, trying to encourage other bloggers to write about safety. And it was a very different
environment back then there weren’t a lot of us to do it, and now something like that is a little bit harder for me to organize. And I think it’s best to pass it off to folks who specialize in organizing community efforts like this to my friends at the Modern Woodworkers Association. So from now on, Safety Day, Safety Week, whatever they plan to do with it, it’s in their corner. I’m passing the baton, and letting those guys take it over. Alright, so this is a
safety themed video for May, which is in line with what we normally do for Safety Day, but we’re going to trust the Modern Woodworkers Association to take care of it from here on out. So go to modernwoodworkersassociation.com and they should have all
the details concerning this Safety Day, and any Safety Day that comes thereafter. It was a fun ride, but I’m ready to pass
it off to someone else. Alright, thanks for watching, everyone. Stay safe in your workshop. We’ll catch you next time.


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  1. Rick Reed says:

    I used an iPod Shuffle (the small matchbook sized one) and clipped it to my over-the-ear muffs, and used ear buds inside the muffs, and used handle-bar tape to tidy up the chords.

  2. Scott Baker says:

    This is a great episode, Marc.  Some great solutions!

  3. John Durgin says:

    What about noise cancelling headphones?  I would think that with equipment like saws, planers or jointers running you would have to turn up the volume to an unreasonable level with standard ear muffs.  I've used noise cancelling head phones on airplanes for several years and they are wonderful and relaxing, and you don't have to crank up the volume.  In fact, you can often turn the volume down!

  4. MonkWerks with Fr. Thomas says:

    I picked up the Zehui Bluetooth Receiver ($16 with the male-to-male adapter) a little over two months ago and I absolutely love it.

  5. Thomas Hermans says:

    Why are all ever giveaways like US only ?

  6. Jan Kohlweyer says:

    Hi Marc, thank you for these interisting informations!

  7. Jordan Berghaus says:

    I'll be upgrading my safety gear soon.

  8. Eric Lindsey says:

    I use the 3m worktunes set, NEVER put batteries in it. if you connect it to your phone, it doesn't use the extra power. 

    That being said, I like the look of those Howard Leight ear muffs much better…

  9. Peter Brown says:

    Thanks for adding the link on the respirator. For that price, how can you not get one?

  10. Matthew Hubble says:

    Hey, I'm a young woodworker trying to learn the craft by my self and your videos are an invaluable information resource. Your videos are my first choice for tips and processes because your level of confidence and often in-depth delivery show that you know what your talking about. Thank you for helping woodworkers like me who have only the internet to turn to. 

  11. Wooden Tool Man says:

    Good tips Mark. I like the headphones and Bluetooth.

  12. HolzMechanikerUSA says:

    Marc, How does the 3M 6500 work with a face shield?   I know you don't do much in wood turning, I have issues with the respirator that I use as it has hard housing for the filters and the shield doesn't pull down completely.

  13. David Street says:

    Worst think about safety glasses is you can't stick a pencil behind your ear, a fine tradition for chippies in the Uk.

  14. frogr42000 says:

    I use a set of sporting muffs Howard Leight R-01526. They have a microphone built into them so you can hear your surroundings. This then turns off when there is a noise over say 80db. I find they I don't take them off to hear things so I don't forget to put them back on. They also have the headphone jack. These do require a batteries and cost a little more but completely worth it. Just my 2 cents

  15. Cpedro1685 says:

    Hi just wondering if that was the 6501, 6502, 6502QL

  16. skbigelo says:

    Marc, your iWork headphones shouldn't require a battery when using the external port. At least, the WorkTunes version does not. You can run it all day with no battery whatsoever. (I also assumed you needed batteries originally). Also, I Googled and couldn't find any reference to iWork headphones other than in-ear, so maybe the wrong name?

    At any rate, I did something similar with my WorkTunes, adding the BT receiver, and it works great. Prior to that, I used my BT to FM transmitter and then just tuned in the WorkTunes. That also worked well, but it was an extra battery as you have noted.

    It would be fairly simple for WorkTunes to modify their design to have BT as well, but I'm not holding my breath there.

  17. PeteTGIF says:

    Hello Marc.
    I really appreciate all you encouragement for the woodworking community.
    Always great, but not boring at all tips around the shop. On one point I disagree with you recommendation. I use my hearing protection to keep the noise from reaching my ears but I still want to hear what is going on in my shop. The sound of a running machine gives a lot feedback and upcoming problems are often announced by a slight different sound. While listening to music or something else you'll be detracted from this, so an accident might happen quite easier.
    Have a lot more safe, but fun years in your shop.
    Greetings from Good Old German

  18. Sterling Davis says:

    Great Job

  19. Robert Horton says:

    5'32" makes it all worth it.

  20. CL says:

    How about the noise protection headphones (like Bose QuiteComfort) compared to the ear protections? 

  21. BeeRich33 says:

    All I can think of is that poor guy's wiener in the table saw

  22. Rollerman87 says:

    Safety is interesting. And I use the Howard Leight. What options might I have for prescription glasses? I do not wear contacts, and am blind as a bat without my glasses. What options might I find for a good over-the-glasses eye protection?

  23. havenisse2009 says:

    I entered the giveaway contest anyway. If I win, can I have you send it to someone in the US ? I will take care of the rest.

  24. Brian Connaway says:

    Dang. Just bought the 7500 a couple months ago after reading your recommendation. Thought 7500>6500, therefore it must be better, right?
    At least I bought the ear protection you were talking about here.

  25. Kyle Veatch says:

    Thanks for the safety video! I was listening to the podcast a while ago and heard you talking about bluetooth solutions. I found my solution around the same time. I will admit yours is nicer, especially with those nice eye protection you showed. What I did was buy a pair of Motorola S10-HD bluetooth headphones and I just put my ear protection on over them. I also use them when I run or work out so I don't have to worry about a little sweat or dust getting on them since they are water resistant. Also, I use an Android app called Outloud to read me my text messages when it is connected. Granted my ears do start to hurt if I wear them all day in the shop, but for a out half the price of your solution and I can use them working out I like it. Here is a link:

  26. Benvolio Foster says:

    lol – how hard were you trying not to shout while narrating in ear defenders 😉

  27. David Allred says:

    What about those of us that have to wear glasses? Is there anything out there that will add protection when using prescription glasses?

  28. Walker says:

    WOW what an amazing and generous  giveaway…..thank you so much for the opportunity to sign up!!

  29. Rem says:

    Marc, your coffee is ready ;P   Loved that. 

  30. Robert Smith says:

    Here is another place you can get the headset…..

  31. Dale Murray says:

    Personally I use in ear monitors made by Ultimate Ears. They are held in place with replaceable foam pads similar to the type used in ear plugs. As a prescription glass wearer the goggles are impossible.

  32. Danny Boy says:

    I think you'll snap off that male to male adaptor, maybe better to velcro the device to the outside of the ear defenders and then use a wire from one to the other.

  33. Wood 'N' Stuff says:

    Thanks, Mark, for the tips.  What, however, do those of us who already have prescription glasses (must wear to do woodworking).  None of the options you showed look like they'll fit over my glasses.  I do have safety glass, but they are just glasses…shouldn't shatter, but don't keep dust and debris from entering around the sides.  Help!!

  34. Phil Reynolds says:

    Love your headphone idea.  Great Video

  35. Andrew Leith says:

    I like the blue tooth idea. I bought my daughter a pair of the Howard Leight phones  when she went to college she was asking for the 300 dollar Bose pair but I was thinking kids lose stuff and dad's as tight as the bark to the tree. She loves them says they are just as good as the Bose they lend in the library . Blue tooth will be a great addition for the next kid as she goes off to art school in the fall! Thanks Marc

  36. Marcos Magnasco says:

    Great Bluetooth idea! I have a question about the respirator, how do I know which size to buy? Is there any measure I could check??

  37. Brian says:

    Thankyou Mark for giving tools the respect they deserve, instead of making those dumb videos that mock safety.

  38. Gilles Sellier says:

    hi mate,
    how comes some of you, people from some parts of US pronounce like german!
    schtrapes instead of strapes for example.
    and all the words with "st". is that a new fade?

  39. robmaddogole says:

    I really like that respirator shown. As a matter of fact I've ordered one… If I can suggest a particle mask/respirator for consideration (not sure what category it really falls under). I've been using a "Niosh Moldex N95". I got one from work from a pasteurizer (mixing powders and whatnot), and I really like the fit and use. Maybe you could see how it sizes up?

  40. Gilles Sellier says:

    hi mate,
    can someone explain to me why some people in the US are speaking like germans? I.E : schtrapes instead of strapes, schtright instead of stright on so on, for all the words with "st".

  41. Chris Petersen says:

    As someone who wears prescription glasses, I have to put in a vote for those Dewalt goggles you have on the bench but don't really talk about.  I only wish they were a bit easier to clean.  Now if only I could remember where I left mine.  🙂

  42. Tyler Bittle says:

    Is the dust collection from a Festool setup really that complete? I come out of the shop practically foaming at the mouth and eyes from my allergies after finish sanding. I've tried respirators and face shields, but at some point I have to take those off while still in the shop with all the dust floating around.

  43. D35 says:

    for sound in the shop and yard, I use an old Peltor set with analog FM tuner . I have been hesitant to jump to BlueTooth due to mixed reviews on sound quality due to limitations of digital audio streaming over BlueTooth.   How would you rate the audio quality over BlueTooth compared to wired?

  44. Stickman Woodworking says:

    Anybody know if I can send something to Marc? I'm making something for Steve Ramsey and him. I have Steve's address but not his

  45. Stickman Woodworking says:

    Anybody know if I can send something to Marc? I'm making something for Steve Ramsey and him. I have Steve's address but not his

  46. groddle says:

    Please like my facebook page frontporch woodworking. Its a place to share and learn

  47. Carlos Vanquish says:

    Safety Gear Upgrades,3M Versaflo M-306 Headtop with Helmet and Visor including first choice Trend Airshield Pro

  48. FungusColombicus says:

    The main problem I had with eye protection is the fact that NONE of those goggles or lenses are adequate for those (like me) who uses medicated glasses. Generally speaking ALL the solutions currently in the market are uncomfortable as hell unless you specifically pay a pretty penny for formulated glasses.


  49. JFS Construction says:

    This rules!

    Great Video!

  50. TheAtherion says:

    I am checking the 3M respirators and .. is there any difference in the feel between 7500 and 6500 ? Cause the quick release mechanism looks rly cool and for some reason its cheaper than 7500 … I am just wondering "Why ?" there has to be something and I cant seem to figure it out x)

  51. derKarl says:

    cool vid and nice idea with the bluetooth thingy… I use my wireless car device in my workshop because it is magnetic and pretty loud on ringtones 😉

    this means I could even use it running a forklift as well as a excavator 😛

  52. Cary Swoveland says:

    What a great video! I'm going with your suggestions for eye, ear and lung protection.

    I've been struggling to find a good option for hearing protection that allows me to listen to podcasts, radio dramas and music. Before watching the video I was leaning toward Bose's qc20 active noise-cancelling earbuds, but your solution would be better (and of course much less costly).

    I have a question about the 3M 6500. I'll be getting it mainly for protection from particulates but would like to get filters and adapters for use in applying finishes, spraying especially, as well as . I'm having trouble figuring out which 3M products I need for that, in part because 3M's product descriptions seem to be written for people in the 'biz. Do you know what I'd need?

    Also, could you add the product number for the second pair of safety glasses you reviewed (the ones with "flexible sides")? I can't seem to find them. I'm thinking they would work well with the ear protectors, by minimizing the ear protector's audio seal. (btw, the FullPro SoundVision safety glasses are sold by Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/FullPro/dp/B00IGXWI1M/ .)

  53. Bruce Fielding says:

    There are a couple Bluetooth head sets out there that are 80$ also.

  54. Arnulv Bertelsen says:

    How's the volume in the earmuffs using outdoor tech adapt? I just got a different bt receiver in the mail, and the volume was very low (with the sound turned to max level on the phone).

  55. Greg Altenhofel says:

    I've been researching you and a few others on changing my harbor freight single stage dust collector to a dual stage. Stayed for this one "again" for the new products and updated products. Love the blu tooth head set. Nothing like a good re-run.

  56. Samisven says:

    The iwork ear protectors, does not requier batteries for the plug in. thats only for the radio

  57. Mitch Powers says:

    Heard you mention in the video that you listen to podcast quite often. Just curious to the podcasts you listen to?

  58. Len Smither says:

    learnt alot.
    very good.
    very easy to follow…

  59. Jeff Schade says:

    Do you still use the same safety gear or have you updated your hearing protection?

  60. renerelire says:

    Am I the only person in the universe who has to keep their prescriptions glasses while working?

  61. lmorrison17 says:

    I have a set of the Howard Leight and the audio does not go loud enough. WHen I mow the lawn the sound of the mower overpowers the audio in the muffs. May be ok for music but not for audio books when I dont want to miss anything.

  62. Darron says:

    This is for all those fish-faces out there. I have that 3rd set that you mention.. with the styrofoam gasket around the eyes. I have a face that is very narrow… not unlike that of a fish. I popped that gasket part off (comes off easily) and used a lighter to soften the bridge piece of the frame. I then bent it inward and let it re-harden. Works great now. Fit me better than any other set of eye protection I have tried.

  63. Darron says:

    In terms of respirators, I have to give a shout out to what I've been using: 3M Full Facepiece Reusable Respirator 6800.

    With this full face set up, I can look straight into the dustiest, chippiest cutting process and not blink an eye. Fortunately, I'm a buck fifty (soaking wet) and thus pretty heat tolerant. This full face option is VERY warm. This does pair well with ear muffs.

  64. Chris B says:

    Great video man! I love the safety glasses being Velcroed onto the earmuffs themselves but it does bring questions from me. 1) would the safety glasses be okay in a shipyard working around lots of welders and protect you from steel bits getting into your eyes? I have a nice setup and this safety glasses with the Velcro really will top my set up.

  65. DrFrankensteins Creations says:

    I really have to thank you. After watching this I ordered a pair of the Virtuas. I usually have a hard time with glasses because I have a larger than average skull. I got these and they fit PERFECTLY! In fact they're so comfortable I ordered a backup pair of clear and a set of tinted to use for everyday sunglasses.

  66. TK TK says:

    There’s 3m worktunes that have bluetooth integrated and are only $50

  67. Curtis Wheat says:

    Really happy to see you promoting safety. I've been in machine shops, shipyards and mining most of my life. Health and Safety were not a major concern until the last 15 years in my environment. It has become serious now. I'm paying for the stupidity with my health now.

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