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guys I don't know how it can physically get better than this guys today we have the world's safest house version 3.0 you guys haven't seen you know version 2.0 at one point no you know link in the description you know go check it out I physically don't know how this house can be more protected wait so you guys just wait to you know let's just do it let's just get into it so this map of course is created by the nuclei created by a nucleus for unspeakable Wow files grab the key okay so we got the gate alright cool you can see there is a ton of sand around here you know like this is a very big open area cuz it's about to be full of traps this thing is just insane I honestly don't know if we can make a version 4.0 cuz I don't know what else there is to add like oh my gosh so here is the little room you know created by utilities thank you so much my dude so we have this room it's not really much in here but when we put the key in here it's going to change it's gonna change into this room and this is how we control everything this button right here in the middle is going to turn either everything on or everything off so right now you can see its flipped towards the red which means of course you know everything's off if I flip this lever everything's gonna turn off and it's going to be chaos it's going to be 10 FPS minecraft it's going to be red but then let's say you know you don't want to be that hardcore maybe you just want to turn one thing on and you can indeed do that let's say um I just want to turn onto the creepers I can press this button it's going to light up gold and just the creepers are gonna turn on so this outside layer is charged creepers every time you walk in here boom charged creeper spawns pretty flippin cool like I just walk along here spawn a ton of charge creepers so that's if you will only want to activate one defense now you can do these on all these let's say I just want the obsidian wall on you know and you could also turn on multiple things let's say I want the creepers on but I also want um the mining fatigue I think that's what mining fatigue is so yeah there you go I just turned on the mining fatigue and the obsidian walls and that's it that's if you only want certain things on but we want everything with everything we were everything on yeah I just popped my jaw that was so weird it like it like pop like it was like anyways let's turn it off this let's start off the creepers as well okay so everything is off guys before I flip this lever I need you guys to help me and smash the like button I need you guys to turn that like button blue unlike the screen block it's just just turn a blue guys smash the like button if you want to possibly see a version 4.0 of this house and buy you guys smashing like button that's gonna let me know that you guys want to see it so let's go ahead and do this let's go ahead and flip the lever a mass destruction ladies gentlemen what you're seeing right now is full defense mode being deployed you guys probably see a lot of explosions a lot of colors a lot of laser beams fences TNT there's a lot of stuff we have to go over boys there's there's a lot we're gonna go over every single one of these defenses one by one and hopefully we don't miss anything we're gonna start from the very outer side and work our way in all the way to the middle there's also a pirate ship up there in that pirate ship was actually really really cool so first off there is a giant invisible wall it goes all the way to the world high all the way around so you cannot build up and over it's an invisible wall what you have to do is you have to make it through this maze there's actually a maze right here let me actually go ahead and break through this so you actually have to find the entrance so here is one of the entrances so you have to go through this maze and kind of find your way out see that's a dead end so I think only the blue spots are ways in but let me go over here and try to find another blue spot because it looks like all these are closed up oh no I gotta go all I can't make it around the hill because there's so many invisible all right there's another blue spot right here let's see if we can make it in this way okay let's see does this make it in no that doesn't okay and also if I was in like survival mode I cannot see the outline of all these blocks so that would be even worse but let's see I want to try to make it in keep walking around here come on come on unspeakable you got nope that's a dead end another dead end and another dead and oh my gosh well there's an entrance somewhere but I think there's actually only one entrance so that's the problem you have to find it and when you're in survival mode you can't break barrier blocks it's just like trying to break bedrock it's just you're not it's not possible alright so I'm gonna go ahead and pass this thing there is an entrance somewhere I just have yet to found it but the next line or the fence is the charge creepers pretty much right when you walk past this line there's gonna be charged creepers that spawn and then the next one is the ender dragon kind of eggs you guys can see these kind of potion effects spawning by going to game-mode 0 this is going to kill us instantly okay so we got a maze we've got full invisible wall protection we have charged creepers and then we have the dragon's breath and then on this next one we have withers that spawn oh my gosh and then this next one is a fence if you actually break this fence with a pickaxe it will actually spawn a lightning beam so it's an electric fence and then right past this you have all these crazy guys and right when you get onto here you're going to be affected with poison and lowness three and these guys will eat you up like crazy to do a lot of damage and then right when you step over here boom you're hit with blindness poison and slowness three let's go ahead let me go and try get off this wall okay and then there's chokers surrounding this whole entire wall but that levitation is gonna be extremely annoying and then after that you have a ton of obsidian going around the whole entire base with TNT constantly blowing up then after that you have fire and even if you destroy the fire there is still magma blocks under here that water you and then after that you run into a ton of soul sand with Guardian surrounding the whole entire base which are probably the most annoying out of all these attacks these guardians are going to surround the base at a full 360 bolt everything is surrounding the base at a full 360 everything is but yeah Guardians are pretty gosh dang annoying there's also soul sand here which is also annoying and I'm still getting hit with poison to because there's a soul sand actually whenever you're on a soul sand block you're always gonna get poisoned and then we have a giant motes of lava going around the whole entire base and laser beams right when I pass through these laser beams you get hit with instant damage and oh boys that stuff strong see like I'm standing right here right when I go over boom get hit with instant damage just for a second right when I pass through these laser beams and then when you come over here you're going to get hit with mining fatigue 3 from this elder Guardian up here which means you literally can't break anything mining fatigue 3 is the strongest mining fatigue and that means it's going to slow down your ability to break blocks it will take you about a minute plus just to break a sand block and imagine how long it would take you to get through the three layers of obsidian so yeah that will be fun mining fatigue oh and it's the mining fatigue is non-stop it doesn't stop so good luck with that but anyways there's sand here there's cactus there's a ton of cobwebs and then you guys can probably see this right here there is dispensers going around the whole entire base and I do apologize for the lag it's very intense in here but you have a dispensers going around they hole into our base shooting arrows of I'm not sure what kind of arrows they are looks like there's some type of potion arrows it looks like they might be slowness arrows yeah I think they're gonna be slowness arrows yep so you get with these arrows you don't only get hit with that arrow but it's also slowness arrow and then up here you have some pretty insane protection by these four guys and an in portal at the top of the base so if you fall into the top of the base let's say you try to do an aerial attack you know or something like that it's not gonna work because you're going to fall into the end and then you're gonna be stuck fighting the inner dragon so once you're in the end you either kill yourself you like you jump into the void or you kill the inner dragon to get out of the end and then you're gonna spawn back on the outside and you go through all again so good flipping so yeah that's pretty much the main idea of this whole entire base now let's go check out the pirate ship cuz this is also really really cool so up here this is pretty much where people will defend where they kind of shoot bows and whatever but over here in this chest we have some pretty Opie bows we got a stack of golden apples we got a ton of bows with Infinity unbreaking 3 flame and power high those are extremely powerful there's another chest over here with the same bows and then this thing is really cool you step on this and it teleports you inside the base I am now inside the base and you can see that all our protection is on right now so it is looking insane and then if you want to go back on top of the pirate ship you walk right here and boom you're back on top of the pirate ship how cool is that whoa I think you guys just had an absolute mouthful of information you guys can clearly see that this base is in sane there's so many things going on so many different attacks I think the main thing about the hardest thing about getting into this base is mining fatigue 3 once you're hit with that mining fatigue 3 it's game over it literally takes you over a minute just to mine a sand block could you imagine how long it takes you to mine an obsidian block with mining fatigue 3 and the mining fatigue 3 doesn't go away either yeah doesn't go away alright so let's see if we can get into this base so I think I'm ready to do this I think okay so I gave myself all protection for our upper arm / protection for armor thank you very much we got any sharpness 5 sword we got a crazy pickaxe notch apples and stacks of bedrock so we're gonna see if we can get into this base ladies and gentlemen alright so I'm gonna give myself one attempt just one attempt to do this because I have literally so much o P stuff we see if we can get I'm gonna go this way instead so I can't see the outlines of this block these blocks I totally forgot it's only when you're in Adventure mode can you see the outline so if you put your player in adventure mode then you won't be able to see the outlines of these blocks but where the lip how do I get into here is there not even a way I'm going to find this way guys don't worry don't worry don't you worry all right let's go through here maybe there might be an injured seriously know where the heck it's gonna take me like 50 attempts just to find that even just to get to the defense's all right we're gonna keep trying though maybe it's the blue maybe I have to get to the blue maybe that's what it is and as we go into the space there might up yep that's definitely an okay charge creepers oh my gosh those guys are strong all right I'm going straight through this thing all there's withers oh my gosh guys I do apologize for the lag oh I'm getting a hit like crazy and I got blindness on me now okay come on I'm waiting for one of these shoulders to hit me hopefully they can boost me over the wall oh my gosh – coming to you X I have one most a–'s are probably from the golden apples okay I'm just gonna build over myself these chokers are not very much help okay I'm just gonna see if I can build a hold my gosh it's wrecking me like crazy alright let's just go straight into this thing let's go let's go let's go let's go these guys are about to give me off yep yep yep there it is there it is there it is alright and I'm probably about to get hit with instant damage as well yep getting hit with instant damage right now look my bedrock matches oh I'm actually floating right now from the levitation from the shoulders oh my gosh come on chokers help me out alright let's go right here okay let's build a little Hut woo okay so do I have mining fatigue on oh I actually don't have mining fatigue on right now oh my gosh this might be our lucky day oh yeah no there's the mining fatigue oh my gosh the wall regenerates I didn't know that so I just got hit with mining fatigue three it came a little bit late I guess we were lucky on that but look at this I'm gonna show you guys how hard it is to mine just a sand block with mining fatigue three so I'm gonna take out my pickaxe here we go mining this thing down I got mining fatigue 3 and the flippin obsidian wall region rates did you see that when I broke it allama block placed and it regenerated the Obsidian that is so insane still trying to break the sand block haven't even gotten a single crack on it you can see it's pretty hard to uh to break blocks could you imagine going through obsidian I could not alright let's make ourselves a pretty protective base right here let's see how long it will take us to get through this cobweb okay come on get in there and by the way every time the mining fatigue goes away it lasts for five minutes right when it goes away it comes right back up just got one crack on it and that's just cobwebs imagine how long it's gonna take us to get through the obsidian and wait how do we even get through the obsidian it's regenerating alright guys so I'm going to go into game mode three right now first off I'm just gonna admit there's no way I can get this wall it's regenerating especially with the mining fatigue and a region is that a killer bunny oh my gosh I'm gonna go into here and I'm going to turn off all it's so laggy do apologize for the lag guys I mean there's kind of a lot of redstone stuff going on right now alright so I turned off the mining fatigue okay so the mining fatigue is off I also got myself a milk bucket let's say you don't have mining fatigue let's say you try to get through this thing alright so I'm digging through I got a high of finished efficiency pickaxe look it regenerates look you can't even get there wait that part didn't regenerate hold on hold on oh no this is not good okay wait no it did regenerate look look its back oh my gosh oh my gosh okay let's see if we can get through this thing before it regenerates come on come on come on oh did I get through did I get through I did get through oh my gosh but it did regenerate on itself okay so the regeneration isn't superfast now remember I turned off mining fatigue okay so let's say you get into here there's a killer bunny after me now I'm gonna go up here real quick I'm up here at the pirate ship you know I'm killing these guys aren't people guys imagine if I tried to get in with the mining fatigue still on let's say you get up here and you know one of the guys hits you off and you fall you fall straighten through the inn portal and now you're in the end and now I just died because there was actually a mob sitting right there and now I have to restart alright guys so I think that's gonna do it but wait before we go I have a really good idea that pirate ship I told you CLE DS to put that pirate ship there for a reason and those bows I want to do a crazy youtuber 4v4 on this map that means four people or maybe even more like maybe eight V for eight youtubers on the outside four people in the pirate ship defending if you guys want to see that I want to see every single one of you guys leave a like on this video and we will make that happen imagine eight youtubers trying to break into this base four people in the pirate ship defending that would be an insane video if you guys want to see that be sure to leave a big old like on this video and guys I want to thank you all so much for coming out to this video yeah if we get a really solid amount of likes and support on this video then I'll be sure to do that challenge and upload it almost the same week or within you know about seven or so days I'll try to get up as fast as I can because I do have to organize it I do have to contact all the youtubers and be like hey man hey man hey man when can you come when can you come and then if they can't make it then I got rearranged and it just gives me time so guys with that being said thank you all so much for watching and thank you to you committees for making this incredible map if you guys don't go down you guys go down in the description you guys can check out his youtube channel and she's got more stuff kind of like this over there so go check it out but that being said guys if you want to see it leave a like on this video and I will catch you guys later another minecraft video have a safe and fantastic rest of your day gosh I really think this is the most protected house of Minecraft can I get a Guinness world record now [Applause]



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