3 Safeguards for your Facebook Ads Account when Outsourcing your Ads

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Facebook Ads can be a big thing to learn
especially as a busy, overworked small business owner. You might not do
just your regular social media or have no interest in learning about how to
deal with it, so you outsource that. It’s a super easy choice as something to be
outsourced because advertising is kind of its own beast. So when you outsource
your Facebook Ads, you also want to make sure that you’re taking some steps to
safeguard yourself – or at least things to be aware of – so you know what kinds of
things to ask questions about or look for when you are speaking with a Facebook
Ads strategist on a Facebook Ads management.
These are three safeguards that you can take in order to protect your ads
account. The first one is going to be if you or that Facebook Ads strategist uses
Business Manager. If you are not familiar with Business Manager, it really is
designed for agencies though Facebook has tried to push it on just the Average
Joes even though it’s really overkill and can seem super confusing. Business
Manager is something that was designed for agencies because it lets you pull in
multiple pages and multiple ads accounts and multiple employees, and then easily
assign those different employees to those different accounts. So if you think
of an ad agency or marketing agency, it could be those project managers and
account managers. You can go ahead and assign them and you can access all of
them from one interface instead of having to visit each individual Facebook
page to manage that Page. That’s also why it’s just – there’s a bunch of extra
screens and extra steps for just the average small business owner. You just
don’t need a lot of it but you know it’s Facebook and it is what it is, so if you
are using Business Manager yourself or if the person that you
are hiring uses Business Manager, the thing to know about that is there is a
difference when they are trying to pull in your Business Page and your ads
account. There is a difference between choosing the option to request access to
your Page versus claiming your Page or your ads account. If they claim your
Facebook Page or claim your ads account, they are taking ownership of that and
removing that ownership from you, and the choice is made on the same screen and
honestly I’ve talked to people who run little agencies and they use Business
Manager, and they didn’t even realize – it was unintentional that they were
choosing the wrong option. It’s really important that whoever you are hiring
and outsourcing those ads to, that if they use Business Manager, they click to
request access to your Page in your ads account instead of claiming your Page
and ads account because you need to be the one who’s still the owner of all
of those forever… forever going forward, The second way to safeguard
your account is make sure that whoever you are hiring to outsource your
Facebook Ads to are using your ads account and not theirs. Facebook wants it
to be set up that way so you shouldn’t have a situation where they’re saying
we’ll just charge our own credit card and bill you back. You want to add them
as a – not as an admin but as an advertiser – there’s tiers of
access to your ads account just like how there’s tiers of access to your Business
Page where you have admins and editors and analysts and such. There’s tiers
of access to your ads account. Go ahead and add them on your ads
account. That’s what Facebook wants you to do first of all. Second of all. if
they’re using your ads account, that means the ads history stays with your
ads account, whether or not you continue working with them in the future and
your saved audiences are all within your ads
account. As you kind of get into Facebook ads and learn more about it,
there’s a lot of data and planning and research that goes into running those
ad campaigns and if you have someone else running your ads in their account,
you can’t see any of that stuff. You don’t have any of that history to
refer back to. Like, “Hey this audience did well and that audience didn’t” or “this
image did better than that image”. If someone else has all of that stuff, it’s
like all that research and all that practice and all those successes and
failures… you can’t access any of that stuff. So you really want them to be
using your own ads account for that reason as well. The third is make sure
whoever you’re outsourcing to is using your pixel. Your Facebook pixel, not their
own Facebook pixel. This is kind of – gets a little more on the shady side of
things because every ads account gets one pixel unless you are using the
Business Manager, and we’re not gonna get confusing with this, but I have seen
other agencies remove your pixel and put their own pixel in and then they’re
gathering your website traffic within their ads account and then they could
turn around and advertise to those people who are on your website for their
own benefit or other clients benefits. So you’ve got to make sure that your ads
account and your pixel are what are being used. In the description below, I can
put a link to the pixel helper because there is a way that you can go and visit
your website and make sure and confirm that the pixel ID number that you’re
seeing once an agency takes over or one set Facebook Ads strategist starts
working for you, is your pixel ID instead of that agency’s pixel ID. Again you
know – Facebook advertising can be so so helpful and you want to make sure you
retain ownership of that account as well as all of the data that goes
with it, so these would be the three steps to be aware of and make sure are
being met by whoever it is that you hire when you are outsourcing your
Facebook ads. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below,
and I also will link up a blog post in the comments as well that talks about
all these same things. Have a good rest of your day. Thank you!

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