3Gs Leeds Council Enforcement PINAC Assault

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it was fine my friends were conspiring like to contest to get my own place bro call the police for us public place man Schoolnet I'm just saying I hate the cardio do you want I stay here and I have the appointment for park I lost this appointment I come now it's gone it I don't care a lot of the culture it's a public place no justice at section theta 2 yeah so so are you a public servant or do you have to a private company you work directly for Li city council yeah so you don't work for Li city council no you contracted by Leeds City Council yeah me I'm a citizen yeah of lease or place taxes in the City of Leeds sorry buddy pieces of shit out there really are yeah it's cool money said it's corn it please in a public place pudding the world come I don't think you know it's public players so I've got a YouTube channel buddy I do work with photography audits in it and I go around a peep I film people who you know just to show that you know when you mean this country's got the right to recall these guys anytime you want bro any time you want to stop your the police are allowed to stop your I imagine you still be here when the police arrive and you'll see me get the police to educate these people then go the cat stop you girl girl the cat stop you walk away blood they're not allowed to stop you honestly the cat stop is a captivation either can't do nothing you've done nothing wrong boy you're free to go go if you want to go go don't have to wait me you don't have to wait I promise you these have got no authority to keep you tell him you don't have to whip have you committed any crime no honestly you don't have to wait bro just go just go what if you walk away now yeah it's your best chance if you stay if you stay you might end up with a fine brush it here in Armani is a good culture it's going to shit it's all privatized in that you know I mean yeah I understand boo you want to get you same gone sorry guys just helping your friend here in a public place keep reminding them that ya see in this guy this guy's on phones at police guys apparently thinks it's the crime to record in a public place where's the guy obviously this YouTube channel on YouTube tonight now seemingly very open about it look at ya you clearly bothered by out your a lot is you shocked to do what you want this is it okay I will keep myself to myself minding my own business exercising approvement right exercising a public right bra it's what you thinkin it yeah I've got a right to film in a public place bra Criminal Justice Act section 33 3 so do that well out of order ya know these is harassing this guy area over a little in it so I started recording them over little room so I started recording room and then this guy just came to light as you saw put his a and Vincent neck and into my neck and that world took the face is that my friend David I don't know I've got save me we tell a buck off bro he's being aggressive as hell man I want to be part on the sole as well against this guy only the part on the sole I don't care nothing but these were dealing with this gentleman here I came out started recording and this gentleman just coming to start with me like physically putting his elbow into my neck sir some camera as well nope you say this is absolutely disgusting guys firm in a public place and see this is what we get this is what we get I've got an issue i fund the bottle assault against this gentleman now it just hit me in the neck okay I'm coming real soon I mean it never got as well guys about three or four disgusting behavior absolutely disgusting you're gonna go youtubers web tonight guys all right I don't expect if you check my outline or what it nobody just Madonna boy I'm gonna pursue it with all the way watch I mean I'm recording the public place II don't understand I'm allowed to record him he thinks I am NOT allowed to recording by law after them gravely my alcohol 73 found overwrought Roscoe Roscoe very involved Golf Hotel 15 laughter wait you need your details don't tell me tell the joke on you all just assaulted me and pushing me about to get away and don't talk to Nancy loser let's move away from this month go away lucy then yeah bye go away absolutely more pits thank you sir pleasure Wow alright guys I'm getting me a cool piece I'll give you a little interrupted up so guys well that would a bit fucking crazy they were on it I don't know exactly what it was up in there that were mental by the way yeah just men lead city center by boy haircut though but Wow so I'll just came out yeah as you saw actually my partner it would actually my partner that started recording the video and then I took the camera went outside and straight away you can't don't record me bloody blasted do a phone in please and then the second not the Kim see now I'm gonna even came like backup but nothing to do with some big squad or summer but I just say they came flying in and I fucking yeah into my net month it like two or three times so I barged in back a few times and so I mean viewers can see or have watched my previous videos know what I'm going for this criminal complaint against him I'm gonna try and make a move this fucking job going off to do and put that and if you don't treat people like that me or any of you other guys that do this sort of thing you had video any public went out and we assaulted some block to me back of the police finding in the local style overnight if I you can fucking say boo but anyway that's that I've got me I got now so a little bit better and yeah that's it yo so guys I have made complaints I'm in talks with Leeds City Council I am in talks with the police and I am in talks with G 3G s impossible themselves the managers collective you in the footage and stuff like that as I'm recording this now and I will release an update video keep you fully aware what's going on I am gonna take this one all the way guys and I'm gonna I'm gonna try to bring this guy to justice but we will see because I've had to face justice in previous as you seen from the video so I expect this guy to so stay tuned guys stay tuned subscribe like the video lluvias almond brilliant for the support genuinely by the way 400 subscribers love their guys are lobbyist respect my love of the day


20 Replies to “3Gs Leeds Council Enforcement PINAC Assault”

  1. Jonny English says:

    I have just emailed this company a link to this video and wrote "very professional". You can do it via the contact us on their website. I suggest everybody does the same. 300 mails a day with this videos should make them think.

  2. K_JS chucky says:

    What a pair of knobs plastic cops.

  3. Mr T says:

    How are you minding you own business lol

  4. Ste Uk says:

    I've done SIA course for security and cctv course. Even my dad said that's rediclus it not for real world. What does 4 days train you in class room that was long time ago he sadly died now.

  5. Ste Uk says:

    All there do for security is a 4 full day course. For SIA security. Compared to police officer 6 months in police college and then 6 months probation period under supervision with a mentor.

  6. Ste Uk says:

    Who are 3gs all I know there a shocking compeny

  7. Ste Uk says:

    Get crimebodge

  8. Ste Uk says:

    There filming us on there body cameras so I don't see any harm to film them there never asked permission is it OK if I film you same as police.

  9. Ste Uk says:

    There filming you so I don't see a problem with with you filming them

  10. Ste Uk says:

    Tell them to get stuffed. There wanna be police I think there do this job as there carnt get to be real police so its next best thing

  11. Garage Flower says:

    Olexander Usyk likes filming idiots in his spare time

  12. MrDeefer says:

    Im guessing you don't have a job

  13. Allan Mcewan says:

    if any body ever gets to close to me like that, HEAD BUTT 70s style, it still works.

  14. The tattooed fisherman 🎣 says:

    Fair play to you mate well played what a wanker he had no right to touch you see crimebodge he will help you an amazing channel god bless

  15. Gary Cody says:

    "Enforcement Officer" That title is inciting trouble

  16. moleman1961 says:

    Ha! Twat thinks he’s a copper!

  17. George Ramirez says:

    Of course he's German they have no rights their not muslim!

  18. George Ramirez says:

    Get that camera out my face while they walk up to u, lol!

  19. Thomas Dale says:

    Keep it up Marti, you've done a good job against that horrible bully!

  20. Chris Ben says:

    Not allowed to touch u man,I'm badged up security work with a dog,not allowed to touch u unless in self defence

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