4 STORY BILLIONAIRE BOX FORT CHALLENGE!! πŸ“¦πŸ’°Β Movie Theatre, Drone Defence, Gaming Room & More!

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we have central heating in here all
right we have the nest on the wall that allows us to control the temperature and
heat this entire place you get on the segue you want to go into the kitchen
you roll right into the kitchen check that out guys and welcome to our nice
five-star kitchen the entire third story is literally a hallway for something
every Baker we are now going in to the fourth storey Mogan get in here right
now yeah Jake what what are you wearing Boggan it’s my thinking masks it’s the
only way I could come up with the best box for building ideas ever I have a new
idea all right quick little bit put this off you made me one it’s the only way
you’re gonna be able to see what I’m seeing
okay let you see it see what poke at the future a box for buildings look I know I
know you thought it couldn’t be done but I’ve done the math I’ve done the math
the math checks out the math on what Jake okay you need to
follow me you have to see this this is one story no we have done a two-story
box for Logan double the stories we thought it was impossible but we went to
three stories then what’s wrong the fourth story the math simply doesn’t
check out Jake we can’t have four stories yes look at the math didn’t
check out but we didn’t take into consideration the height of the box for
when we get to three stories we’re touching the top of theoretical limits
this is the sky this is our space and what’s in space Logan cheese zero
gravity look in the fourth storey doesn’t need to be supported by the
other three because it’s supported already by zero G’s looking this means
the math checks out it means we can do a four-story box or we can do the big 4 4
it’s gonna be an endeavor it’s gonna be something that we’ve never done before
the people who built the Hoover Dam had it easy
we’ll have it hard but we can do this you really think we can do this
Logan I know we can we have to start building now yo what’s going on guys
Papa Jake here from to you Brittany and we are back with a brand new video and
to date today guys we are doing something so next level so advanced
we’re going into the future a box for building our
guys go on for story or stories and you guys have seen us we did one story which
is book the ground then we went two stories and we thought that was crazy we
thought we were insane then we went three stories we thought the technology
can’t go any farther we cannot go farther than three stories
but today is the day today is the day that we go all four stories I know you
guys been asking us to your box for skyscraper and this is kind of preparing
us to do a massive box for skyscraper with multiple stories so we’re gonna
kick it off with this four-story box for it so we thought why don’t we add on to
it why don’t we take what we already have built and extend it out we make
this into a billionaires four-story box for it alright well everyone’s been
asking for it exactly we’ve done billionaires box floors before but never
four stories so this is gonna be in all our box fun we’re gonna have a gaming
room movie theater it is gonna be insane this is gonna be the modern box for it
we’re like the Tesla a box for Bill basically we’re gonna take this and
we’re gonna extend it all the way out here we’re then gonna add our tables so
we can start leveling up our stories and then you’re probably wondering Papa Jake
where’s the fourth story gonna go you can only go so high now I know it looks
so spooky I know it looks a little bit scary but up there is the Attic we have
gone so far we literally need to go to the Attic to make this four stories and
if you guys like this if you guys think this video is awesome we can actually
extend our build even farther up there because there’s a lot of space up in the
attic that we can build with I did want to remind you we are getting ready for
our awesome Papa Jay Christmas giveaway and we’ve been asking you guys what do
you want us to give away for this so if you guys have an idea you know whether
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squad make sure you hit the subscribe button and hit that tiny little Bell
button so you guys never miss a brand new pop Jake video well guys it looks
like it’s time stop oh no get really dizzy look okay
but it looks like eyes it’s time to start building so we’re gonna start off
with the build and then we’ll get inside and start decking out this billionaires
box fort but for now we got start working on the second story check it out from working on the for now
for a little while it is looking so awesome we have the second story already
almost complete I’ve laid out the entire cardboard here and of course we got the
first story we just sealed down here and we still have the whole fire station
which I do need to modify I do need to upgrade because I think I want to kind
of open it up a little bit more make it a little more open concept but before we
get to that I still have to put on all the walls here and I still have to do
the third story because if we don’t have a third story there’s no way for us to
get to the fourth story which is all the way up there still not 100% sure how I’m
gonna do this but I think the most important thing right now is getting
onto that third story and putting it all together then we get inside and start
decking it out so let’s keep building and see how it goes I’m inside the box for now and I have to
say this has to be one of the most difficult box for builds in a good way
all right we’re going all out on this thing and it is absolutely massive now I
haven’t done all the interior I haven’t done the lighting I also haven’t gone
ahead and did all the cool LED strips other than what we have left over and
over here we have this whole section almost done so we have the second level
here it’s coming along it’s looking pretty nice under here we’ve got extra
room this is gonna be kind of like our gaming room our chill-out room we think
we’re gonna put a projector on this screen so we can watch movies and stuff
like that over down there is the kitchen which I haven’t gotten to yet so you got
a lot of work to do over in the kitchen I’ll get there in a little bit but I
want to bring you guys up to the third storey because that’s where I am right
now don’t want show you guys what I’m dealing with here so if you follow me
you climb up around here and we have the third storey now the third storey is
where things get a little bit weird because it’s so tall that the roof is
right there and actually couldn’t really put a roof on it because it would be
extremely difficult and extremely cramped now the fourth storey we’re
gonna be building off here which which means I gotta go and get all of our
cardboard and bring it up here so we can build that fourth storey yes this is the
roof of the rest of the box for here and it is absolutely massive so what I’m
gonna do right now is I’m gonna go ahead and get a bunch of carboy we’re gonna
bring it up here and we’re gonna start working on the fourth storey a few
moments later alright guys so I know it’s been a little while since my last
update but that’s because we have been absolutely grinding this for in fact
we’ve been grinding so hard it has become our biggest most luxurious most
insane box fort we have ever made and you guys know Papa Jake alright I make
crazy box fours this is a new level this is four stories of Awesomeness
this is do by far the craziest build we have ever done I have we gotta go inside
we got to show you guys what we’ve built if you think this box board is fire you
need to destroy that like button and if you guys think we should go even bigger
and keep this box board smack that like button and leave a comment down below
hashtag keep it and for all of you guys who are wondering when the next Samba
soap is coming out it’s coming out next Tuesday yeah so stay tuned for epic you
guys do not want to miss that but without further ado guys let’s jump in
the sport I’ll show you guys a billionaire box for me it doesn’t look
too impressive from the outside I’m not gonna lie but we’re just wait here we go
oh yeah check this out guys oh we are inside the billionaires of box for it
look how insane this is so as you guys can see right off the bat I’m standing
up because it’s big it’s huge in here but not only that we’ve got some crazy
features in fact we have so many features it’s gonna take a while to go
through this is gonna need a house to do it’s gonna need a house tour so why
don’t we start here in the living quarters as you guys can see here are
the living quarters this is one of the sleeping areas on this table here this
is the second this is my bedroom this is Logan’s bedroom we got a nice window
here we’ve got arrows on the wall guiding you through the box for of
course the cool thing about the living quarters is we got our very own home
movie theater that’s right a whole movie theater we try to compile a bunch of
really cool box 4 designs from our previous videos into this so home movie
theater here projector here Nintendo switch here you’ve got an ultimate
gaming and movie watching set up you might be wondering Pappa Jake you’re in
a t-shirt but you’re in the garage that’s cuz this place is heated we have
central heating in here alright we have the nest on the wall that allows us to
control the temperature and heat this entire place well why don’t we go check
out another area that’s really important for a billionaires box but you know you
guys know this is for the super-rich of the rich so if I’m gonna go over there
into the kitchen you don’t see it says food here like this I don’t just walk
he’s walking so last year you just get on the Segway you want to go into the
kitchen you roll right into the kitchen check that out guys know who are inside
the kitchen and welcome to our nice 5-star kitchen and let me remind you in
case you forget we’re not in Papa Jake’s house we’re in a box for in the kitchen
we have a toaster a working toaster I might add we’ve got our cutlery on the
wall here we’ve got some napkins we also have some extra water balls if you feel
kind of parched over here we got some peanut butter on the wall cuz you know
Peter bar is always good when you wake up in the morning you want to make some
toast which we can do in the box for it and then over in this room we have my
bedroom which is a two story bedroom as well up there we’ve got my sleeping
quarters down there we have storage but up here
so up here is where I’ll be sleeping you’re relaxed up here it is super cozy
I forgot we put a window here mice I did had to put some windows in here we
wanted a really open concept so it’s Logan’s chillin over there playing video
games maybe I’m chillin over here reading we can still talk to each other
if I want to like as cool as it is that we have two bedrooms a working kitchen
with the toaster a segue to roll around a nest system to heat this entire box
for lighting LED strips a whole movie theater home gaming setup as well as all
I forgot to show you guys we also have a Roomba over there to keep everything
clean we’ve got one more thing to show you guys we have the fourth story cuz
this is a four story box for and I know you probably think it Papa Jake this
can’t get any bigger this is insane you’re sitting there like so close your
mouth smack that like button I’m gonna show you guys the fourth story okay
quiet I’ve shown them the fourth story you got to turn off man we know the
fourth story box for it has been a huge thing that you guys have wanted yeah
here it is guys you guys ready for this so we start here on the second story
this is Logan’s bedroom slash bed feels pretty sweet two stories we did that you
know I was so two months ago then we go to 30 stories the third story is just a
hallway alright the entire third story is literally a hallway for something
even bigger we are now going in to the fourth story this out we come up here
and we are in the fourth story in our four story billionaires box for it how
sweet is this tonight you come up here you can read your books
relax know maybe get away from everyone else because when we build box for it’s
their mansion so we have to have our own space so I can come up here you know
breathe relax got a light up here got double lights and there’s tons of room
you can just stretch right out enjoy yourself up here hey guys this is one of
the reasons why we’re like should we hashtag keep this because this goes even
further we could make this bigger which I know is crazy I know you think you
can’t get any bigger but it can so if you guys think we should go bigger smack
that like button down below let’s try and get 50,000 likes on this video and
guys will go even bigger we’ve been building for a while so I think it’s
time that we have our dead but the cool thing about a billionaires
box for it is there’s no MREs there’s no crackers nothing like that
we’ve got a personal chef his name is little boy they eats these guys in the
morning you know we’ll make our own breakfast but for dinner I think we’re
gonna order in some ubereats deliver it straight to the box for it and enjoy
that while we play some Mario Kart or something or maybe watch a movie but
let’s head back downstairs now let’s order our food and let’s check out some
more of this box for it I think this is one of my favorite box words we have
ever felt for sure so I think it’s time while we wait for our food to come to
have a little Mario Kart battle so we’re gonna start playing some Mario Kart i’ma
get in my bed Logan here’s a controller I actually won that that was actually
insane the best power-ups at the last second like you wanted you to win guys
looks like I’m the champion once again undefeated in Mario Kart have you won this round yep looks like I
take a Mario number one Luigi number dude check it out boots here got a food
here looks like it’s dinner time let’s go to the kitchen check it out yo Jake
why don’t we dinner upstairs dude that’d be sick let’s go to the fourth storey
and have our dinner we’re up in the fourth storey so we’re gonna enjoy our
dinner have a nice feast in this billionaires box for it and then we’ll
go back downstairs for some more fun Oh so I’m thinking dude I feel like we
have enough room in here we should try and fly a drone have you ever flown a
drone inside a box for now I say we fly the drone this might be the worst idea
or the best idea ever we’re gonna try and fly the mini drone inside the box
where these things are super fun to fly around so let’s see if it works it’s
either gonna be really awesome or this thing’s gonna go flying into Logan space
mini drone inside the box fort all right all right
first plate was a little wonky let’s try that again this time the charm I got it I think it’s time that we hit the hay
I’m exhausted it took a bunch of energy to build this thing but we still lots of
fun stuff so we’re gonna get to bed now because we built the billionaires box
for it I mean there’s there’s not much to it I mean we just did a challenge
surviving in the woods that was hard it was cold it was wet it was rainy we’re
in the middle of the woods this is luxurious to me I might as well be in a
hotel right now we’re gonna start turning off our lights getting into our
beds before we do that though one last thing I forgot to mention we got a
security system check this out guys so we’ve got onboard motion sensors so we
turn this on and then if someone walks in during the night it goes off and we
know someone’s in our box forth all right let’s get to bed well it looks
like it is time to hit the hay it has been an awesome and amazing day and this
billionaires for story box for it it’s time to get into our nice comfy beds our
luxurious rooms and go to sleep so we can have an awesome day tomorrow see you
guys in the morning it’s a brand new day in the box for come
on Jake we got things to do buddy guys how’s it going
this is day two one day two in the Box Ford how did you sleep great man like
honestly I have to say going from a very very very cold forest box for it this
was nice stuff heating in here cuz I was toasty warm in fact at some points I
took my blanket off is that warm Jake I think it’s time for some food
food you want you want chef pop Jake to whip you up all right welcome everyone
to the kitchen it’s a new day in our billionaires box for it and unlike
regular box sports our box for it comes with an entire kitchen which is why breakfast which is why I’m gonna be
making us some classic breakfast peanut butter toast what more can you ask for
in a billionaire box four three two one all right ready
got some Fox floored toast the best kind of toast of course we’ve got our cutlery
nicely positioned here to make this we’ll grab our peanut butter off the
wall perfect Logan what do you want you tous course it’s your only option a lot
of people thought Papa Jake wasn’t a professional chef well if you don’t
think I’m a professional chef look at this could I have done this if I wasn’t
professional well there we go guys you got our nice peanut butter toast in the
morning gonna put our peanut butter back in our holder here and so we don’t get
peanut butter everywhere this goes back in a little holder here we can wash that
later when we’re done in the box for let’s head up to the fourth story and
have our breakfast in the chill room I think I’ve outdone myself Logan this is
some very good peanut butter toast well we had our breakfast we played
Mario Kart we checked out the entire box for the kitchen the fourth story the
third story the video gaming room the movie room our bedrooms the onboard
heating this has been an insane build it has been one of our biggest bills in
fact it is our biggest build ever and if you guys want to keep it
make sure to smack that like button and put a hashtag keep it down below and if
you guys have been waiting for zombie week episode for no episode 5
stay tuned for Tuesday cuz there’s gonna be a brand new episode so just wait
it’ll be here it’s gonna be a crazy episode and a crazy addition to what you
guys have already seen and of course if you don’t want to miss any of these
videos be sure to smack that subscribe button and hit that little bell icon but
guys thank you very much husband Papa Jake’s MC epiphany and Logan and we’ll
see you guys next time for another awesome video


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