40 seconds of of terror. Surveillance video as woman fights off attacker

August 16, 2019 posted by

I was begging oh he would let me go in you can see he’s trying to save my life and I told him I don’t need you [Music] this guy had no fear of the city or the cops and that to me a new level of fear for me because if the cops are not here to protect us then what is protecting us from getting hurt [Music] only thing that was going through my head was you have to save yourself you have to save yours this guy had no fear of the city or the club he kept saying what are you going to do call the cops they don’t care they’re not going to do anything to me this does not happen to anyone


12 Replies to “40 seconds of of terror. Surveillance video as woman fights off attacker”

  1. xxxnaughtydevil says:

    Poor girl… omg. I would give her flowers! Pray for her healing! Terrible!

  2. Scott Koningisor says:

    She didn't seem all that afraid when she was flipping him off . . ..

  3. BMAH says:

    It took SFPD just 22 minutes to arrive. And the government wants to take our guns away.

  4. Kenny says:

    And the city wants to build a navigation center aka homeless hangout in that area.

  5. Mr One says:

    Gordon Ramsay: That's BULLSHIT!

  6. thepokekid01 says:

    This is extremely horrible, but it feels like manipulative reporting with giving 0 context for anything but displaying the distressed emotion and crazed mugshot of the criminal.

  7. JDOGFTW says:

    It looks like he slide his pants down and trying to give her his DICK. When she didn't want it.

  8. Lewis Ruffalo says:

    Cave his head in with a bat. Wait until he's sleeping or passed out drunk, and cave his fucking head in…the others may get the message.

  9. Dick Manitoba says:

    Maybe a little police brutality isn’t so bad. A crack upside the skull of some of these junkies just might be what the doctor ordered.

  10. Richy of the West says:

    Welcome to San Francisco: The largest insane asylum in the world.

  11. David David says:

    When judges start getting killed by victims families and freinds, dont act all shocked. Hell, im shocked it hasnt happened more often yet with how many of these stories we keep hearing.

    The real criminals constantly get treated with kid gloves, while innocent citizens get treated like war criminals. enough is enough

  12. Handy Andy says:

    The victim probably voted for the democrat left learning judge. Now she is upset when she is on the receiving end of those liberal policies. I'll save my tears for someone else. If I'm wrong she she should vote for Trump in 2020 and move to a red state.

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