5 Don'ts for Surveillance. Avoid these five things as a Private Investigator.

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hyleri kay shadow anyone come with five don'ts for when you're on surveillance these are quick simple and easy but they'll bite you if you want if you don't watch out for them number one don't read on surveillance things move mighty fast now you can spend hours just sitting someplace even days where nothing happens but if you're reading and looking down and looking up and looking down and looking up you're going to miss something for sure you'd be just stunned at how quickly a garage door can come out a car can back out and drive off you look up you see taillights you don't even realize where the car came from happens very quickly so no reading on surveillance no smoking on surveillance this is just bad it's going to draw attention to you you're going to have to have your windows open or crack smokes going to come out no smoking on surveillance no running the engine I don't care how cold it gets you got to watch for safety but you should be thinking about these things ahead of time or how hot you're not going to be able to sit there and run the air conditioned on surveillance so no running the engine don't run the engine also no guessing on your reports this is something that a few people really address when they're talking about the do's and don'ts of surveillance but you can't make guesswork what you see is what your report if you're following somebody and they get ahead of you in expressway traffic and you know you lose them and you try to catch up and you can't quite catch up with them but finally get to the point where you got to turn around you're getting off on the expressway ramp and lo and behold they're right in front of you and this type of thing can happen don't pretend to the client like you followed them the whole time you really don't know how they drove they probably didn't make a stop in the mean time but you just can't make a guess work you know you're following them you know northbound and you lost track of them briefly you caught up again with them as they were on the exit ramp to get off the expressway that's legitimate that's fair report no guessing on your on your reports no leaving a surveillance don't leave a survey there's going to be two main things that you're going to want to leave for one you're going to have to go to the bathroom you're going to just want to run quick to a gas station or something don't do it you should be taken care of any kind of advance preparation you need if you're going to be there long enough that you're going to need the bathroom that should be thought of and taken care of in advance the other reason you're going to want to leave and this is tricky really this is one you don't want to miss you'll be sitting out there and you'll be second-guessing yourself so listen carefully you're going to think maybe something's changed maybe something's happened I'm going to drive around and check the back of the house the back of the residence the back parking lot the alley you're going to want to do that it's going to drive you crazy not to but nine out of ten times 99 out of a hundred times it's better just to sit solid and watch the spot that you know needs to be watched don't worry about second guess in the back if something changed out back driving around there and realizing hey I missed it what is that going to save you it's going to save you time sitting out front but most of the time you're going to drive around back here's going to happen to you I promise you're going to drive around back everything's going to be the same you're going to land out front and then it's going to start sinking into your mind I wonder if something happened out front while I was driving around back that will happen to you don't leave there's another don't that's number five for surveillance and I'm going to give you a little bonus tip here no matter what do not list vanilla ice as one of your musical favorites on Facebook it's got nothing to do with surveillance I just felt really strongly that I should you know share that with you this is Larry Kay with shadow anyone calm remember do the right thing even if it's the hard thing


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  1. Judgment Proof says:

    These are all pretty good tips. Another thing you must remember though is even if you can't run your engine for heat or AC, you can eventually succumb to extreme temps. Another thing to remember is eventually someone may figure out they're being watched or followed and then your cover's blown. You'll have people who really aren't stupid, they'll figure out what's going on. Some people are actually smart enough to know when they're being followed once they figure it out, and then you're going to have a problem

  2. BigDawg Cleveland says:

    It is simple… blend into your environment! That easy! Not rocket science for sure!

  3. Slash111111 says:

    What are the rules for audio and video / pictures?

  4. mguest1020 says:

    I run my engine all the time. You just have to know the proper place to do it. I’m not gunna die in the heat for a job.

  5. walmark45 says:

    Great tips but I live near Vanilla ice. He a nice guy. 😂

  6. Bean George says:

    No sound?

  7. viasha says:

    what happened to sound? so undercover? 🙂

  8. Judgment Proof says:

    This is very informative. I wonder how long you can actually surveil before you absolutely must leave? What's the longest you can sit still before you must leave or maybe even shift change? This is one thing I'm sure everyone may be curious about

  9. Colin Abbed says:

    How about shaving the stash- don't look like a Wannabe 5-0.

    Best advise buddy, hide in plain sight. you could only do sub-rosa in white suburbia looking like that.

  10. Thomas Walsh says:

    Here is a tip. Keep your tank filled with gas and wear good running shoes, just in case you run into a bad ass and he is unhappy with you.lol.

  11. jesuismieux01 says:

    Question, why would a P.I. continue to follow you immediately after you blow his cover? I confronted the guy when I realized he had been following me all day. He didn't say anything yet he continued to follow me for over 30 miles. He then got stuck at a light and it so happen there was a police station nearby so I parked about a block away from the police station and I walked into the station to report the guy and his plates. An officer walked out with me and I pointed to where I was parked and surprisingly the guy following me was parked a few cars behind me. The cop got in his patrol car and blocked the P.I. car. He questioned the guy for a few minutes. After questioning and searching the car the cop came back to me and advised me that the guy was a P.I. hired to follow me.
    I figured the guy would stop following me since I blew his cover but he immediately began following me. I don't have any claims filed, I don't owe anyone money, I'm not involved in any court cases, and I'm not romantically involved with anyone. Why would this guy be following me so stubbornly even after I blew his cover? Is it normal for a P.I. to continue after cover blown? When training for P.I. license do you guys randomly follow people like this to get practice??? I just find it weird this guy was not very good at keeping his cover, he even drove around in a luxury car.

  12. Sam Hurd says:

    You're the epitome of creepy.

  13. Brandyn Bucannon says:

    Is this stuff serious? lol I find it interesting I love James Brown (no homo) but is this real? it's funny at times but cool in a Sherlock Holmes kinda way. peace bro and make one on how to detect aliens hidden in plain sight

  14. Executive Services Agency PLLC says:

    Solid advice.

  15. Muhammad Aminudin says:

    my righy ear is envy

  16. Alvin Mathews says:

    I'm taking vanilla ice of my fb immediately lol love it

  17. Reginald Jenkins says:

    Ha!!! Vanilla Ice

  18. Arenzoj says:

    Please read. A quick tip to all PIs and would be PIs the one thing I would have to beg to differ on is the air conditioning thing. I hear what he is getting at but depending on where you live it may be impossible practically IF you only have one person or are a one man business. If you live in places that are far south or north or somewhere like Nevada you can literally DIE if you don't have ac or heat going. In these instances while you may get burned turning on the car no case is worth your life or safety. Its really not. If its a long or extended stake out you need a 2 man team or more. Most of what Larry says I agree with but he is simply wrong here. Do NOT let a company or your boss tell you that you can't run ac or heat. Either get a car that runs quietly or more than one person to help with the stake out. If they cant do that then its really not your problem.

  19. Will Za says:

    Guess this guy has never conducted a surveillance in Florida where you absolutely must run your engine with a/c.

  20. Ted Bine says:

    oyea , the bathroom thing is funny, if your taking a s*&% in your car your nuts..

  21. Ted Bine says:

    running your car is a must in the south, inside temps can reach 200 degrees,when off, you are already watching , you just shut it off for dog walkers and joggers , you should be far enough away that its non issue.

  22. Mikey E says:

    Good tips. Especially the last one!

  23. Nightstalker 1 says:

    Hey Larry…I've recently had a couple instances where I've lost a subject, and then found their vehicle at a local store. I went in to get covert video but was unable to find them after 10 mins of searching or so only to come out to find their vehicle gone. It would've been better to just sit on the vehicle and wait for the next stop for covert. Also, if you feel compelled to go in..do a sweep of the checkouts first. Take care.

  24. Lithia Lockheart says:

    Haha that bonus tip was great! Thanks for the video 🙂

  25. Ghosts Appear & Fade Away says:

    Never favorite Vanilla Ice. ever.

  26. John Doe says:

    Add one more don't.  Don't go snooping around on their property.  I would like to think this should be the first thing to know about safety because lets just say that some people are not very friendly and would label you as a burglar or intruder and may even become violent toward you.  If you want to get closer to them try it in places like the store where they might be likely to lift something heavy but under NO circumstances what so ever snoop around on their property to see if they are home because it is likely they are home knowing you might film them if they go into a public place.  They have every right to force you to leave their property and they might even be mean and grouchy.

    Keep it on the street and no where too close to their driveway, if they start having trouble getting out of the driveway because there is a vehicle there that should not be they will start to remember that,  Make no mistake, they want to use their driveway and not only have it open at ALL times but they will become annoyed if you are near it too many times.

  27. Lucas Marques says:

    It would be nice if you did more vídeos about surveillance. Would be a good idea to hear some tips about that critical moment where we have to change quick from motorized surveillance to on foot surveillance, and vice-versa. That's a difficult moment in my opinion because we may not know where the subject is going on foot, and sometimes he may get to a car for example, and your surveillance vehicle is so far you can not reach it in time.

    Thanks for sharing info Larry. I am relatively new in this bussiness and i am actually using your tips in my day to day. Greetings from Brazil.

  28. Eric L says:

    The advice at the end made me chuckle, it was pretty unexpected.  Interesting video, thank you.

  29. AngelEyes0612 says:

    No audio

  30. David Pool says:


  31. Toby Slave says:

    its all fun and games until you have a muzzle pressed up against your temple 

  32. Nancy517 says:

    a good man,do the right thing even if it's the wrong thing.

  33. Nancy517 says:

    i admired your straight forward honesty on no guessing.

  34. T Mendez says:

    I'm a P.I. out of El Paso TX, and find these tips helpful..Thanks.

  35. Ian Barr says:

    What's wrong with Vanilla Ice?!

  36. Pete Lawrence says:

    Good points.  I agree with most.  The reading one is interesting.  I download books on tape and listen to them on my ipod through the stereo, allows you to "read" while watching your claimant all day.  The reports, while I agree, are obviously coming from a desk job POV.  Same with the engine, I disagree with that one.  Total desk job POV.  A good surveillance position is as close to the residence and as far from the residence at the same time.  Obviously you want to be as close to the residence as possible to get good video but at the same time, you want to be as far from the residence as you can you avoid nosy neighbors and to not overexpose when not needed.  If you are out of earshot of the residence, are checked in with local police and the neighbors seem to be nonexistant or too far away to be a friend of the claimant who knows to look for investigators, you can run the engine all day every day.  You have to be able to asses an area/neighborhood.  Running the engine keeps you comfortable and healthy, keeps you equipment charged and allows you to get moving faster.  If you are a good PI, you can do it 90% of the time.  Just make sure you turn it off if vibration is an issue when shooting video, but with new stabilization tech in cameras, that should only be an issue when at very long distances.

  37. Ernest Mallett says:

    I was a PI from 2007 up until last year, and I have to say I fully agree with most of these, the only one I would really say "it depends" to is the no running the engine, and smoking.  

    I have done plenty of surveillance cases were I was parked a good distance away, and the surrounding noise covered up the noise from my engine.  Just cut off the lights and sat there leaned back watching.

    As with smoking (ONLY IF YOU ARE A SMOKER), smoking a cigarette can be a good way to blend in.  I have done surveillance on foot at the mall and I would pretty much have to be out in the open.  I would just light up a cigarette and call my girlfriend (now my wife) and talk to her.

    But those two really all boil down to "use common sense".

    One thing I do have to say I wholeheartedly agree with is the last one.  STAY PUT! I have actually missed a target leaving their house before, and wasted nearly an entire day all because I felt the need to drive around back.  Let's just say the client was NOT happy. lol

  38. Jackal says:

    Fine line between having a sense of humour and undermining your credibility.

  39. Andy Castillo says:

    Good advice, your voice volume is a bit low though.

  40. James Deitrich says:

    Volume tooooooooooo low. Can not hear

  41. fox18up says:

    HAha. I'm gonna have to unlike vanilla ice now. 🙂

  42. Ernest Olivas says:

    the volume is low, please in the future record your video with a high volume, had some difficulty being able to hear 

  43. Kayla Curry says:

    More good tips! You rock!

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