61 Replies to “60 Years Crash Test – On a Collision Course on Behalf of Safety”

  1. Mercedes-Benz says:

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  2. Rawane Omeirat says:

    the progress ✌✌❤

  3. Pug McChocoMuffin says:

    So many years, so many cars crashed, but only to make us safer, thank you Mercedes, you truly are the best

  4. Mყhammed Mაmmedli says:

    The best or nothing 🖤🔥

  5. sк - lυcια f says:

    Hello mercedes can you send my one like

  6. 목적격보어 says:

    How amazing

  7. sк - lυcια f says:


  8. BunGYChords says:

    I always feel safe in my Mercedes

  9. Amos Garcia says:

    60 years of crashing and counting,”The Best or Nothing”.

  10. Linas Marcinkevičius says:

    Impressive! 🌟

  11. Александр says:

    The Germans not only do, but smash beautifully.

  12. Bee JR says:

    Weird flex

  13. Rajesh designer 24 says:

    My Mercedes….my safety….👍

  14. Maksud 123 says:

    The best or nothing ❤️ Mercedes ❤️😎

  15. Aditya Kad says:

    Number one priority.💪💪

  16. Team Lewis Hamilton says:

    Team Mercedes-Benz forever!

  17. Egzoz TV says:

    I love very very MERCEDES-BENZ❤❤

  18. Human Human says:

    The Mercedes Benz is been talk of everyone due to its safety.

  19. Khizer Hussain says:

    Best cars and best car manufacturer in the world

  20. The Truth says:

    Safest cars I have ever been in. Proven record

  21. HanXC60 says:

    I think caring about someone else’s safety should be for free. Which means there is no need to add on some safety technologies’s by paying more money. Safety should come standard…

  22. Amiya Acharya says:

    Please give me a Mercedes🙄

  23. قناة السيارة car ch says:

    Mercedes benz
    The best Or nothing ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️

  24. xXCeMuXx -13 says:

    OMG Mercedes has always been the best for a lot of years in security, tecnology, amazing nothing is better than this the best or nothing ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍

  25. xXCeMuXx -13 says:

    The German tecnology is the best!!! The Germán are the best!!!

  26. yahya alfalah says:

    Like for Mercedes Safety System.❤️

  27. yahya alfalah says:

    Even if we don't have Mercedes we Like Mercedes.❤️💋

  28. Go44o says:

    In my country, we say:
    BMW is the best car brand but Mercedes is the God

  29. SIMSCRAM _YT_ says:

    you have such a story that you can tell about it all your life with interest

  30. CubaBong says:

    When you want to crash cars then buy Beam ng on steam 🙂

  31. CubaBong says:

    When i am in an Mercedes i feel always safe

  32. Rainbow Tiger says:

    Safety on Mercedes-Benz vehicles are just next level.

  33. Seddam Elili says:

    I just want to Heart "❤️" from Mercedes-Benz😍
    The best or nothing!

  34. I.M. Impending says:

    Good luck beating the Model 3. Tesla started in 2003.

  35. Sergio David Buitron says:

    60 años innovando y mirando por la seguridad,gracias Mercedes

  36. Issa says:

    Safety first … Mercedes-Benz🛠

  37. dexieme compte says:

    i love this brand mercedes "the best or nothing" thank you for all your effort

  38. Derral Koyier says:

    You guys are the best. No other brand matches your quality 💥💥

  39. Yacine Lebied says:

    Mercedes .

  40. Catalin Ionel says:

    Mercedes-Benz the best in safety,comfort, and driving experience.The best or nothing.

  41. Lightning Farron says:

    I love Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG so much! I wish I could see a crash course of the Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE 63 S Coupé or the Brabus. The Coupé is my mom's next car. That SUV is awesome and scary.

  42. Sebastian jitariu says:

    The safe car is the most important for a car

  43. Bioenergia Sur says:

    Simplemente, lo mejor de lo mejor!!!! para mi hijo y yo, nada que decir.. simplemente perfecto

  44. caffé baîr says:

    I was just looking closely. Very much closely. I saw even the most primitive 60s Merc saloons with intact A pillers after all those front collisions. And an intact A piller , after a crash, keeps the cabin just untouched as much as possible. Just amazing. Couldn't believe Mercedes put this essential safety norm from that era. Amazing.
    That feature came to regular cars in the late 90s or early 2000s.

  45. Muhammad Muhibbullah says:

    Off course Mercedes Benz is the best of best cars, it really cares about the safety of passenger first ,thank you Mercedes Benz

  46. Lenovo P90 says:

    I think now you should perform your crash test at 80km/h as nowadays most cars are comparable to german cars when it comes to crash test which was not the case 10yrs ago to set a new landmark

  47. David Silva Nogueira says:

    The Star always Shines !!!!

  48. sina RaziZadeh says:

    Please say the best or nothing at the end of your clips. Cuz you are the best.

  49. mohamad hassan says:

    Thank you Mercedes 😊

  50. T Y says:

    I like MB as a brand, if only my local dealership 's service is a little better, I can see myself convert.
    Seriously, you should pay more attention to your dealership, It doesn't matter how good your product is or how much you care about our safety, one bad buying experience will ruin everything. FYI The dealership in question is Brisbane city Mercedes, owned by LEI SHING HONG LIMITED.

  51. Alaa Alaa says:

    Mercedes-Benz is the best company in the world

  52. Aridho Ajinur says:

    I'll buy Mercedes Benz AMG CLS 350, Aamiin

  53. Ishan Toraskar says:

    This is the only reason why I buy Mercedes Benz cars and also trust them. Well done Merc. LOVE YOU MERCEDES-BENZ.😘😍🤩😎.👌🏻👍🏻🙏🏻.

  54. Saad Kidwai says:

    Mercedes forever

  55. JS AT studio says:

    Before 1000 view

  56. Mazhar Khawajan says:

    Wehn you dont have a driving licens


  57. Bishal G.C says:

    Love u Mercedes 💞💞💞


    60 years of Mercedes Benz investigating and investing to save lifes! Thank you!

  59. /918/LaF/P1 holy trinity says:

    Thank you for saving my dad’s life.

  60. Huawei Chan says:

    Watching so many mercedes crashes into something is satisfying

  61. τнє αɢɢяєssɪvє says:

    In Syria there is cars that have been operating for 70 years
    What a Great Company is Mercedes ❤

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