[923] Racist Hong Kong Police claimed that officer was kicking “a yellow object” in the alley on Sat

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and housing though your high cards away from your pockets I want a large of how Hansa welcome to your the motion team doing some yang no I later y’all Tom seats out her jaw area come sit house in detention cause I want a modicum se la compañía Tom Casey so you’re also nari say hey sounds are doing our party my boy once they don’t come – Don Casey they taking the weapon like oh he thinks eating right come on it’s a Kino got him pinned oh hi Coco it’s like okay you know attach a hooker I’m Donghae see this awesome logo hydro edema – you’ll call your man tech worker from Yahoo North Street now you mention the video in which it shows what appears to be an officer kicking a yellow object on the ground now we don’t know what that object is but there are other videos that are more clear that show the entire incident and there’s no malpractice by the police whatsoever in the clear video now we see yes but you I can tell my then find out what you guy came oh my god okay they’re answering your question please let me answer your question I think you have to stop this there are videos which show the entire incident where no assault resulted now I’ve seen that video myself now I’ve seen videos of other videos of people that have adopted the video to show police kicking people the genuine online feed showed that there was no such assault now there is a video online that shows that no assault occurred we will ask the maker of the video you’re referring to to come forward and show us the original copy of that video because any incident of police violence will be investigated llamada go to a fan cable well if you have an interviewee who said he witnessed it please ask her to come forward for him to come forward and we will interview them it’s very easy to make allegations when you don’t have to come forward to verify that allegation isn’t it I think we can continue to answer the cable part the number three questions okay boss he gank out they are on second day yes when I said it was an object my next phrase was going to be the video is very out of focus and it could have been an object a person a bag or a vest before I was interrupted the other video is also online and I’m sure you can search it for yourself the police will try to locate the makers of these videos to verify the authenticity of both videos so we request the makers of the video to come forward to assist our inquiries that’s it thank you regarding the video of the man being kicked in the back alley if you say that it might have been an object and not a man what kind of threat that the object posed that you needed more than say five police officers surrounding that often that object the fact is the man was there’s three people taken to the back alley into that alley okay two were taught born for inquiries the third man was the one wearing a yellow shirt okay he was brought in afterwards for having assaulted police at the cordon line okay after inquiries the first two were released without because nothing was untoward the third one was searched in the alley now you say why were there so many people so many police in that alley well that was corresponding to the number of protesters the writers that were on the streets that day outside on phone Yao North Street there are over 100 people there and the police had retreated into that alley so that’s why they were there now the reason I said it was an object is because the video is very unfocused when I first looked at it I couldn’t identify what that was I had to make inquires to see what clothing the three persons taken to the alley were wearing to try to identify if it was a person so that is why I said it might be an object and the very fact that I saw another video which had no assault in it at all which suggests that one of these two videos is doctored they can’t both be true can they can they the kind right so obviously one of them is doctored now knowing you’re being videoed do you think any police officers officer would be that stupid to assault someone under detention I don’t think so but of course we will investigate this and anybody saying that they know the maker of these videos please PLEASE awesome to come forward we’re more than interested in investigating this because this tarnishes the image of the Hong Kong police does that answer your question thank you 44 the second question now


8 Replies to “[923] Racist Hong Kong Police claimed that officer was kicking “a yellow object” in the alley on Sat”

  1. G Elle says:

    "We serve with Pepperspray and Carelessness"

    Yes,the police are that stupid to assault people detained, we've all seen it that's why they push the press back and use flashlights on them so they can't film their brutality.

  2. Michael Ho says:

    Not an object, a cockroach.

  3. JSB Hmm says:

    The police are idiotic. The same officer said that police would never abuse people with so many cameras around… oh, so THAT is why they drag people to the alley or try o block reporters from recording????

  4. MonacoChoco says:

    This is racist !!

  5. Fight for Hong Kong - Black Head Down says:

    Updated: Apple Daily just released the latest footage, clearly shown that the officer did kick the "yellow object" which is the man from "Protect The Children"

  6. cuss jardon says:

    Popo are shameless!

  7. MrAmexx83 says:

    It would not be the first time the HK police commonly assaults citizens. We saw the scene in 2014 where a handcuffed man was dragged to a dark alley and assaulted. We saw the old man in the hospital elevator being assaulted in a very low manner. It is just a matter of time till a better video will emerge. Rest assure of that. And what is that with that voice trying to block the journalist to ask her question ? Everything the police tried to defuse the situation failed big time. Stop those stupid press conferences. You guys keep repeating yourselves and make the public even more angry. Do you have any idea in the process how many more radicals you have created ? How many tot start with ? Keep on doing like this and you create millions of so called radical protesters. If that is the case may God help Hong Kong.

  8. Andy Yau says:

    Where is the full video of this interview?

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