Abandoned Well // Digging Wells (Part 1)

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God creates the water and we dig wells
the enemy seeks to stop the wells by covering it with dirt the wells become
dry in the dry wells become prisons from the days of John the Baptist until now
the Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force
the world you live in is dying out of thirst the church is the well where
rivers of living water flow to bring life to people break through to finances
peace to families healing to physical bodies and freedom to souls join us as
we go digging in Genesis chapter 26 verse 15 it says the following
now the Philistines had stopped up all the wells that his father’s servants had
dug in the days of Abraham his father and they had filled them with what did
they fill them with what is your translation say earth dirt some of you
saying dirt that your neighbors saying earth what is earth or dirt so the story is actually the background of the story
is that Isaac goes in into the promised land and the Bible says is there were
wells there that used to be operational they used to have the water in them but
the Philistines they went in and they covered these wells with earth or with
soil or with dirt and then Isaac later on goes in and starts to re digging old
wells I believe one of the things that God is doing with our church is he’s
redigging old wells the wells of revival that were happening even in the United
States God is bringing those back but not only He is redigging old wells we’re gonna be also digging some new wells because we’re not just about to
relive the past we’re about to create new future with the Holy Ghost can
somebody say Amen even in the facility that we are in
right now the church that was here before there was a great move of God
that was happening there are people in the church now who were a part of the
church that was here before it was mighty miracles and deliverances and
healings that were taking place and I believe that God is using the hungry
generation to redig the wells that were dug before come on somebody the
wells of healing the wells of revival the wells of break through the wells of
deliverance the wells of the gifts of the Holy Ghost the wells of the mighty
move of God the wells of worship the wells of evangelism the wells of Prayer
the wells of fasting God is redigging all the wells somebody say yes somebody
touch your neighbor say it’s time that your other neighbor say it’s to dig the
well but they’ve too well but I want this to point I want to point out the
first thing that we read today is the Philistines stopped the wells by filling
them with dirt Philistines stopped the wells by filling them not with junk not
with garbage not with broken up things but we filled them with dirt before I
touch on that I want to make a mention that a well what I mean by a well is
your spirit what I mean by a well I’m talking about your soul a well is my
spirit it’s my soul in the Bible anytime there was a well that had no water those
wells became prisons if you remember where they threw Joseph in it was the
well that had no water if you remember they threw jeremiah into the well that
had no water I genuinely believe that when a person becomes a believer in
Jesus Christ and they no longer host the presence of God their well that’s
supposed to be a place of the passion of God becomes a prison of the enemy their
heart instead of carrying the glory of Jesus it becomes a carrier of chains
troubles and the problems of life and sometimes even demonic influences see
God intended your well to be a carrier of water but if you don’t carry water
the enemy has a plan for it to turn it into a prison where he
prisons different things even Jesus says in Matthew he says that my house would
be a house of my well would be a place of water and then he says but you have
turned it into a den of thieves meaning it became a prison it became a hiding
place it became a den for the demons for the things that steal our passion steal
our desires God created your heart to be a fireplace don’t turn it into a trash
can God created your heart to be a place not
only where you live by the memories of yesterday but by the dreams of tomorrow
if your memories are bigger than your dreams you have backslidden you are no
longer living by faith you’re no longer walking in the Holy Spirit you are
living by your history not by your destiny God wants your heart to be a
well where there is a living water flowing and if you stop that the enemy
has a plan to turn your well into a prison to turn your life into a
spiritual emotional mental financial and relational prison but there are people
in this room today who gonna tell devil no not today Satan now with me you might
do it with that person and that person and that person
I ain’t becoming a prison to nobody I already experienced my prison break by
the cross of Jesus and I’m not going back to that I only have one life on
this earth and I will live it for Jesus I will live burnin for Jesus my heart
will beat for evangelism my feet will walk after God my mouth will declare his
praise my ears will hear his word my eyes will gaze upon the glory of the
Lord I aint becoming a prison I’m a place of passion can somebody say amen
can somebody say I’m a place of passion I’m a place of fire
I’m a place of living water that’s why I will fast that’s why I will pray that’s
why I will give why I’m not gonna become someones prison I’m a place of passion
a well without water is a prison but another thing that I want to point out
to you about Wells is that in the Bible wells were places
of connection most of the men in the Bible found their wives at the wells
if you remember Isaac’s wife was found at the well not Isaac Isaac didn’t do
that but his older servant of the Father went and found the wife by the well if
you remember Moses found his wife at the well Jacob found his wife at the wall
even Jesus found a woman at the well Oh somebody I felt like the Lord has spoken
to somebody in this room so what if we stop being gold diggers
and become well diggers what if man you stop building an empire and start
digging a well I know the Instagram says build an empire find the Queen and live
a happy life that’s what Instagram says what the Word
of God says is dig a well and you’ll find somebody by that well see if many
of us will chase women less and chase the Lord more some of you men you will
have women chase you you will man you will find that woman because if you have
a well you will have a woman my god I have a feeling that is a single man
right there giving a drum but there are people in this room today
that you don’t need a woman maybe you need a contract maybe you’re looking for
a connection maybe you are looking for somebody to open a door for you
I want to encourage you in Matthew chapter 6 verse 33 it says seek first
the will of God and everything else you will find right at that well see and
Jesus says before that verse he said the heathen seek after these things but you
do it differently he says I create connections at the well I create
business connections at the well I create contracts at the well I open
doors at the well so if you find yourself aright well that has a living
water God says don’t be surprised not only you’ll find water there you will
find some people there they will forever alter your destiny don’t be chasing
promotion chase His presence promotion will chase you you are a sheep that follows
the Shepherd and the Bible says goodness and mercy will follow you all the days
of your life that means there’s some good things some things you don’t
deserve will follow you see the world follows those things we as believers we
find a well and things follow us and these signs will follow those who
believe and the signs are not accidents and breakdowns and the back gives out
those are not the signs if you find a well you have signs goodness and mercy
will follow you so if you are here today and you’re desperate for a
relationship if you are here today and you are an impatient for a spouse if you
are here today and you are desperate for somebody to give you the job that you
went to university for I want to ask you what if you switch the desperation for
God’s presence like that and you open your life you’ll be surprised how many
connections you will find at the right well can somebody say Amen what
the enemy does is that he knows that we can find connections he knows we can
find a real genuine relationship by cultivating a life full of the Holy
Spirit so what he does I want you to watch this and Philistines fill the well
with dirt now dirt in the farm is soil dirt in the well is dirt if you
take soil in the backyard for the flowers it has nutrients it’s beautiful
it’s not dirty it belongs there it fuels the plants the flowers take the same
soil out of the farm and put it on your dresser put it on your coffee table and
that soil is no longer soil it’s dirt the same thing applies to sex put it
into marriage its soil take it outside of marriage it’s dirty
that’s why we feel guilty the same thing applies to cares of life and busyness of
life it has its place but the moment the enemy takes the life and fills your well
with life it’s no longer soil it’s a burden it becomes a stress trigger it
becomes something that gives you sleepless nights it becomes something
that then you need to go and and find a numbing mechanism or a medicating
mechanism to deal with and that’s why Jesus says is that what the enemy will
do is he will take the deceitfulness of riches the cares of this life and he
will try to plug the well not with drugs and alcohol and pornography and gambling
not with that but with soil of life the enemy plugs the wells of water can some
of you here today the reason why you are not burning for the Lord is you’re
burned out by life you just you just tired you just exhausted life was so
simple when you had nothing going you hated it you were envious of everybody
who has something going until your life start going and the mortgage came in and
the phone payment come and in the internet payment come in and Netflix
raised their price and then the tires need to be changed and then the college
tuition is due and that the drama at work and then that drama with your
girlfriend you prayed for the girlfriend now you’re not sure if you want one and
now all of this stuff begins to pile up and the enemy has a trick behind his
sleeve is he will put the soil that’s supposed to be in our backyard and he
will plug the well and of course we excuse it and
so you don’t understand Vlad that I have to think about these things I have to
live anxious I have to reward it I have to be busy I can’t afford to pray I
can’t afford to fast I can’t afford to read the word I can’t afford to be
focused on God I gotta focus on my life just remember the soil that’s plugging
the well it’s quenching the water if you would let your well be unplugged it will
water the soil the very thing the enemy uses as a distraction from a passion for
God is for one reason so he can keep the soil from being watered so that our soil
doesn’t produce fruit it only produces busyness why because we’ve let that the
earth the job the responsibilities for some of us we’re not plugged with soil
we’re plugged with junk we’re plugged with liquor we’re plugged with smoking
we’re plugged with extramarital affair we’re plugged with pornography we’re
plugged with things that we delete the browser history we were plugged with
things we do after eleven o’clock sneak out of the house we’re plugged with
shady stuff we’re plugged with sending news on snapchat we’re plugged with that
kind of stuff because the enemies say you ain’t got life so he plugs you with
sin but today you are not here so we can condemn you you are here so we can
unplug you the Holy Spirit wants to unplug your well if it’s dirt he wants
to unplug that and put the dirt back into the farm so that your water waters
your dirt the Holy Ghost can water your business the Holy Ghost can water your
family the Holy Spirit can water your career the Holy Spirit can water your
ministry he can water your children he can water your health he can water the
very thing you were worried about he has the capacity to water and that is why
you have to live an unplugged life so that you can live a watered life
so you can live with the favor of God with the grace of God and with the anointing of God somebody needs to unplug themselves today somebody needs to disconnect themselves today somebody needs to shake things up today somebody needs to tell the devil the time has expired smoking has expired alcoholism has expired adultery has expired pornography has expired Why? Because I’ve got to be unplugged I’ve got to let the river flow I’ve got to let the life flow I’ve got to let the Spirit flow Somebody give God some praise right now. If you fell like this is for you, raise your hands, begin to unplug yourself Come on raise your hands right now, just for the next 30 seconds begin to unplug yourself
right now and there’s something else that preoccupies your mind if there is
something else that is occupied your spirit if there is something else that
could not let your mind be turned off right now is the moment to release the
prayer to release the war cry to release the desire to God and say God help me God deliver me God set me free I don’t want to be plugged up I
want to be free I want to be free Philistines used dirt to plug the wells
the enemy will use life to plug your soul some of us he will use sin to plug
our soul but I want to encourage you today with point number two the
scripture says in Genesis 26 and verse 18 the following so when the enemy
plugged the well with earth Isaac dug again the wells of water which they had
dug in the days of Abraham his father for the Philistines had stopped them up
after the death of Abraham Isaac dug up the wells again I believe if you have
backslidden if you remember days that you loved God more than you love him
today if you remember days when you pursue Jesus more than you have pursued
him today if you remember time when you were committed to giving more than you
are committed today if you remember time that the sensitivity to the presence of
God was so real and it’s more than today and you have backslidden my friend you
backslider I don’t care if you’re not smoking drinking or getting laid you are
backslidden but the good news is you have a shovel and we can go digging today
God’s gonna dig dig the dirt out God’s gonna restore you today God’s gonna
release his word right now and he’s gonna start with any conviction back and
restore you and tomorrow morning I’m gonna see you at prayer and then Tuesday
night we’re gonna see you back at Life Group and it’s not because you’re worse
than even these wells needed to be redug again it’s completely fine if you find yourself right now in that place where you really
you find yourself right now in the place lost it but don’t stay like
there don’t stay like there the Bible says they dug the wells again how do you
dig a well I’m so glad you asked in the revelation chapter 2 verse 5 it says
this for I have this one thing against you says the Lord is that you have lost
your water you lost your water God says you still have a form of a well it’s
just it’s no longer watering your land in fact your land has filled up plugged
your well and God says I have a problem I didn’t design you put my spirit inside
of you for you to be a prison I designed you not just so you can be busy running
on the treadmill sweating like crazy and getting nowhere I didn’t design you I
have no room to move in your life because you plugged my spirit up and God
says you still have the water underneath and your rejoicing well I have salvation
I have the Holy Spirit my god sissy I didn’t give you the spirit so you will
just hide him I gave him so you can release him and he’s not being released
into your business he’s not being released into your relationship because
he’s so plugged over there with the soil with a compromise and with the sin you
are limiting my spirit by only keeping him to yourself and it’s not being
released into your life and got yesterday I want I want to unplug you
and how do you unplug yourself. 4 R’s R number one remember the good old
days that’s what God says remember from where
you fallen meaning remember how things used to be
remember when God was your everything remember when you had nothing remember
the day where you were young maybe you were a teenager and you grew
up in a broken family and you just encountered God and nothing
else mattered except Jesus God says remember that day you thought your life
was horrible because you had nothing for me but you had me and I rejoiced in the
fact that I was all you had remember that day number 2 God says not only I
want you to remember God says I want you go start digging repent meaning how
do you get back to those days it’s very simple
in the day that you met Jesus you turned your face toward God and automatically
your back was turned toward everything else you didn’t ignore your family you
didn’t ignore your business you didn’t ignore your finances your friends you
didn’t ignore them they just went behind you not in front of you no more
they had your back and the weird part about it is that God seemed to bless what
was behind you more than when you turn your face toward it and God says repent
means this turn your face back to my face and your back toward everything
else you mean turn my back on school mm-hmm turn your back on your family you
already did a long time ago no no no Jesus says not to turn your back and are
you ignoring them you’re forsaking all responsibilities it’s that your face is
toward the face of Jesus your back is toward the ministry your face is toward the glory of Jesus your back is toward your financial goals and God says
whatever you turn your back to I will water I have a water that that you turn
your back to but if you turn your face toward your business you turn your face
toward the relationship if you don’t realize it my friend you actually turn
your back toward my face Moses have asked Lord I want to see your face I
felt this week the Lord say to me Vlad I want to see your face because it’s buried in everything else except my face it’s buried in good things come
ministry it’s varied and good things like writing a book the next travel gig
the next thing the healing Testimonies it’s all this stuff he said your face is
glued to everything but he said remember the day where
you had nothing to look at except my face your back was doing everything else
and it seems like blessings started to find you when you were not looking for
them and now your face turn toward those blessings and you might not have
realized but you actually turn your back toward my face the Lord says to some of
you here today I want to see your face I see your body here but I want to see
your face you gave your face to everything else
and my friend remember whatever you give your face to you don’t have the power to
water it God can water what you turn your back to in your attempt to give
your face to the Lord repentance means I turn my face back to
the Lord which means my back will go to everything else and again I don’t mean
that you come to your parents say mom I’m giving you my back I’m done with you
guys I am not saying you come to your spouse and say hey just want to let you
know you’re no longer important to me I hate you because Jesus says if I love
him I have to hate you I hate you always been hating him by the way no no no no
no no that is not what the Lord says the Lord says that we turned our face toward
him and we put everything else a second and most of those things in our life I
find it will do much better being second than being first you know what the Lord
says after that he says remember repent and then he says repeat do the
same works you did before some of you say man I lost my passion
but if you remember you used to fast do the first things you did before but if
you remember you didn’t come to church 10 minutes late used to come 10 minutes
early do the first things you did before if you remember the first time when you
got paid you right away took 10% and you treat it as sacred before God it was
your trust in God if you didn’t do because you had to you felt this sacred
thing of honoring God today you tip not tithe do the first works if you remember
you looked at something and you felt guilty and now you don’t God says do the
first things you did before repeat it’s a very simple formula if you repeat what
you did before the Lord says the fire will come back the flame will come back
the water will flow again my favor will flow again can somebody
say amen I remember I repent I repeat and then there’s gonna be a
reward what is going to be the reward Jesus says whoever he who overcomes he
said these things will happen I genuinely believe the favor begins to
follow when his face is sought I am NOT saying you’re gonna get rich but you
will be blessed and it will add no sorrow with it the favor will follow
favor is this it’s when you get things you don’t work for you don’t deserve and
your education don’t qualify you for favor it’s when you get things that
seems to be a little bit unfair favor is when God begins to get involved and God
begins to water the world other people are trying to cultivate with you you
have a partner on your side you gave him your face he actually makes you a better
husband when you focus on being a better follower he makes you a better father
when you focus on being a better disciple of Jesus he actually makes you
a better preacher when you don’t focus on preaching but you focus on praying
when you give him your face he waters what you turned your back on his favor
begins to follow somebody say favor touch your neighbor and it’s ain’t fair
favor the scripture says is that’s exactly what started to happen is the
water came out the wells were watered and I’m going to bring this message to
an end and if we can read one more verse and this verse will be verse 22 and he
moved from there and dug another well and they did not quarrel over it and he
called his name by the good name that I will not pronounce because he said for
now the Lord has made room for us and we shall be fruitful in the land I want you
to see this is that Isaac goes in and he digs a well that his father used to have
Jiri digs that well and then you know God begins to water he they begin to
drink the livestock begins to drink the farmland is the father and the mother
who are always getting on your case to get your grades up
the moment you start going to church and now they’re against you
why are you betrayed your religion and you went to that church you turn your
back on catholicism you’re like mom we were never catholics we only professed
catholicism we never possessed that faith we all live like Heathens and now that
I’m actually possessing my faith everybody’s against me your friends who
liked you when you were like them will hate you the moment you will not be like
them because some people’s security is based on you not getting ahead some
people’s confidence is based and you failing and the moment you start
succeeding their insecurities surfaces and they will reject you Pharisees hated
Jesus not because he did miracles but because he made them insecure even
Pilate saw that betraying Jesus was because of envy Jesus stood up Jesus had
crowds Jesus’s words were obeyed by the wind and the demons and people followed
that and Pharisees were jealous of that and they were fighting him and the only
way to stop people fighting you is to stop growing which is a high price to
pay to satisfy unsatisfiable critics what do you do when in your pursuit of
the well you create a controversy what are you doing Philistines stop filling
your well but now they filled your life with drama now the house that everybody
likes you because you were drinking and you were doing all of this stuff and now
they oppose you and they call you better than others you think you’re better than
us you like mom and dad I’m not trying to be better than you I’m just trying to
be better than me is that a crime they will think it is it’s like a
football game nobody’s tackling you until you get the
ball and the only way they’ll stop tackling is if you lose the ball I’ll
rather have the ball and have the world attack and have the other team on my
side the team Jesus the team the angels of God the team of the Spirit of God and
score a touchdown with my life that tried to reduce my life to prove my ex
wrong prove my parents wrong prove the people who hate me wrong prove my
abusers rule I’m not living to prove anything to no one I’m living to please
only one person whose name is Jesus Christ I’m living my life to finish the
race score a touchdown and make sure he is pleased can somebody say amen in the conclusion I want you to be standing
for a second I want you if you are taking notes write this down when you
are rejected by those close to you when you are rejected by unreasonable people
don’t build walls of offense build wells of water
you’re not Trump leave the walls alone I want you to see that Isaac did not build
a wall between him and Abimelech when he got rejected
he realized I’m gonna go dig me a well never build a wall between people who
rejected you why because if you dig a well they’ll get thirsty and they’ll
need your water to drink one day the Bible says Abimelech came back and
apologized some people that have rejected you don’t burn the bridge
because they’ll need a way to come back the Bible says they will weep looking at
him whom they wounded he speaks of Jesus that’s why when Jesus was being rejected
on a cross he didn’t build a wall he says forgive them father for they not
know what they do he was building a well of salvation that even the Pharisees
even the Sadducees even the haters will be able to come back and weep looking at
him whom they wounded some of your people who rejected you will come back
10 15 20 years down the road and they will say please forgive me for what I
did I did it because I was insecure I did it because my whole life was falling
apart I did it because I was demonized I did it please forgive me can I drink
from you well I am running thirsty Isaac dug a well he didn’t build a wall
but number two I want you to see is when herdsmen picked up a fight not Abimelech and they contended for this well and
they said this is our well we build it Isaac says no you didn’t I build this
watch this Isaac doesn’t take them to court he gives them the well and
goes and digs another one and these people go to the next time and says no
that’s our well too – and Isaac doesn’t hire a hitman Isaac gives them the well too
most of the family arguments could be settled if we do three things lay down
our rights pick up our responsibilities and safeguard the interests of someone
else the Covenant says this I lay down my right I protect your
interests and I pick up my responsibilities but a world of contract
if you have a contract with AT&T Verizon if you have a contract with your
mortgage company this is what three things that every contract does it
protects your rights it safeguards your interests and it limits your
responsibilities and Isaac said this I’m not coming into this well thing with the
contract mentality I’m a covenant man I’m a man of a covenant that means that
I will protect not my rights I will lay my rights down you want to have that
well I know it’s mine you can have it but that’s not fair people a fair favor
don’t fight for fairness if you’re walking in favor fighting for
fairness is below you the only people who fight for fairness who’ve never
tasted God’s favor the only guy who would choke somebody who owes him a
thousand is somebody who had an amnesia and forgot you’ve been forgiven of
trillions that’s why Jesus looked at people who
are stoning the woman and he says you’re having amnesia did you forget how much I
forgave you pick up a mirror and drop a stone it’s okay that you’ve been treated
unfairly you’ve also been treated with favor by Almighty God my friend lay down
your rights if your wife says she is right it’s because she is if your
husband says he is right did you forget who you married his first name is right
his last name is always that means you lay down your rights you pick up your
responsibilities meaning your dirty clothes from the floor you pick up the
vacuumer you pick up those dirty dishes and you safeguard that person’s interest
and guess what you do you build another well you drop this you build another
well and you become a peacemaker you become a covenant person and something
happens I want to read a word to every person who will live like a covenant
this is what God says and from now the Lord has made a room for us and we shall
be fruitful in the land all the quarreling that you do in the house you
do in your company all the trauma that follows you you’re just a little person
who has an amnesia of how much good God has been to you don’t fight with the
herdsmen of your land let it go move on but they did this they owe me
excuse me you all burn in hell if everybody’s gonna owe each other we all
gonna be Paris Six Feet Under nobody owes you anything if I was just
the only teach you and I all is to love people we also love I know I’m speaking
to people who’ve been wounded I’m speaking to people who’ve been hurt I’m
speaking to people who’ve been rejected I’m speaking to people in this room
you’ve been taking advantage of and some of you look at your life and you say I’m
gonna prove them right they don’t even see you they don’t even care holding on
and building unforgiveness is setting yourself on fire hoping they will burn
from it drinking rat poison hoping a rat will die from it it’s only destroying
you be like Isaac he build a well they fought over it he says you know what
it’s my well but you can have it I’m a covenant man I lay down my rights I pick
up my responsibilities and I will safeguard your interests I know you
don’t like me I know you got issues I know you need inner healing and
deliverance and you needed therapy but you know what
that is your problem I will not let your problem make me my problem built another
well and they come and they fight him over it and instead of fighting them and
winning them he could have won but see if they understand you can always win a
fight with the skunk you just have to ask yourself a question is the smell
worth the fight don’t look at your spouse right now this
is not a good moment to squeeze their heads because y’all gonna be sleeping in
the couch you can always win the fight with the
skunk you just have to ask yourself a question is it worth the smell
and that’s why Isaac said I’m not gonna fight you why I’m digging wells not
proving a point I don’t have I only have one life and I’m not gonna waste it
proving something wrong I’m gonna live my life fulfilling God’s call pleasing
him and digging wells I’m gonna burn for Jesus you hate me you can do one of the
reasons why people will hate you is because their own well is dry as well
burn for the Lord build a well let him consume you let his presence be your
passion precious Holy Spirit I thank you for your presence in this room precious
Jesus I thank you that nothing is impossible to you I ask you right now
for every single person who’s well been plugged cares of life deceitfulness of
riches chasing the next big thing who have abandoned their devotions who have
abandoned their discipleship who have abandoned their Christian disciplines who’ve
abandoned prayer who have abandoned fasting abandoned giving who have abandoned even
getting together in church going to a life group who’ve abandoned loving their
family who’ve abandoned being there for their children who have abandoned the
the moral the morality even of after work and they became shady cunning and
in cutting corners and they don’t even feel numb about it no more they just
they just deepen desensitize god I just ask you for that person today that you
will unplug them right now to repentance I ask you for those who are burning but
they’re so tired of the drama in their life and they’re just busy right now
trying to prove everybody wrong they’re busy trying to prove their ex wrong
they’re busy trying to prove a teacher and the coach a parent or a pastor or
somebody wrong that they couldn’t make it because of somebody who didn’t believe
in them I ask if your Holy Spirit right now that you will quicken and
baptize them in the Covenant and deliver them from a contract mentality Jesus
thank you for watching this content I hope this was a blessing to you if
you’re like me and you like to click on things click on this subscribe to our
Channel and the content will come to you every time we post it and remember the
best is yet to come


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    WOW! This is conformation to a word God gave me about restoration! I like this well analogy much better than one I saw of a rusty pair of pliers being restored (on a YouTube video).

  3. Diana Gracia says:

    Please pray for the church I attend House Of Faith in La habra for God to raise our body to be people where his presence manifests and the captive are set free and meet the almighty God

  4. Corrina G says:

    So good pastor Vlad! Thank you for sharing your anointing with God’s children πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

  5. Viel Casila says:

    Before I became a follower of Jesus Christ, I was the first in my family and I am the youngest. It was hard but I know God has a promise for me, and now we're complete and now we're all serving the Lord. But now, I feel like I'm backsliding, I don't pray the same way before, I don't read the Word of God the same way before, the excitement and the eagerness and willingness before. I loose my self-control, I sin, I play my role as a leader in my church but honestly, I'm lost. But now, I thank Jesus for this message to go back to Him. To face Him again, because I know how much He miss me. I'm tired being this way, and today, I am free in Jesus' name! Amen. I thank Jesus for Hungry Gen. Glory to God

  6. Mark Rodriguez says:

    Flesh is sin.

  7. Reynaldo Elnaver says:

    thank you Pastor, God has used you to answered all i need.

  8. max Michaela Abejero says:

    Thank you Pastor Vlad your such an anointed man of God

  9. Ester D says:

    I read this story yesterday. Confirmation of the Lord. Thanks Pastor Vlad.

  10. Farai Elvis says:

    i unplug myself today
    thank you JESUS!

  11. edith eunice says:


  12. Tim Gacutan says:

    On your notes:
    1. Phillipines? Or Philistines? πŸ˜€

  13. Hepsy Mani says:

    Genesis 26:15

  14. Teresa Ahono says:

    You are such a great blessing to us,you have just imparted me with a sermon which will lead me to God's righteousness

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