ACLU Dispatches: What's Really Happening At Our Border

July 12, 2019 posted by

so we've been in to see briefing members of Congress and the Senate precisely about what's happening on the border and the policies that are in place that are causing this crisis outer border what have you seen in palpable in the RGV so what we've seen for months is unfortunately that the situation at the Clint facility that was recently uncovered is just the tip of the iceberg and illustrates a long-standing practice by border patrol to treat all of those in its custody and inhumane ways under a failed idea of deterrence through cruelty we've interviewed countless families who have been held in these conditions including families with small children being held outdoors for days in the Texas heat forced to sleep in the dirt and gravel we've talked to families who have made desperate pleas to official as well in their custody for medical care for their children and so we filed complaints with the Office of Inspector General who has subsequently released a report regarding conditions that they observe there that they say are disgusting now this isn't me no sadly the Border Patrol has had this prevention through deterrence strategy since 1984 it's important to remember that Customs and Border Protection CBP which Border Patrol is a part of has been operating in the shadows doesn't have proper oversight and there is no accountability and in during this administration they've been important and a lot of these bosses like remain in Mexico or even family separations started as a pilot program that nobody knew about until the news broke out until advocates started to find out their clients or attorney through their clients could you talk about a more about remaining mexican media angel absolutely the metering policies something that this Trump administration has taken up from the Obama administration expanded exponentially in conjunction with their zero tolerance policy anyone arriving to our ports of entry seeking asylum are told that they have to wait in Mexico on very long lists for many months in extremely dangerous circumstances chances and I've interviewed countless families suffering under these metering lists including one just last year who has turned away and kidnapped by organized crime just days later yeah we need to find ways of giving asylum to people from Central America in a humane way in an orderly way at our border and making sure that border communities are not paying the price of this you know border rhetoric that we continue to hear borders out-of-control yes absolutely and and we'll continue to put up that fight every day and continue to push our need for accountability over the nation's largest law enforcement agency that is causing us so much harm and destruction to our civil rights and civil liberties across the border

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