Africa Cyber Defence Summit – #CyfenceAfrica18 Highlights

September 12, 2019 posted by

This (conference) is bringing together senior
government officials, industry and business leaders, solution providers and
academics from Africa and the world. This is perhaps the largest Pan-African
cyber security gathering. So we’ve been meeting a lot of diverse groups over here. Be it from the ministries to various other verticals BFSI and all of that.
So yes it has been a very potential customer base that has been visiting this event
and what is more important is that they are looking for solutions. They have
concerns which they need to be addressed in their organization. You can see governments, enterprises all
coming together They’ve come to learn more about cyber security.
You see companies that are coming outside of the country with technologies and educating.
So I think it has a lot of value for everyone So we met up with a lot of CTOs,
a lot of CIOs, a lot of CISOs. It’s been very beneficial in meeting with
them and discussing the solutions that they’re looking for. Discussing what
it is that they need, what it is that they want. It’s been beneficial from that
point of view getting together with them and discussing their
requirements moving forward. The biggest value of conference has been the networking opportunity. I think that that’s where you’ve also built the right
processes, connecting sellers to buyers. You know, more like a marketplace. I think
that that’s what “Cyfence” can really build on you know making it more like a
cyber security marketplace. Yes. We’ll share knowledge and intelligence but more importantly you create a business networking opportunity Busy…but awesome. Great. Fabulous. Great. Fantastic. Awesome. Different.

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