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September 12, 2019 posted by

– [Narrator] The 36-inch
AirRise AdaptX adjustable standing desk converter
is two converters in one. Like all our premium
standing desk converters, the AdaptX lets you sit
or stand while you work without replacing your existing desk, but what sets the AdaptX apart is an integrated pop up monitor shelf. This unique features lets you choose between a spacious
single-tier work surface that’s perfect for a laptop or a two-tier configuration
that optimizes keyboard and monitor placement for
enhanced ergonomics and comfort. With a simple pull of a lever,
you can lift up to 15 pounds and quickly move from sitting
to standing in seconds. The extended height adjustment range comfortably accommodates
a wide range of users. Features include a chamfered
front edge for typing comfort, a textured top helps keep
desktop contents in place plus an all steel frame and a powder coat finish for durability and backed by our 100%
satisfaction guarantee. Stand Up Desk Store. A better desk for a better you. (bright music)

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