Alcohol Inks A-Z: Health Hazards, Safety Precautions & Protection When Working with Alcohol Ink

September 11, 2019 posted by

A full face respirator mask or goggles may be required to protect eyes. Some may want to use an exhaust fan.


16 Replies to “Alcohol Inks A-Z: Health Hazards, Safety Precautions & Protection When Working with Alcohol Ink”

  1. Sheryl Williams says:

    Excellent presentation. Clear and Concise.

  2. creationsceecee says:

    thank you, Serena, for directing me to this well-presented and informative video. i will link it to mine so my viewers can see it too. just as a tip, the gloves i use are made of white nitrile and i get them at Costco. so you too can wear them when making your videos. once again, thank you.

  3. janet Finkelstein says:

    Thankyou for your info on hazzards while working with alcohol inks. I will be cautious

  4. Charlene Herter says:

    I found you to be very informative. Thanks for putting the information out there. I do have a question about the mask you have linked in your supply list. The Elipse mask has lots of good reviews regarding the fit. I’m wonder if you use different filters for it. I don’t see where the filters that come with the mask protect against VOC’s. Maybe I’m missing it but just wanted to check before I order one.

  5. Kellie Chasse says:

    Such a great video Serena, thanks for the mention!

  6. Aly Cherry says:

    Wow this was so informative and so well put together! Thank you.

  7. Elba I. López Rivera says:

    Hi… If you made alcohol ink with markers and 91% alcohol, its still harmful?

  8. aliceinboulder says:

    This is a great video! Do you use eye protection? If so, goggles or safety glasses? I wear prescription eyeglasses, and, of course, there’s lots of space between them and my eyes.

  9. Vicki Jones says:

    Thank you for putting this out there and especially for mentioning the dangers to pets!

  10. Kristina Kowalski says:

    Great job… all the above. I’m so messy

  11. Judith F says:

    That’s a great video Serena. Where do we go to get fit tested for the mask? Thank you

  12. Tony Cooley says:

    Have you checked with safety equipment suppliers like for cartridges. The organic vapor cartridges are probably appropriate, but I did not go through the complete listing of alcohols to check. Here is one for Isopropyl Alcohol You can check others at Be sure to mention breakthrough time issues for cartridge replacement and to never leave your respirator in the room containing vapors after you leave because that will kill off the cartidges permaturely. Loved your video on safety.

  13. aleahlafio says:

    Help (pls don’t attack me) I didn’t realize all the precautions about alcohol ink until I noticed how much fumes I’ve been inhaling and have been working inside my small apartment with my kitchen not too far away from me. Will I be okay and my apartment be okay after airing the place out?

  14. Ivonne Mi Studio says:

    I also use a pair of old socks (toes cut out) over my wrist. One pair of gloves, then socks & a second pair on top.

  15. Lazymom says:

    Thank you for this video! Very informative.

  16. painting55 says:

    I still see people getting the ink all over their hands, etc.

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