Anne and Terry's story (Part 1) – child protection conference

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an adder first child Jack at the age of 16 but then split up from Jack's father who no longer lives in the country and now has a two month old baby Laila with partner Terry the family has come to the attention of Children's Services after police were called to a domestic incident for the last two weeks a social worker has been assessing the family including talking to Jack and is concerned about the children's welfare and killer she's told them they'll be invited to an initial child protection conference Concord does it mean Terry means they want to talk to us what for he says domestic violence aah this is ridiculous I'm gonna take the kids away Terry that's what's gonna happen that's what this is about going to this Commons I'm not going to this conference um yeah yeah we're it may be right although older children sometimes attend child protection conferences and in Terry's children are too young they could have brought a supporter or advocate but chose to come alone they've been told the conference is likely to take two hours yes okay hi Tareen hi nice to see you again see ya okay so did you did you get the report yeah oh yeah open it about one about the violence yeah yeah yeah yeah this is as you saw I did change make some changes that you suggested yeah yeah but the stuff about the domestic violence is still in here yes I know I think is behind of Albin Bona out of all what what I'm suggesting is is that you go through go down in the lift and the chair will meet you you'll have the opportunity to speak them yeah good afternoon my name is Marsha afternoon and bunnies watcher um just wants to take a few moments to explain what my role is um in this process independent chairperson Marsha meets Ann and Terry before the conference she makes it clear that the conference itself cannot remove children from parents care the only decision it can make is whether the children are suffering or are likely to suffer significant harm but you're you're on our side yeah when we go into conference it I will be asking for a balance for you to be discussed within conference so whilst I know that it's really difficult and it's a different experience to go through it's about bringing the information together and essentially it's about making important decisions that ensure that your children are protected what I would ask is that when professionals are talking if you could save your questions until they've finished if you need to write them down then that's fine so that you do remember them and just as when you're talking I will arts professionals to ensure that they respect the time that you're you're talking to the conference because you will also have that opportunity Anantara have been told who is going to be at the conference including professionals who they and their children have already been involved with

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