Apple CEO Tim Cook: 'Privacy Is 'A Human Right' | MSNBC

May 22, 2019 posted by

the truth is we could make a ton of money if we monetized our customer if our customer was our product we could make a ton of money we've elected not to do that our products our iPhones and iPads and Macs and and home pods and the watch etcetera and if we can convince you to buy one we'll make a little bit of money right but you are not our product you are our customer you are a jewel and we care we care about the user experience and we're not going to traffic in your personal your personal life I think it's an invasion of privacy I think it's privacy to us is a human right it's a civil liberty and in something that is unique to America you know this is like freedom of speech and freedom of the press and privacy is right up there for us and so we've always done this this is not something that we just started last week when we saw something happening we've been doing this for years hey there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos


30 Replies to “Apple CEO Tim Cook: 'Privacy Is 'A Human Right' | MSNBC”

  1. Armand Robotson says:

    The weird thing is …
    The upper class… torture, abuse, enslave you and hate you for demanding your most basic rights….

    The system is deeply flawed and fundamentally corrupt…we live in a totally dysfunctional world…

  2. Alexander Light says:

    "Freedom of speech and freedom of the press" is exactly what's under attack as we speak in America and all over the world.

  3. MAHENDIRAAZ M says:

    hai sir l am indian and how to join in mit pls any help

  4. MellFromYouTube says:

    Apple doesn’t own anyone. They provide what they have and you choose to stay. You’re actually the product with google. That’s why I don’t understand how people hate Apple so much. They sell what they make. Google gives away millions of free phones and makes money off you.

  5. whydontyouwork says:

    Where is the full video ?

  6. Venkata Ravi Prasad Maddi says:

    Wish to be free from CYBER THREATS (KNOWN AND TO BE KNOWN IN FUTURE)? Install BKV OPERATING SYSTEM into which NONE ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH can enter (stealing of data and corrupting of DATA/O.S. is IMPOSSIBLE).


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  7. Dale Wilson says:

    Like Apple but I would like to tell Chris Hays to Shut Up

  8. Diss Info says:

    Nice try, but no such thing as human rights.

  9. thura3 says:

    Was the audience all Apple employees??
    Tim cook: " I (applause) believe that (applause) every citizen of the (applause) United States (loud applause) should be… (applause)(applause)(applause)"

    OK, so he is running for office! better bring the applause people everywhere he goes

  10. Malca's Grace says:

    Tim is genuinely dedicated to privacy because he didn’t give the code to unlock the phone to the FBI because he knew that would also open Pandora Box
    Thank you Apple ceo Cook
    for staying on the right side of history even when it was difficult a few years ago

  11. Software Network says:

    I LOVE Apple because of this.

  12. Jano Jano says:

    Mr. We born nakeds, people around, partys, calls, familly, strange people, hahaha! 🙂 sorry i need it to laugh bye…

  13. Luis Alberto Pérez Nájera says:

    People are guilty for sharing everything on the web. Turn off Facebook right now.

  14. NessOnett8 says:

    The problem with this corollary is that, as Tim Cook says, he has a product. Facebook is a free entity. You pay nothing. They need a way to monetize that doesnt sell you a physical product.

  15. Kaneng Botsha says:

    Thank you ☺

  16. Coach Gonz says:

    Thank you. And like the 2nd Amendment! Please continue to stick to our Bill of Rights which is unique to America.

  17. Muru Roa says:

    And yet the USA has zero privacy laws…

  18. Mendosa Sama says:

    Privacy isnt a human right. Honesty is a human right.
    Privacy is a privilege only given to us by OTHERS. Honesty is from within.

  19. Troy J says:

    Start using MINDS – it is everything FB is not.
    MINDS is an open-source, community-owned social network providing tools for revenue, reach, privacy, encrypted communications & Internet freedom.

  20. FcukCensoredSht says:

    I find it somewhat ironic that we’re all watching this on YouTube who is owned by Google which does the same thing as Facebook!

  21. The Feren OS Dev says:

    Nice, Tim Cook… NOW TELL MS THAT.

  22. Jup WenZheng says:

    So, why you put the data of your Chinese customs to chinese goverment, Mr.Cook?

  23. Morgan J.S. says:

    Cringe-worthy classic spin. Loading up the dignity onto his own company; distracting the crowd with middle-management feel-good one-liners.
    He said "We are just so humble, pious and innocent, I don't know how we survive as the biggest corporation (pirate) in this cut-throat market".
    Apple is famous for putting the right face on the product, proven here by putting this innocent humble wise old man's face on a corporate creature from the black lagoon.
    Speak softly…and carry a big stick!!!
    He ain't Chomsky!

  24. EC says:

    true, Facebook has made its customers the product. Awful model.
    Though civil liberty IS NOT unique to America. Not even slightly.

  25. apexxy says:

    Tim Cook is awesome.

  26. myko freder says:

    He knows his company is built on a loyal base and betrayal of that base could degrade the company a lot more than a bad product. Because they are a hardware company they are at an advantage in that area, they do not have to create portals to attract users and get advertising money from. For the web companies they have to realize that a 'if the moneys green' is not acceptable, there are ways to allow adds to come in without the advertiser knowing who is on the other side, there are ways to spot check content and analyze content which includes the people who comment. If they put effort in becoming experts on the wild west world that get certain people to comet to their sight they would be able to control it. A real person is going to have a certain pattern while a bot or someone paid to go to certain sights or stories and push an agenda 10 hours a day another. Real content, the discovery of that content, and how it becomes popular has one pattern, fake content, pushed in popularity systematically another.

  27. NitrousGranola says:

    Even though people are deleting Facebook, they still own Twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp… :/

  28. Tech It Out says:

    Let me just fact check that for Tim Cook

  29. Kering Quesada says:

    Sounds legit

  30. tipoomaster says:

    Going to post the full interview?

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