Apple pushes for more privacy at WWDC

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Apple is also trading higher today it's going into day two of its annual Worldwide Developers Conference after already making some big announcements and our Josh Lipton joins us now with what we've learned about what Apple is trying to become Josh so Morgan one big theme in Apple's big software show this year privacy new privacy features in iOS 13 companies new mobile operating system for example sign-in with Apple that's a new login feature allowing users to sign into apps and websites with just their Apple ID which isn't shared with these third parties Apple execs say that's a more secure login than the competition we've all seen buttons like this asking us to use a social account login to get a more personalized experience with an app now this can be convenient but it also can come at the cost of your privacy Apple also introduced a feature called location enhancements so users can share their location to an app just once and then require to ask you again the next time it wants it and the company even announced a new service for people who use certain security cameras at home called homekit secure video they'll be able to have footage stored on Apple's servers in an encrypted format question for investors this morning though is this – consumers really care about privacy as much as Apple thinks they do and will this focus on privacy at the end of the day here help Apple sell more hardware and services I caught up with Karolina milanesa a tech analyst with creative strategies she says it won't matter for all consumers but it will certainly matter for some she says specifically the kind of consumer apple appeals – meaning very engaged that care a lot about this issue Carl back to you hey Josh I'm just wondering how developers might be feeling about these DOJ headlines this weekend if it's stolen any of the Thunder that they normally get out of the conference yeah listen we saw those headlines obviously this broader concern for big tech the headlines we saw – about the DOJ and Google the government really obviously has big tech causing more of a threat at this point Carl I'm not sure how much of a concern that really was to developers you know this this is a show for app makers I mean their focus call those thousands of people that were behind me yesterday for those men and women it's really about listen can Apple introduce a cool compelling operating system with new features that gets you to to upgrade to it so they can sell you the most cutting-edge modern apps we'll see how enthusiastic they are soon about what they heard yesterday you


4 Replies to “Apple pushes for more privacy at WWDC”

  1. Mark Hoffman says:

    So is Cook trying look out for us, or has he come up with another shaddy way to isolate its customers within the Apple ionosphere?

  2. IMA RUSSIAN says:

    How will their latest AI manipulation, facial recognition software, geo tagging, as well as endless social media monitoring improve anyone's privacy?
    What other lies can Tim Apple tell today?

  3. Rahman Said says:


  4. AriVovp says:

    So back then all of these tech company don't give a sit about privacy?

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