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November 20, 2019 posted by

A will to win, is the most important part of successfully defending yourself. Hi everyone this is John with today’s active self-protection lesson out of Brazil. Shows an tempted armed robbery here that goes badly for the armed robbers. Gonna learn some important lessons here about surviving the ambush about the critical importance of empty-handed skills and about not focusing too much on one or the other when you have multiple attackers that you’re facing just another day for this guard at what is a bank here I think and this guy’s going to come in through the you know kind of armored doors here or through the controlled access at least in the guards kind of catching him but seeing what’s going on outside the guy draw the gun on the guard and now they’re having a fight for the guards gun the guard gets his gun out thankfully the guy drops is put the couple shops towards the second trailing accomplice and now is the other guys trying to lead he is going to pop him again as well seeing him still to be a threat that you can see on the left that guy’s gun is actually out of his hand so he’s unarmed at this point thankfully here we’re going to see that this guard is able to subdue this guy the other people that are in the place you’re going to come out and see what’s going on and help him and thankfully this one is over eight lessons from this one on our website make sure you click through the link in the description to get those but let’s talk about some of the most important one will talk about situational awareness we see the guard here it’s probably a boring job but he’s at least ostensibly paying attention see that first guy come in and now he’s looking for what’s going on with the second guy but he’s not only focused on machine come back and take a look at the first guy and see what’s going on look back again what’s going on with the second guys but the other guy uses that is the opportunity to launch his ambush and as a defender you’re always going to be responding to the ambush not going to draw first you’re going to respond to the threat and that’s exactly what this guy does second we see the armed robber use that leveraging arm we see a leveraging arm used for a gun-wielding opponent a gun-wielding attackers because they want to protect the gun they want to keep that gun at some distance and that’s what we see this guy do but notice that the guards here goes for the gun and he gets a hand on that bad guys gun and starts fighting for it and then takes a very risky proposition draws his own gun in the midst of that you can see the guard get his own gun out of a drop leg holster on his left hole left side there and get it out into the fight and starts putting shots on that guy i’d recommend that you use your empty-handed skills and win that fight first but in this instance it allows them to get ahead of the guy and get a shot on him but he doesn’t also get tunnel Division I think that’s incredibly important as soon as he’s able to get off that guy he goes to the next bad guy starts putting shot on him because he sees him coming in to try to get into the flight at all King and so he keeps him out of the fight but then as soon as that guy runs off a nice even got any transitions back to the first guy and I think that’s incredibly important he’s not getting tunnel vision on any of his attackers but instead making sure that those threats get out of time and stay away from him now when we talked about this last one I really want to see it’s all time and the security guards little different than a CCW becomes up put hands on impact is that guy an opportunity to re-engage a fight may be fighting for that gun and I just don’t recommend that state difference if you possibly can use verbal commands to put on that guy out and keep yourself away from them as possible because you notice that guy’s looking over there probably looking for his buddy we’re looking at is gone the end of the day officer did a really good job here staying in the fight of getting his gun in a fight not getting tunnel vision engaging multiple attackers let’s do the same if we have to cover our ass


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  1. UndercoverElf6 _ says:

    What a beast

  2. Gilly Gil says:

    I think he separated the slide from the lower. Good training. $10.00 an hour?

  3. david hamilton says:

    you must be the dumbest fuck on the planet. you obviously have no real time experience of deadly shootings, I have. there is no stop the action time to work things out over what we should do. expect you would have been taking a sip of coffee whilst you were taking your second thought about how you were working out the affect your second shot would enter the body though a rib and then riccocheting through the lung before exeting the body flipping the top off your coke coke bottle so you can look cool, take a sip and look like a super hero. You are a laughing stock to everyone who has fired a weapon in anger. What a cock you are, and what a set of uneducated americans your followers are to take any notice of you, you prick.

  4. Robert Mottram says:

    The guard's smartest move was not to pull away when the robber was trying to grab his gun, keeping up close to the body prevents arms being raised or gun being pulled…. But, wearing the gun like you are in the wild west with a 6 shooter is bit dumb, it allows much easier access to your weapon for the other guy to grab it… Agreed. Controlled access to the bank saved that guards life and maybe others.

  5. 「わ」UrDaddy says:

    I think this happened on philippines I have seen this on the Philippine news?

  6. Howie Feltersnatch says:

    How is everybody gonna just ignore the fact that the customer in the bank ran over and hid behind that woman's desk like a girl while she sat there all calm like? Then when it was over he quickly hopped up and acted like it didn't happen… LMFAO

  7. Natehc Kian says:

    Thumbs up for the security guard

  8. Alien Gods says:

    What if the other guy was trying to help the guard. 😁

  9. Skyrilla says:

    Brazil is a hellhole.

  10. Ryan Dale says:

    He got recruited in secret service after that.

  11. Henrik Englund says:

    Fucking hero!

  12. Der BOI says:

    max pain xD

  13. JRS2623 says:

    No guards in US banks that I have been to.

  14. Landon Rush says:

    Those 2 are idiots. Why would they try tp rob a place with an armed guard and secondly with the security door setup, stupid punks

  15. Oqprints Printing says:

    This is how you watch this videos, forward the stupid introduction, turn the volume off, and enjoy bit.

  16. Pete Medina says:

    Nice work

  17. Le Vincent says:

    So sad he missed them…!

  18. Brian Taylor says:

    The fact that he pulled his gun before finishing the fight saved his life. The other guy was coming in.

  19. Vampire Alulu says:

    Wow..He is ex soldier ?

  20. Wayne Dannielle says:

    I thougth your a pro but i think not the guard need to get his gun fast because he know that the robber has a friend and that friend might have a gun to his not stupid his a really good brave and very aware of his sight .. not so pro after all.

  21. A guy with random convictions says:

    Could've shot the first guy and said "Oops. Safety's off."

  22. MyYTChannel says:

    The thief was ready to kill the guard! Why did the guard not kill him when the guy lost his gun? Why send him to jail? What is the point? The guard should have killed him point blank when he was stuck at the door.

    The thief had another friend who was coming to kill the guard. So, the guard was lucky with his life. So, he should fight back with deadly force.

    The guard was lucky he was not killed, so just kill the other thief.

    Bunch of scumbag thieves.

  23. Boston Towny4life says:

    What happen to people actually planning out robberies? A bank robbery is a dangerous job, you don't just run in guns blazing. Jesus… I guess all these bank robbers fathers were in prison so they coulden't teach them shit.

  24. James Fisher says:


  25. Josh Wolfe says:

    Love how the guy with the woman is more scared than she is and they get there phones out at the end to record what's going on. Society today

  26. MISCHIEF says:

    That was such a pathetic robbery.

  27. Daniel Smith says:


    good guard

  28. tama tonga says:

    After watching the video. It's obvious the robber had a fake gun. That's the reason the security pulled his gun.
    What better way to secure your weapon then to have it in your hands during a hand to hand combat. Security knew there was a 50/50 chan that the robbers partner may have a gun. That's why he shot at the partner first cause he knew the first guy didn't have a gun .

  29. h3lldiv3r says:

    Too bad he missed

  30. ツLuki says:

    I bet on the criminals court trial the judge said I know Karma is a b****. I wanted to be an astronaut but I became a judge.

  31. Dance Models Brasil says:

    Probably impossible to get a real gun through those security doors. The guard was not using his 6th sense by looking at the accomplice outside. He was being DISTRACTED by the accomplice outside while the first robber was almost able to get ahold of the guard's REAL gun. As someone else has already pointed out, in the reports, it was infact a toy gun. I would bet the accomplice outside was purposely doing something strange or suspicious to grab the guards attention while the first robber tried to grab the guard's real gun.

  32. Bernardo H says:

    It is important to mention that the guard is left handed . That makes a great difference because it is very confusing for the attacker. So, in this cases, left handed defenders have a very important advantage . ( I'd like to know your opinion Mr Correia ! )

  33. Ed Fan says:

  34. Tomatensaft Otto says:

    What he shoot on him he did‘nt got a Gun

  35. it is what it is says:

    Cover your asp

  36. John Smith says:

    only thing i dont like is robbers didn't get shot !

  37. Tính Nguyễn Lý says:

    Professional security…like

  38. razorsharpsmile says:

    I heard he's been promoted to manager…

  39. Patony Brooks says:

    Now who's gonna pay for those glass?

  40. Phil Gordon gordon says:

    Has anybody else realize how much John looks like will Wheaton

  41. The Saltiest Shake says:

    It should be 100% legal to execute that guy once he's on the ground. CCTV shows intent to take the guard's gun, if he had he might have shot the guard, the customers and all the tellers to get to whatever money he could find. He has forfeit his right to life at that point.

  42. R8 ME says:

    Just build lol

  43. Dindinaxl Dinaxl says:

    Dont show yr face too much,its boring

  44. Immortal Swordsman says:

    With all due resrespect mate do you have any training you keep saying that you think he should do this and that and that you would recommend this, I mean like do you even know what you're saying like do you know how hard it actually is and in that moment you are not going to do something in theory well most people won't you are going to do what is most valued to you meaning muscle memory like Martial Artist train so that when their brain switches off their body kicks in.

  45. Immortal Swordsman says:

    Pretty fucked up how he assumes the second guy was a robber instead of someone trying to help, although I understand one guy robbing a bank really? Human trying to help another Human? As if.

  46. 2% milk says:

    This guy is the perfect caricature of an American. A fat, out of shape dork who relies 100% on firearms for any sort of altercation. It's almost poetic!

  47. Skurtle says:

    I'm just laughing at the dude in the yellow shirt cowering behind the desk while the lady just stands there

  48. Richard Smoczynski says:

    He's dumb ur video sucks .the robber goes too close to guard he should be put an down with a crack to the knee I bet that guard gets in his ain't survival .its stupid robbers

  49. 12-24-16 says:

    What a badass

  50. N H says:

    The first guy had 2 weapons but did not notice it came out in the scuffle notice at 1 minute he lifts his shirt and looks for it but notices it lying on the ground.

  51. laurensus malau says:

    Why always black man?

  52. ranger nation says:

    You can't do every job perfect at least he got the job done

  53. Strider says:

    Here in Brazil ( I am from here) even our own people think we are retarded and incapable of defending ourselves. Guy couldn’t have had it more wrong.

  54. Luqman Hakim says:

    Bad ass certified

  55. Darell Bell says:

    I would have shot him anyway

  56. Lavos 1408 says:

    The guard has luck beacuse he was distracted

  57. Slim Shady says:

    Number 1 thing never have your back to the door. He was lucky

  58. JA Grecia says:

    The Guard is genius Wow

  59. HAte System says:


  60. meidarrr says:

    It was not necessary to kill him from the back when he is running away.

  61. Makaveli Car says:

    Sometimes its good to be lefty 🙂

  62. Alpha Gonzalez says:

    The guy that got arrested was debating weather to run or get his gun but he tried to run better

  63. Darks niperBR says:

    Where are you from ???

  64. A Drum Tsukumogami says:


  65. sahad k says:

    Good gays

  66. Ben Mortimer says:

    He took the fucking magazine out. What a pro.

  67. Glock Fanboy says:

    Was the second guy even a robber or just a dude trying to help lol

  68. Gonzo Nator says:

    fuck you and your guns

  69. eddy c says:

    this man is skilled af …

  70. Angel Sanchez says:

    John you always talk like you being in every bad situation there is. always criticizing the good guys, that they did this wrong, they did that wrong, have you ever been in a gunfight ,you don't think about what you need to do or should do , . you just do it

  71. Joe Tran says:

    was hoping he would make the baddie face plant on the broken glass

  72. Hey! the name is Elliott! says:

    Should have executed him right there and then. No mercy for criminals

  73. JMADMACHINE says:

    I think the guard took his gun out cuz the robber was trying to take his gun

  74. justin pham says:

    just like the movies….great security guard move and skill.

  75. Adolf Hitler says:

    who hired frank castle for security guard?

  76. Jon C says:

    Reality is most robbers dont actually shopt anyone.

  77. demo tester says:

    Hm well this security guy seems to have good reflexes (or the robber has not so good ones); if the security would not have had better reflexes than the robber, his mistakes would easily had lead him to lost his life.

  78. nandlal yadav says:

    Gud job

  79. Milos Momcilovic says:

    against stupid criminals even some aikido technique works

  80. dablocishot77 says:

    My mans in the yellow shirt was like "You got any room behind that desk for me?"

  81. sumboredazn says:

    the guard was lucky the first perp didnt just pop him in the head. phew

  82. Youngsixxx On the beat says:

    Lmao what a god he wins a 2v1 like a boss

  83. Fernando Mejia says:

    I think this was Honduras actually

  84. Digital Cars says:

    He could have killed the last guy if he really wanted to.

  85. OUCHIExDAxEL1TE says:

    Why all the advice and stuff like as if he's saying he didn't do a good job he did what needed to be done and no one got hurt I think

  86. Encinas Shanne says:

    You have my respect guard!

  87. Divine Precious says:

    That is Filipino

  88. محمد محمد says:


  89. Ciro Alpha Lyon says:

    he's a pro!

  90. Derek Gillette says:

    The second bad guy was actually a good guy running to rescue the gaurd

  91. imhoooks says:

    He looks like he was either a former cop or off duty working security job. Besides 85% of males in Brazil are cops it seems. That's why he went hands on with the perp. You see he kept his pistol high while engaging hands on.

  92. Gav Dad says:

    Stay in the now.

  93. A Chris of all trades says:

    I'm guess that's 3/8 tempered glass…
    Seems like the bullets didn't go through or at least we're severely deflected

  94. chuks obi says:

    this guard is so trained and active

  95. Blaine Paige says:

    At least he was not looking at his phone lol

  96. Soultrain says:

    This is the problem with uniformed security. Same as with open carry. They immediately become a target. Plain clothed officers can blend in with the crowd and counter ambush the assailants.

  97. O.G Francis says:

    Nice job

  98. WeakBoiAction Channel says:

    It's in the Philippines

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