16 Replies to “Armstrong: Congress needs to address data privacy”

  1. DB Cisco says:

    Without these monopolies the CIA, NSA and FBI would have to spy on you themselves instead of paying the IT monopolies to do it for them

  2. cubla solx says:

    No No No. it is not just the internet. Go to any target store and buy certain things. target then takes possession of your ID card. and scans it into there computers. It is there policy to sell that info to any 3rd party. Same thing happens with other chain stores. This is much bigger then the internet. Data privacy is flying out our windows and we do nothing about it.

  3. CRS Donchaknow says:

    Miss Armstrong is a rino

  4. PJBoards Lookementheye says:

    Every communication is tracked or monitored in one form or another. One would have to live life completely off the grid . Don't look up at the sky…. To late, your picture was just taken.šŸ‘Œ

  5. owg says:

    Congress reminds me of teats on a boar hog. Useless and kind of sick.

  6. Chatla Suresh says:

    Any tech using people information for business is unethical and SPYING. How you SPY on everyone?

    What USA CFR_Org has defined License/Law/Regulations for tech companies who are involved in Social media/Email/Banking/Mobile communication/Telemedia and all electronic goods where personal identity is secure! How identity is used as business model and make revenue? Is this approved by USA Commerce and FTC?

  7. justin time says:

    Project Cassandra? Anybody? Obama's attempt to cover up an Iranian smuggling operation at the border. While trying to complete his Iran nuclear deal the story was covered up because it would make Iran look bad putting a deal in jeopardy.

  8. daniel londoƱo says:

    Everyone knows it's a partnership beetween these tech companies and federal agencies.

  9. spikedpsycho says:

    Data privacy begins with YOU.
    EVery post you make is bytes for the companies, YOu're the product

  10. Hybrid Theory says:

    This guy spins words too much

  11. Draka Von says:

    Won't happen. The Silicommunist Tech Tyrants OWN the Democrassholes and most Republicowards.

  12. Crystal Bauman says:

    Congress is useless and a waist of money

  13. Jeanette Silvis says:

    We have a 4th Amendment to the Constitution…as such, Congress is a bit derelict in their duties give the technical revolution. But…it doesn't necessarily negate personal responsibility. So they should thread that needle carefully. Personally, I am much more concerned about government entities with access to personal data and collection than I am concerned with advertisers. So any regulations that government seeks to lay out for private entities…I would appreciate a solid third party audit on how government regulates themselves…and if they should be trusted to do so.

  14. Illegal Influence says:

    Well said.

  15. Defend Liberty says:

    Congress, first and foremost, needs to address the erosion of Freedom of Speech.
    Without that sooner or later there will be no other rights.

  16. Old Boat Guy says:

    the worthless 116th congress cant address anything they cant pass anything they have done nothing productive. this congress will go down as the most corrupt incompetent in history.

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