7 Replies to “Army Chief General Bipin Rawat SLAMS Pakistan over terror camps”

  1. Venome447 says:

    Joker Bipin Rawat..

    Finally spoke up after 3 months and 12 days

    He didn't mention what he witnessed with his own eyes in Nowshera Sector on 27th Feb 2019 不不不.. Neither did he mention why he was dead silent in these 3 months and 12 days?? Nor did he mention, the mental Trauma, he's been through

  2. Narendra Karkera says:

    Pakistan is a rogue nation and terrorist nation

  3. Adeel Raza says:

    Maderchood Gaandu Suvar Heraami 弒ndia Murdabad #IKMKB

  4. Kunal Sharma says:

    listen to Pushpendra Ji if you want to know super-true-nature of pakistan

  5. peter Chang says:

    Hi,I like to say to our PM.of India,please tell the Porkistan ,to release all our Indian JAWANS,aswell INDIAN Citizen without delay ,before start of peace talk,They

    must release them too.Jai Hind,Bharat Mata Ke Jai.

  6. Anil Chaudhary says:

    Pakistan ki ammi ka bhosda

  7. Yashas Druva says:

    Yes pakistan is Rougue
    .. never believe them

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