Ashwin AAD interceptor missile, Defence shield. Pakistan so worried

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Ashwin Advanced Air Defense interceptor missile,
Pakistan so worried? what is this missile anyway? And why does it have our neighbour so worried? India has become the fourth nation in the
globe to have a indigenous ballistic missile Defence shield. India successfully test fires Supersonic Interceptor
Missile Could a Defensive Advantage Upset the Regional
Balance of Power Pakistan so worried? India reply. we has a “no first use” policy when it
comes to nuclear weapons and our official policy is one of credible minimum deterrence. Simply put, we won’t fire a nuclear weapon
unless we are attacked by one and our nuclear arsenal will only be large enough to discourage
potential attacks. India launched Ashwin Advanced Defense interceptor
missile from a mobile launcher on APJ Abdul Kalam (formerly Wheeler) Island. The supersonic missile can neutralise incoming
ballistic missiles, including those with a nuclear payload. The Ashwin missile is an important step in
building India’s anti-ballistic nuclear defence shield up to 2000 kilometers. DRDO chief said that in the second phase,
the shield would be capable of intercepting and destroying an incoming missile with a
range of 5,000 kilometers. This upgradation of the system to the range
from 2000 to 5,000 kilometers will occur by 2017 or early 2018. The system required for phase-II of the project
is being developed where the target missiles would be launched, which can protect us from
most air-borne missiles. Clearly, Ashwin Advanced Air Defense interceptor
missile is not an offensive weapon, it’s a defensive weapon. In Pakistan though, the reaction to the successful
missile test was swift and sharp. Pakistan Foreign Affairs Adviser Sartaj Aziz
has said that he will raise the “issue” in international forums. Both The Dawn and Express Tribune, two of
Pakistan’s leading English newspapers, ran the story prominently, carrying opinion pieces
which claimed that the defensive shield will lead to a new arms race. how Pakistan can increase its offensive capabilities
with assistance from China. Is Pakistan overreacting? After all, a missile shield does involve deployment
of military hardware and nullifies the offensive capabilities of the opponent’s armed forces. Among nuclear rivals, mutually assured destruction
is what provides a balance of power. The ability to protect our major cities by
intercepting any nuclear attack, give us an advantage over our neighbours, perhaps forcing
them to try and catch up. That’s the definition of an arms race. But really, given that India has agreed to
no first use and Pakistan has not, a defensive shield is something we need. More importantly, when and how the missile
test will translate into a genuine tactical advantage remains to be seen. The interceptor missile has been few failed
attempts before this successful one. Pakistan’s paranoia may have more to do
with its own agenda than genuine security concerns. In recent times, India’s growing friendship
with the US, coupled with its distance from Pakistan, has been worrying the establishment
across the border. By raking up a non-issue, they may well be
hoping to gain sympathy and build a case in the international arena for a military build-up. Thank you for Watching. Please Share, Like, Comment and Subscribe.


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  1. Nitin Sable says:

    jai hind


    It's good Na appropriate move by India against Pakistan's possible nuclear threat against India.

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