Asia Vision Series: Public-private partnership to safeguard security and privacy

September 10, 2019 posted by

[Music] everybody should be alerted to the sort of day you know the reason why security is a concern for all of us it’s not only about national security it’s about privacy it’s about access to people’s personal data and personal lifestyle choices they make etc in the wrong hands that could cause a lot of damage so I think the responsibility for city leaders when they build their systems is to safeguard security at safe called privacy in everything they do and and we as a company work with all legislation across the world to meet their needs in terms of legislative powers but but I think the notion of security and privacy is important everywhere and and I think that that’s something that city leaders need to look very carefully at how do you secure your environment and how do you match up to a moving window of attackers that are up to no good and they will not go around they will continue to be there and this is why we have a big responsibility to work with local governments regional governments and federal governments to address those issues both through policy and through technology interventions you

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