Assaulted By Security @ White Rose Leeds

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oh the Gail educated Oh what's hope Liam looks having allowed to stay in film robots oh wow so don't fuck with a lot of staying fool me come you might learn so much a dip Wow walkers you do the walk of shame for this guys as promised i am now at the white rose shopping center i'm just approaching the very location where herbert long rod was approached let's there so we're just here we're just here now and we're gonna see what happens we just had a fantastic success down there with a priest educating some guys so hopefully we can do the same here they might even get the same call guys don't need permission your class so I've just been down a couple of there I would own private land they call the police the police told him to get back in there thank you I don't even want him ask you both to come down if you once I've got all the legal documents to say I'm allowed to be here tell your boss this problem I'm always happy to provide free education so as normal guys been here for about I think my Jack is actually a bit better than his life actually is he and I know commercials that code you care got a phone number as well guys 0 ee 0 to blow a 20/20 higher bond scrap black guys scrap but it's just a high of a scrapper it's got lots to say to us but he's got not to say it to you now so I don't want a spoke to us if you don't want to tell us to stop how hard is it what's the problem with these guys they've got them you have them please based in here you know yes they're not sure based here I do I believe so yes only another belief sir Herbert Herbert this is all for you but this is all for you promise you all for you no no I mean have you seen this stupid child guys I'm getting ready I'm getting ready to stop yeah my personal specialist in your and what you're doing condom calm down is china is trying to wind you up like a fish and you tell me calm down that were really aggressive up we just came out calm down so we marched out yeah about to see yourself all over internet should we bring should we get policia broke up that was a beach at peace that they wanna be chappie yeah you're going on youtube nine nine nine minute feature peace nine nine nine a little statement I don't want to talk to you if I'm aggressive man stay away stay away you a thug you were thug of a thug to step back step back from the fog cuz I can I've got a legal right to yes I have we'll wait to the police yeah I'm another major kit you just like a damages get Catholic a five minutes ago okay yeah sure I'm not coming with you oh you you still going oh fuck you know so and it's been a breach of the peace I'm calls around me the guys in my face I feel quite threatened quite alarmed quite distressed so Danny's just a part in this to the police now and I've been approached by quite an aggressive gentleman cook time from his arms around imitating preaching the piece I feel I can say that I feel for your personal sister named under his name is everybody watching on YouTube this is Andy in the way for please I was just waiting for the please no no we happy to go copy the priests house we were free to stay the time we shall get you have you word these morons guys I think the most flow are summit this is insane this is very bad disguise its accessible by schedule 33 of the criminal just think that man is living to four have you heard this guy a viewer disguise usually the false and I will strike you immediately strike me I said if you strike me not in your bad breath on this guy try to enjoy guys I've seen it you've just told me you're gonna strike me if you do show me your breasts right back we're dated back audible guy in it look at this guy absolute morons I've ever gotten si here budge and they're all sick are you stupid oh I think you find that you are not in love it's this commercial what it says it says commercial guys check this let's find out there's no filming on somewhere let's dig it wait Ferrari you see talking shit any guys he's not even saying it don't even say it absolutely talking rubbish absolutely insane see now this childish to disguise just childish idiot no no good to say it's so fully softener disguise disguise so this is absolutely hilarious guys I honestly step back mr. Coston feel me – move you have to be free for your personal safety before you can use for you was in his face I was defending I was defending my friends see you see you see you see you know you know what the guy said that I'm only gonna stop the evil up in here you're quite funny when it when you got what you got yeah when you've got thugs assaulting people around assaulting people in these guys ready from yesterday the sugar knows ins sausage you are involving we need to report on the song we are running in moving the coders office or the police all we knew Mickey Klem online now where we speak missus I don't know that you've got no job he's quite concerned but I were quite bad wanna believe it did that's here they'll do it by a rest by appointment it normally take away a job immediately yes boys 77067 going okay please on the way you got off when you came up and your source with the independent sets here would be the Buena stock would be said being assaulted and your action was almost buggered off and reported no one know yet we moved off the police told we were free to steer correct yourself legal to wear a mask in a public place yes it is I'm coming it up and Camila balaclava absolutely a fallen man it is a real money to this we're not refusing to leave would Eva wait for the police to arrive so become the partner soul yeah that's not my fault please yes if you're a police officer I was I was struck in the chest for open hand of Allah by this gentleman here you will nor fear Ford engine nor fear you were in nervous yeah exactly so I'd like to make that convoy I want to make an assault or to make I want to make it a clean up Wally's name I want to make a statement if you're meant to be a police officer thuggish winters here yeah yeah I don't like I don't like this guy's focus I to me actual disgusting Saco police officers absolutely appalling guys absolutely disgusting like wait a minute no I don't need to listen to what you have to say I went for the opposite there was dealing with my complaint about to be nigh upon in me from whiterose now is that way to inform you will not allowed in the store should we go buy something we don't want to go in there no the gay legs you can't eat Oh what's hopefully in looks typing allowed to stay in film bro what so what so looks at me I was staying for me come on you might learn some it's a bit Wow Walker's you know do the walk of shame for this result in the public it's a public place but it it's only well still be with you will still be with you through the criminal justice that says that we have the right to be here yeah he knows the law around of salt in your customers jobless topless Liam jobless Liam oh don't worry mayor we'll see you very soon me know that is how you perform a tiny bit of education so I – Liam just you just told me or see me tonight yeah is that me coming to your address are you coming to mine Liam yeah I'll give you want come over here come over here I love a chat if you want their address so guys today has been an absolutely fantastic day for the peanut cause would be a two different occasions on both locations but please educate secure it has been absolutely brilliant relieved more you guys to get out there you see us up there watching this now if you want to come out with me and the real community watched over you want to come out and you want to take part you want to get involved in the peanut movement drop me a message drop me a message chicken if you go to my channel go to the about tag you can click that button it says contact and you can send me an email or you can also contact cop watch UK on Facebook respect guys stay safe as always please I said listening to me when I'm telling you I have just been assaulted you can take a statement cost you a PC so I sit down and I'm smoke if you want talk to me okay he was pretty yes okay no you come resort I'm I feel that what do you mean we've just been invited in why are you getting this you can't make us wait I really appreciate la pluie scandal was after we spoke to these if we ignore if you choose to make a civil glom play with Management Center only like you said okay yeah well she's gonna deal with libel in there oh yeah well we'll deal with assault and then we'll go speak to her then you talking to the woman I thought she wanted to ask about what happened while we were here that's all no all right yeah we'll do it boom boom give me a shout-out bro give me a shout-out for the channel give me a shout-out beauty of my lad just doing this stuff mum providing that education to the citizens bro the children where I mean that if the guests an apple if that we're living in the fire but we've just been invited in and now we've been just waiting to speak to us you're gonna deal with – you need to take a breath my friend I really – oh yeah it's insane do not mean just that calmness there's no need for it either to likewise the guy who assaulted us disappeared as well as coming it's all working together so I'm saying things stay calm but these two working if you don't calm down why do they get to go to them first this is our complete we've been assaulted a girl that reloads the shit man no it's not on really is it they're all working together these opposition becoming over speaking directly towards me and when a complaint not me is the same towards Allah but now I want to make a conference we go over and let them know because obviously their offices are portals and stay calm those steps at time will make yeah make the conflicts no it's got to be both where's in it don't you what do you not agree guys that if we assault them we'd be arrested and prosecuted so I think it's only fair that if we're assaulted by security we have to do the same thing I think that's it's marvelling justified working for pause this video over firing do it that's what the dual guys the core conspire speak to their colleagues before the country – yep right buck again in a minute eyes pretty sure I did just get it on video but in case of Dean you've been invited to go inside then have a chat with the manager of the white clothes shopping center they don't want us to film our inside and I'll respect that I'll just go in and we'll hear about and I'll try to relay as much exactly as possible afterwards without being fully from the upsetness because I'm not trying to be that I just want to point out well I want not point our I want to know why you you've sport to them for about 15 minutes for your Cummings book to me when I've been assaulted 999 but yes Bob excellent right that complaint absolutely station may be unsuitable to you guys I mean we were stuff you were more than happy maybe pop down station let the crime report from it's like a statement from you that's just an easier place than obviously yeah yeah yeah yeah good can you meet him wait come with us give a statement well what we actually wanted to do we have the meeting before you arrived well could we report it to you now and then meet at the police station either later watching more to give the statement is that a possibility I'd rather go yeah I mean it oh of course if we can get it done now we can get the crime on yeah damage from your ball yeah get it sorted yeah we're not blocking the cap no no we're talking and we'll be able to drop it back off wave pictures don't need that it's stupid it's all right gosh these guys just arranger rearranged this meeting then yeah oh you trying to say the managers asked us to book to the office another discussion with them rearrange know what I'm gonna turn soft no absolutely by limber Oh if he gets month uh howdy sings up a wall teeth are decreasing in Arkansas the calling Greeks from now on don't blame Gregg's but they say the English move up who's Maya children teeny bit of rupture guys so we've just got a lift off of the police down to Ellen Road police station we're going to put in statements we're gonna have much to give a thug prosecuted we're also gonna make that known to the SAE and hopefully have his essay a license with what you cannot I repeat you can not go around assaulting people and think that you are going to get away with it Liam if you're watching five more commits because you know once the assault case is over I'm gonna come after you personally in the civil court as well it's gonna go on for some time this powerful I'm sorry I'm going I'm so angry that you think you can hit me and I'm just gonna let it go well not happening it's not happenin respected all right I'll be back on soon as of the misstatement guys see you soon respect guys me and the VIP community watch dog I think some have interesting that so guys me in the web community watch dog I've just come out of Ellen Lord police station we have both made allegations of assault against the security officer in question I believe his name is Luke Liam Liam he he self openly admitted and told us he lives at fifty five Cardinal square in be Stern LS eleven he was aware that it was going on YouTube and he said that's okay it's fine so we have his permission to put his address out there guys so yeah we've reported it we're gonna see what's up burns I believe there's a very good chance of a conviction it's on video you just can't go along like that the officer look maybe a little bit differently to how the three gs1 went but it's been a crazy guy it's been a crazy day and me and Danny have in the Marvel I have to say it on it we are a good team honestly cuz you don't mean Danny go out we get it done I just wanna point out as well guys the importance of having what more than one camera rolling at one time from different angles because why I just said about that phrase yes video he only had one camera there and you struggle to see what happens yeah by having multiple cameras in different angles it covered the full thing and it covered our back so yeah I sort of stress that importance to people did need to just have a ality member we're maybe that does he'll always have fun but yeah we are at risk out here guys we are at risk yeah as we saw it buckle so we're gonna go and chill now to there's an end but me and Danny have been providing that providing that public education and and I've got to admit we smacked it hard when then police officers told but will the off-duty police officer when he told mr. Liam that we were allowed to be there and I went over coming to our nieces fed his face went red on three seconds all and then and then we go invite poor guys for myself my blog blah and from the real community walk as always Stacy peace respects


43 Replies to “Assaulted By Security @ White Rose Leeds”

  1. Marti Blagborough says:

    So Liam has been contacting me and made a complaint to YouTube about his address been on video. Well he was the one to say it out loud in a threat. Anyways I have coverd it but I will be reuploading to every other social media platform without the edit.

  2. Colin Taylor says:

    If you want to be taken seriously, lose the mask

  3. H man says:

    @31.22 that cop looks about nine years old ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. H man says:

    Good vid Marti, but why has silly nuts got a spider mask wrapped around his face, he will drag you down, sounds like he has been to the dentist

  5. one opinion says:

    Youโ€™re a strange looking mong of a person.

  6. 462904 says:

    And whilst the security goons are outside bothered about a phone camera , the shoplifters are having a field day.

  7. Lose Win says:

    Thick as fuck both of you

  8. Lose Win says:

    Youโ€™re treading on thin ice and I will be there when it breaks

  9. wellifthemediasaysit says:

    Doesn't help that you look like a meth head mate, always call the bastards 'sir', even if you don't want to!

  10. buster says:

    you need to fuck that danny off m8 his mouth is all wrong for this sort of thing as soon as you was hit take a step back calm down …. take the high ground keep up the good job m8

  11. Michael Grattan says:

    Notice the police are wearing a union patch with the thin blue line..

  12. thisnthatuk says:

    He keeps getting in my space and keeps trying to push himself up against me with a blatant erection

  13. Itz Simple says:

    Iโ€™ve been assaulted by the same security aswell (Andy)

  14. redmilkfloat says:

    And I thought Aylesbury was a shithole…!!

  15. Jason Juggler says:

    Isnt that car park their property? excuse my lack of knowledge

  16. private joker says:

    security guard should have just knocked these failed students clean out

  17. toag says:

    security scarring away customers… no filming, that means no selfies, no taking a picture of a product you want… shop online, stay away from those stores and shopping centre, they'll be out of business real quick with those antiquated rules about cameras. Keep up the pressure and they'll have to change or why would anybody bother with that hassle.

  18. remfanuk1970 says:

    well done lads…love the calm confrontation with facts…far better than shouting obscentaties at them…owned!!

  19. Garrie Thomas says:

    Lose the tracksuit knobhead……..he takes away any credibility you may have

  20. Jamie Booth says:

    Iโ€™m from Nottingham marti I drive. I want to come out sometime with you guys would be a laugh and a good experience for me ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ

  21. DMSProduktions says:

    Welcome to BRITANNISTAN 2019!

  22. Adam James says:

    Bro I love your videos but grinds my shit when you say citizens we are nationals not corporate employee (citizen) thats how they trick us into giving joinder

  23. Jeff Byrne says:

    Let the cops take them away clowns

  24. harry psv de gekste says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 30:58 left cop is CORRUPT GANGMEMBER BLUE LINER CRIMINAL FAKE COP , why he wear a WRONG badge flag , the colors are RED WHITE BLUE , he most resign , he is dangerous with a real killer murder taser weapon .

  25. Matty Furious says:

    What a waste of everybody's time, Haven't you got anything better to do?
    Antagonizing people and also doing a full dox. Is this not complete irony?
    You literally went to a shopping centre to make a scene and kick off then cry "Assault" when somebody waves their hand in front of your camera.
    Everybody in this video has a dangerously low IQ.

  26. Peter Burnett says:

    cowerds short and bald'

  27. Stephanie Hawkins says:

    Awesome job guys! ๐Ÿ’œ

  28. Pol Fartin says:

    stab stab stab….

  29. alan kearney says:

    Great work guy but may I point out to lower the tone.

  30. kelly higgins says:

    Jobsworth gchq trained trolls

  31. Martt Kav says:

    Nice one! Security thinking theyโ€™re right, thinking theyโ€™re able to assault and abuse the public. Liam, enjoy universal credit!!

  32. Rob Callaghan says:

    Security at WRC is outsourced even though they wear a WRC uniform. The owners Landsec do not like adverse publicity so you could complain to head office, a response will go down the foodchain to the centre manager (not security manager) and a bit of re-training may take place. If you google maps WRC there are loads of internal photos taken by customers!!

  33. LT frank says:

    Yours and socialexpermentalist channel inspired me to buy a video camera,

    I now record everywhere i go.

    I have yet to encounter any goons but only time will tell, maybe people do not care so much around Cardiff.

  34. Sue Rose says:

    Wait till they get a load of me. the Disability Act. My bodycam goes everywhere i go! EVERYWHERE!

  35. Paul Roberts says:

    Looks like this place needs lots of photographers to descend on them in one go

  36. Dan Tierney says:

    Are you at work when you do these naff videos then Marti…..Your definately not out and about actively seeking work ? No Car hahahah can you drop us back off lmfao ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ And do your 5.5k subscribers provide you with a taxable income ?

  37. spaz spazo says:

    the three stooges security

  38. the English rocker 666 001 says:

    Is this shit really necessary I mean theres more to life than going out your way to cause trouble,there was no need for any of this shit,what is your objective and why was it so important go cause unnecessary trouble

  39. Dan Tierney says:

    Google "Kevin Turvey" this is 2019 version

  40. Dan Tierney says:

    Hahaha " can you drop us back off because we are 2 dumbf**cks who can't afford a car !!

  41. Andrew Farrow says:

    You were good.

    Yer pal, good in parts.

    He could do to be the guy on the other side of the road.

  42. Should We Have That? says:

    Unfortunately there's loads of liams Marti, they think its fine to be SOWS.

  43. Gringo Heineken says:

    Marti, I think your posts are all good but your friend comes across as more of a hinderance keep up the good posts

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