Atlas Guy 2015: Kevin Schultz, Safeguard Construction, Aurora IL

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My name is Kevin Shultz, I’m with Safeguard
Construction Company. I started Safeguard Construction back in 2006. We are located in Aurora area of Illinois
and that is a suburb of Chicago. What does being an Atlas guy mean to you? What it means to be an Atlas guy, you know,
it’s about having the confidence to present anything to my clients knowing I’m going to
have someone backing me up. It’s about being a part of something that’s
bigger than myself or my company. How do you set yourself apart in your market? Hands down it’s the quality of our craftsmanship
and the quality of the product that we recommend. The Atlas Pinnacle Pristine is something that
I’ve used since 2006 it’s the only product I recommend. It’s the only one that I’ve ever wanted to
use. Since that time, I guess that’s 9 years now,
we’ve done over 4,500 homes and 99% of the homes that we have re-roofed have been with
the Atlas Pinnacle. From the exclusive relationship with Scotchgard
and 3M which gives you lifetime algae guarantee. To the lifetime guarantee on the product 130
MPH wind guarantee and then to top it all off you’ve got a 15-year peace of mind guarantee
that’s non-prorated. And in my opinion, it’s the best in its class. No other manufacturer can compete. How do you showcase the product line when
meeting with a homeowner? I will walk through the brochure with them
and I will make sure to point out the exclusive relationship with Scotchgard 3M. In some cases, we’ll bring out three, four,
five shingles and actually put it up on their roof when they are going through the color
selection. I hit all my bullet points on, you know, the
warranty, the lifetime guarantee, the lifetime algae. And it’ more than just telling them “hey,
you get a lifetime guarantee”. We explain how we encapsulate the roof, it’s
a roof system, it’s not just shingles, everything combined gives you a great guarantee. Tell us about the relationships with Atlas
reps you’ve had. My relationship with Atlas is incredible,
you know, you mentioned before “What does it mean to be an Atlas guy?” it truly does
mean knowing that I have someone who’s going to stand behind me and that when I’m dealing
with my clients, no matter what situation might come up, I know I have the support behind
me, which can help me handle any of those situations. If you met a contractor new to the business,
how would you present Atlas to them? I would say, hands down, this is the best
product in its class. If you want to feel good about what you’re
offering your client if you want to have the confidence that, you know, what you are going
to be giving them in the end results that you’re going to be providing them is great
then Atlas Pinnacle stands above the rest. How do our underlayment products benefit your
business? So we use the Summit 60 and when we sell the
roof system, we sell the Signature Select. And That’s what we lead in with and that’s
what we want to give our clients. Because I know at the end of the day, I’m
not going to have to go back to that house. I know that the product that we install, especially
the underlayment, is hands down a step above any 15-pound felt that is out there. Can you tell us what our High Performance
or HP Technology means for you and your business? Clients like the larger profile. They like the look, they like fact that we
have not one, but two sealant strips. And the stuff seals down fast, I mean it will
seal in cold temperatures. It’s great it’s a great, great product. I love the HP.

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