Axis Communications’ Academy 60 seconds – Cyber Security

September 13, 2019 posted by

Here at Axis we design our products to work with a wide range of systems and interfaces. They use IP networks to send and receive video and control commands across the entire globe if necessary. But a network device exposes risks, and a poorly configured device may expose vulnerabilities that could be exploited! The level of security needed for a system depends on the situation, it’s important to find the right balance. Unplugging a device will give you a high level of security… …but a low level of accessibility! We are constantly on the lookout for security flaws in our products, and work hard to fix them in new firmware releases. To further support you in securing your network, we’ve also release Axis’ Hardening Guide, and Vulnerability Policy on Check them out! And remember: No system is 100% secure! At Axis we do everything we can to help our partners achieve the right protection level!

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