Badminton-What Destroys Your Smash Defence (1) Moving too early

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What Destroys Your Smash Defence (1) Moving Too early What destroys your smash defense if someone the club players have got poor smash defense most of them 99% of that players have this problem which is rushing it panicking that makes smash defense very poor ready opponent smash look you must see where shuttle is coming and then you should move after what I am saying wait until opponent hit and see where it is coming and then you move after thats what I am saying but if I say that to most of club intermediate players their immediate question is Lee I will not have enough time to hit it then I have to move as soon as they hit the shuttlecock I have to move because it comes fast if I don’t move at that time I will not be able to return it that is the problem question when he is hitting the bird/shuttlecock how do you know where shuttle will go you only know after he hits when shuttle is flying to you then you know where to move ok watch this with real shuttlecock ok smash please ok ready smash any side this is what I see a lot of club players making mistakes so what they do they lift it they are ready when opponent is hitting he is already moving forward ok like this I moved too early when he is hitting I am moving forward that’s why I can’t return it because I made my move without seeing where shuttle is going this should be changed look hit look hit look hit look and then hit look see it look and then hit look hit look shuttle is coming and then you move you might say the time is too short that is why you have to train if you try to do gamble way this player will not make any improvement because he is gambling but strangely if this player waits he hits better shots very soon one more ready look there look there where here ready where here Please Compare look there look there The Wrong Way The Right Way please do not assume please do not guess wait, you will see it and then move that way each day you will make improvement there is no other way you can’t move at the time when your opponent is making impact you cannot move he might hit clear he might change directions at that moment you have no information yet you have to wait until he made shot and then you move


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  1. Nikki Sibalon says:

    Thank you really helps for me :d

  2. SanreZai says:

    very useful Coach Lee! Thanks! 

  3. yuletak says:

    Hi Coach Lee, how return when smash comes to right side of hip (if defender is right handed) or if straight to the body?

  4. Malte McFly says:

    Simple but important message. Great video, thanks a lot!

  5. ZZZ says:

    The slow mo parts are very useful!!

  6. PC GAMERZ says:


  7. Karl Létourneau says:

    Très pertinent, comme toujours!  Merci!

  8. Krishnakanth Sattineni says:


  9. ELFYHO says:

    Coach Lee, step one after opponent smash the shuttlecock? or step one and opponent hitting at the same time?

  10. John Maxwell says:

    Great tip! I am moving way too early.
    Also, very nice that you are using a mic now. Somehow your voice comes in only my right ear though. That is a pity, but a great improvement anyway.

  11. ong andrew says:

    what if people  do a very low smash?

  12. Daniel Wijaya says:

    it is really a good tip..this video will improve my smash defence.. thanks a lot

  13. pectofux says:

    Your microphone is only working on the right channel

  14. Kartik Mahajan says:

    Hey, im facing a problem with your method but only this , i wait and see where the birdy is coming but by the time i move my racquet it is too late! Please help me. Players used to bully me when im not defending him. Please,,,……

  15. John Roushal says:

    I really like this

  16. John Roushal says:

    I want his training

  17. Rajkumar S says:

    Coach Lee, All your videos are very useful.
    My badminton skills are much improved now. Just in two weeks.
    Thanks a lot!!!

  18. Muhammad Naveed says:


  19. Chye Heng says:

    I noticed this problem in singles match. Sometimes I was out of position from baseline and hit not enough to opponent baseline, and I couldn't make it on time back to center court.

    I changed to wait till opponent hit it before moving. The dangerous move of this was if opponent hits very deep drop.

    What do you think of this situation?


    sir please make elaborate videos of slices

  21. Ismail hj jais says:

    thank you so much coach lee. for a years im still struggling to defend smash. since my position not good and worng. when i see your video it makes me change the way i does when i play. it is kind of interesting and motivated me to see way teach in video. hope this is good changes to me and huge help. i recemend my friends to see your video and learn and practice. thank you so much.

  22. Itz Deep says:

    Hello coach!
    When I play a friendly match then I show my opponent my real game,but when I play tournament match then my game goes down and my shots doesn't get powers like in friendly match, Please give me solution regarding this problem!

  23. Raghav Kejriwal says:

    coach lee how can i practice the drills u show without a court

  24. armychannel says:

    Excellent one for common players like me

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