BBB Tips: 4 Myths of Cybersecurity presented by Cheaper Than A Geek!!!

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Hey there, I’m Chris Barber, Chief Nerd,
at Cheaper Than a Geek!!! We help companies take the SH out of IT. Did you know that the Maryland Attorney General
received nearly 1,000 Security Breach Notices in 2018 affecting Maryland consumers? Now, that’s some [[email protected]#] Now that I have
your attention, let’s talk about myths of cybersecurity and what to look for in an IT
provider. Myth # 1 Small businesses like yours aren’t
at risk. False. The greatest risk to your business is probably
also your greatest asset – your employees. Look for
an IT provider who will help you implement strategies and education to reduce human error
and lack of awareness. Myth # 2 A business can’t protect itself
against a cyber attack. Not true. While you can’t prevent an attack, you can
protect your business. A team approach is best. The basic elements of protection include a
security strategy, insurance, legal counsel, and IT. Myth # 3 Companies don’t invest in cybersecurity
because it’s too expensive. NOPE, that’s false. A lack of expertise, not the cost, is the
number one reason businesses aren’t cyber secure. When choosing an IT provider, it’s important
to look for organization that’s responsive to your needs, but avoid those that simply
react to problems, rather than helping you prevent them in the first
place. Myth # 4 Your bank will cover dollars lost
to a hack. False, and here’s a not-so-fun-fact: It
costs an average of $148 per record that’s compromised by an attack. How many records are in your database. Do the math. If you are attacked, the key to reducing your
exposure is identifying the breach quickly. Ask a potential provider about their track
record and how they’ll help you do this. If you have a question about cybersecurity
or selecting an IT provider, connect with us at

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