Be Smart, Protect Your Heart from Air Pollution

November 22, 2019 posted by


6 Replies to “Be Smart, Protect Your Heart from Air Pollution”

  1. Reverb Twang says:

    Stop chemtrailing !

  2. Richard Pauli says:

    Thank you EPA.   Wonderful warning.   Of course, your local government should be protecting you … or your state government.    This tepid warning advice of walking away from traffic is really disingenuous.   Better advice is to put less pollution into the atmosphere.  

    And by-the-way,  ozone levels are dangerous for plants too.   Far lower levels harm plants.   In fact, ozone harms any life form.  It's caustic.  And ozone is only good when it is way up in the stratosphere.

    I think what the EPA wanted to say is that ANY carbon fuel combustion is harmful to humans and other life forms.  

  3. Muhammed Golam Sarwar Ripon says:

    Does someone have any heart?

  4. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says:

    Give a valentine: share this healthy heart public service announcement with a loved one.

  5. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says:

    Be smart, protect your heart from air pollution (video).

  6. oregonnich says:

    EPA knows little about those in the rural areas of America.  Stay out of our way of life.

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