Benchmade 176/178 SOCP Dagger – Law Enforcement Application

July 1, 2019 posted by

hi I'm Greg Thompson I'm the creator of the Special Operations combative program Sacopee I've been training the special operation forces for over 15 years in the development of the Sacopee dagger I spent several years that I really liked I reached out to master sergeant bill snow and he fabricated the final prototype for me I took that prototype to several companies and finally ended up with benchmade who would help me develop the final sheath concept we have today the Sarpy dagger is perfect for the law enforcement community one of the things I really liked about the knife is the way it's able to be concealed but I can access it with either hand at any moment we train our guys to actually fold it here behind their cuffs they can also tuck it here behind their belt and with you have a tie and a class a uniform we're also sure our guys to actually just pull it behind the top because it's important that it's accessible to the officer but you need to understand that if once you induce it it's in the fight so we don't want the bad guys to actually see our weapons until we pull them out I'm dealing with a threat it's trying to grab my weapon I can reach for CreateSpace wrong but if I happen to have a misfire I can drop that mag never having to relinquish the blade transition make my mag change and my weapons are all still in my hand well I deal with the threats as a first responder to a critical incident I could have the knife out and ready to deal with things that present themselves law enforcement officers are often the first responders to a scene they may have to enter a structure without support while I'm protecting my sign-on I can draw my blade deal with this person create space and then come to my side on and address the issue create some space to get one person off a few of more people and engaging you can transition to some OC spray and use that to keep them at bay if they close too much then you can go back to a more lethal situation for your sock P dagger go to benchmade comm you

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