100 Replies to “BEST Defence against HARD & FAST Multiple Punches | How to Fight Efficiently”

  1. Silvia Concha says:

    But in REAL life, REAL fights are so fast so chaotic. Nothing seems to work properly.

  2. Lal Ji says:

    In a street fight you would not think that much as you explained with a trained volunteer ,so in reality you would just use your reflex action rather thinking all the techniques.

  3. Jerald Cuccurullo says:

    Very good, as a martial artist since 1984, I have to say this is wing Chung at it's finest 🦁

  4. Jerald Cuccurullo says:

    Auto correct chung, is chun

  5. silverback says:

    Mate thanks you so much you are better than my sifu

  6. Imri Murphy says:

    👍I learn Alot from you sifu.

  7. vaibhav sharma says:

    demonstrate ur WINGCHUN in MMA fight

  8. Garry Butler says:

    A simple faint throws all that off

  9. TheLifeOf Nick says:

    Ip man 😂😂🔥

  10. andy johnson says:

    That grin though, who'd want to punch that grin anyway!

  11. asad iraq says:

    Wing chue

  12. bripowered says:

    Absolutely golden advice! Keep up the good work.

  13. PseudOni says:

    That second clip, I call that the “Octopus style”.

  14. Xyon says:

    How many times you brush your teeth each day?

  15. Killer of White Supremacy and Coons says:

    Very good instructor here

  16. jay rediji says:

    How to get that much faster to defence their attack !!!!

  17. MackADoodle says:

    this instructor is awesome.I would just like to thank you for making these videos.i wish i lived in Great Britain i would definitely seek to learn at your school.

  18. Mr Saturday Night Special says:

    Thank you.

  19. Sandipan Goswami says:

    He smiles like a villain😂

  20. exiled tornado says:

    what martial art is this guy doing? wing chun jkd or what

  21. Eric Talbot says:

    This is what I every aspect of combat efficiency!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!

  22. Ugly TY the zombie says:

    I WANNA SEE HIM FIGHT Conner McGregor

  23. SY D says:

    Thx, good video.

  24. Eric Lebar says:

    yea i like this channel

  25. BeardBandana says:

    0:27 damn that fake smile

  26. Charlitos1988 says:

    Sifu do you have any videos about how to fight against FEINT ATTACKS?

  27. Jun, just Jun. says:

    BUT if you're fighting someone much more stronger than you, you won't be able to successfully block the strike even with 2 hands due to the impact the strikes deliver. I was basically untouchable while fighting a guy twice my size but when he dropped that strategizing shit and just charged blindly at me I'd get pinned down unable to do anything but covering my face. Tried escaping it, but unable to do so if I got pinned down so bad I could barely keep my balance.

  28. Manoel Schönenberg says:

    This guy's awesome

  29. sanjana otihal says:

    Congratulations u have got a subscriber

  30. sanjana otihal says:


  31. kobe24lebron23jordan says:

    The aisnley harriot of fighting

  32. stuforty2 says:

    looks very effective – applied wing chun 🙂

  33. Axel Foley says:

    So this guy can beat Bruce Lee? I don't think so. So what is it he isn't telling us (or doesn't know)?

  34. panagranit pana says:

    One comment the video of the real fights shows guy fighting by holding the other and hitting the other guy…. how to handle that?

  35. For Palaven says:

    Boxers use this it's called parrying

  36. Edgar Karam says:

    I especially love the smile he throws into his presentations. Lol

  37. Matt Nobrega says:

    At a slow pace it's understandable. Most people in street fights dance around for a bit and talk trash
    The. When the fight gets going, it's like full on crazy fist mode.

  38. Gene Wyngaard says:

    Good stuff. I think it's time I found a Wing Chun school for lessons. This makes karate look so inefficient in comparison.

  39. bladeboytb1 says:

    How do you beat a tall person or a person with more reach then you in a fight?

  40. joe g says:

    You mentioned a gym opening in Philadelphia. Is it open? If so can you forward an address and phone # I'm very interested in the art. Thank you.

  41. julio deleon says:

    I'm from the streets. It don't matter how hard Somone punch… Put how hard u can take it. You do that u know what to do next. Which is….
    .?u know

  42. julio deleon says:

    Like I said. Streets. Easier said. Like u say then done. U can't always 3xpect the predictable. Cuz u don't know what's coming . But yes I agree with u. Good to know how to defend your self. Yes agree. But like I said said and actual extinction of the defense is not as simple or "efficient "like u say

  43. julio deleon says:

    Especially when you don't expect it.cmon. shitis jusunexoected

  44. julio deleon says:

    I tell u this cuz I was stabbed 6times …unexpected

  45. julio deleon says:

    I can do all that shit my s3lf. Cuz iv done it. But shit is more real when it comes in real life. But yea good for u. Bud!

  46. Justin ryan Sabado says:

    i was always bullyed. everywhere i go when i go i. the school i was tortured 5 vs 1 everyday i bullyed my father i? need to trained by self defense so i was trained by taekwon do but i was kicked because I don't have enough money to train again so I need to train

  47. MrSidney9 says:

    You want to block multiple hard punches in a street fight with one hand? Surely you are joking.

  48. felipe moreira says:

    I Train MMA i don't believe in blocking punches what i recommend if someone is coming at you punching just step back a few steps and strike back trust me blocking punches doesn't work in a real life situation

  49. Zahra Nasir says:

    I love your chanel thank you a lot this helps .

  50. Sub Zero says:

    You're south paw stance is perfection. I would put my money on you versus anyone. Wing Chun is perfection. Amazing.

  51. A Field says:

    i have to admit he makes it look simple but effect. but how difficult is it to learn and become efficient

  52. MatteHatte says:

    What a legend. "i like to think im a nice guy, am i a nice guy? Yeah i think… Yeah okay" HAHAHA

  53. Race Jones says:

    I don't believe this one arm stopping two technique would work against any trained boxer, kickboxer, or MMA fighter.  Doing that would get you KTFO.

  54. Hamlet Fortinbras says:

    Thank you

  55. Wayne Gillard says:

    Hahaha and in the real world . He is not DONNIE YUN &HIS SO-CALLED wing stun chun fun which is based on the four gates , is ok .one problem, you have to know how to handle a punch as in take a punch ,if you look at wingstunfun they hold their heads very high ,far to easy to knockout, especially if they only use their hands. I have many friends who have participated in the so-called noble art ,notice how you don't see it used that often , because mma fighters don't pull their punches and many atime can overwhelme the so-called wingstunfun fool.😎👎💯

  56. Wayne Gillard says:

    I see ,a smile makes you a great fighter ???????🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣you people are a joke.👎👎👎👎👎👎👎😠💯

  57. Wayne Gillard says:

    I know you ,you fuckin punk ,,,👎💯🤣is this what that bullshit has come to, ,,,you dam idiot.

  58. SC 03 says:

    Ok, I saw wing chun fight MMA but where are these beings used. None!
    It doesn't work I took wing chun. Now I do muy Thai an karate.

  59. Avitar Magnus says:

    well done I prefer for every 1-2 punches thrown at me to do 2 leg inside knee or groin kicks this usually subdues them if not 1 bujee to the eyes means they cant hit or attack what they cant see then destroy them ! AMEN

  60. felipe mgutierrez says:

    sebefacil pero cuantos años patacer bueno muebes tusbrasos muybien

  61. Eric Huff Training Archives says:

    This is real truth. This is not isolated to Wing Chun; this is truth of the human body. Its used in boxing, its used in Karate. The problem with this technique, is that this demonstrations lacks forward movement to simulate an attacker. Foot work is important usung this kind of technique.. Not even the best Competetion Champions could best this truth, if its applied properly.

  62. Steve Benson says:

    Showing a lot of people that don’t know how to fight, just strikes, look up Chin Na, lock, leg sweep, brake, destroys any striker/boxer

  63. Roger Subieta says:


  64. keith bekkattla says:

    Would he get demolished by a mma…yes he would !

  65. Harleys Rule says:

    Interesting approach… but I think it requires a high level of skill that most people will not maintain; also against a good powerful boxer who knows how to move, keep a low center of gravity, feint, close and punch in combinations, crush a guard by leaning, etc… not so sure.

  66. Mark B. says:

    At the end of the day your just doing a sloppy form of boxing except your punches are never going to generate the power of boxing punches.

  67. Joshua Lucernas says:

    go in the boxing ring and fight manny pacquiao hahah


  68. molly shikel says:

    i really like your opinion and strategy but with due respect please fight some one with bjj background and c what happens

  69. yaar khan says:

    very amazing secret you have revealed ie the rule of thumb … of straight line and circular line
    … thanks

  70. mooch shoom says:


  71. Lenny Jackson says:

    Spot on!! This instructor is speaking truth. Maroon Fist kung fu. Sifu Len

  72. Real estate King says:

    Love your channel

  73. Enano H says:

    This is BS you never see this in real fight, you cant block or divert a direct punch with one hand unless you are superman, like to see him fighting in a ring.

  74. Lucifer says:

    Good SiFu 😑😑

  75. Just me Just me says:

    Really ? "BEST Defence" ? You are FULL OF SHIT. Everyone with the most basic understanding of fighting knows there is no "best". For hard and fast multiple punches many people use just as many DIFFERENT strategies based on the situation at hand. Some choose to turtle (you) some choose to back up, others choose to slug it out. Yet others still will use deception like yelling stop to stall. There is no "best" strategy, just like in boxing, same style for both fighters yet so many different ways to deal with the same thing. There is no "best"

  76. Daniel .D says:

    Nice smile

  77. iraj Vf says:

    Hi ,mr.mark which is better wingchun or wushu?

  78. Nihal Lakra says:

    How to practise for this in home???? Plz rply


    I'm trying to do straight punches and blocks kick and elbows strike as fast as I can trying to imagine some one is fighting me and I'm trying to stoke quick and block quick but I lose energy fast and I'm training my self for karate do you have any tips?

  80. Nathan Ordoyne says:


  81. GI Jane Capt Jane says:

    I wish I lived in your country. You are an outstanding Instructor. 😄👍

  82. MoZes Marius says:

    How defend poeple if they flying kick me

  83. Homer Simpson says:

    Im from Philippines im here because of accurate ratings of bullying through all around the world …..try to search "siga sa ateneo" in facebook and scroll down till you see the uncensored one … I find the bully aggressive and i wanna know how to counter him just to defend myself from them….

    Feel bad for the victim.the bully hasn't been expelled . Because their school looked like a money

  84. GG Bro says:

    This is really awesome to watch because most fights you’ll ever see or possibly get involved in are quick and mindless, usually people just throw as many punches as possible and this is an awesome video that shows some basic counters and attacks to that kind of stuff

  85. Kylle Christian Dapitan says:

    I want to learn how to block the punche because they are always puncheng my face😥😥

  86. 20 19 says:

    Nigga im not jackie chan i cant do this

  87. Gerardo Guillen says:

    Good video master
    Excuse me what discipline is this?

  88. Okishikan says:

    Won't work. Fighters don't punch that slowly, they punch with full power and retract the arm faster.

  89. Karman says:

    Show me Paint the Fence!

  90. Grimo says:

    Wax on wax off

  91. thejobwellDan! says:

    What kind of martial arts you teach sir?? For me to learn more… Very nice videos

  92. CHAPLA an Interesting world says:


  93. gonni meneses says:

    No more secrets everything exposed long live you tube!

  94. Birth Certificate says:

    I have been watching a few matches of win chun vs mma and the mma guy has won very quickly

  95. Stable Genius says:

    You seem fairly big and strong but not particulairly sharp, that giant head must be easy to cut, big veins means thin skin. Straight up the middle to kick your ass, heel hook when you grab, phonebooth elbows in tight. A glass jaw cannot be trained out of you either, I have been piped and almost killed my attacker with his pipe. I did beat him till he quit moving, legs, arms, back, sides, head, first the head then the arms because he was passing out. The rest out of anger and cruelty, best part was the appology and crying, like a bitch. I treat folks like they treat me.

  96. Reggie Jones says:

    God bless

  97. James Bradly says:

    I would love to become a pupil your an awesome Sensei

  98. The King says:

    Would I be able to practice this when doing Muay Thai? Sorry if that’s a simpleton question.

  99. Ultraman Leo says:

    i always wait for your smile after you explain.. 😂 nice smile master.. 😊

  100. EyesInTheDark1 says:

    Everybody have fun tonight, everybody Wang Chun tonight.

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