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November 9, 2019 posted by

Traveling to a game here at Anfield? Or
maybe following the Reds away from home? There’s a good chance you’ll be
connecting to public Wi-Fi somewhere along the way. But did you know that the
free Wi-Fi is the hackers’ favourite pitch. Instead of chasing the ball they’re ready
to steal your sensitive information.


4 Replies to “Best VPN Defence For Public Wi-Fi | NordVPN”

  1. Enrique Thompson says:

    Are you all making a video on article 13 in the EU that has pretty much passed?

  2. Hite. says:


  3. Nitro_마인킴 says:

    Please 100% Free

  4. Juergen Krohm says:

    I made a three-year subscription in April 2018 and paid for it, after a year the shitty company knows nothing about it and just makes a one-year subscription. If you complain about it, they will not know it anymore, I can only say away from you this company …… or make copies showing that you have paid a three year subscription, otherwise your money is gone ,,,, Hey Nordvpn nice day still ….

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