BESTSELLER trims fraud and inventory loss with Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection

January 9, 2020 posted by

BESTSELLER’s a worldwide fast fashion trader in women clothing, male clothing, children’s clothing We have 2,700 stores globally we are expanding in the number of stores we are also expanding in the size of the stores we have around 25,000 young people coming in and out of the stores as salespersons over one year One of the main principles is that we are one family that’s very important for all of the organization that we trust each other and as an employee, we are trusted by the management but in retail, there’s a lot of fraud that’s not caught when we have the stock counts, we can see the loss and then try to find how do we get the shrinkage? And what we can see is that some of the goods are stolen by customers but part is from employees making false returns taking items out the back door and so on and that’s what you see all around retail That’s where Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection comes into play Machine Learning and AI detect the patterns in these millions of records giving us the data without us having to look for it just pre-sending that there is something that might have to be looked at here and here and here and then we can start looking at it and potentially even react on it automatically The more efficient we can be in this the more money we can save Dynamics 365 Commerce can deliver that it is one complete omnichannel platform covering everything from e-commerce to the POS the cashier only has to scan the items and push one button and then it’s done the experience is much better to the customer also we can do sales amounts that is enormous compared to what we did before but we want to ensure that we do it everyday as secure as possible so they’re not tempted to do fraud How much is in your cash drawer, that’s what counts Dynamics 365 Commerce can support that can add value to that and help giving the customer a better feeling when coming in to the stores

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