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– Come over here. Step in. [buzzer] Bring ’em over here! Guys, why don’t you go ahead?
Go step up to the doors. Go to number 12. Why don’t you go to number nine? Open this door, man! We out there! Let me see– go to number 10. Why don’t you go to number 15? What’s up with you?
Where you from? The [bleep] you in here for?
– From the Mission. Two armed robberies.
– Yeah? – Yeah.
– Oh, all right. You’ll be in here soon. You’ll be in here.
– All right. Then I’m taking you right
the [bleep] up out of here! – All right.
– All right. Yo. I’m saying wear a sack! Dumb bitch. Where ou from? I’m tough for myself. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I am talking. Talk, [bleep]. – I am talking.
– All right. All right.
– I am talking. Come over here.
Let me show you something. Let me show you something.
Let me show you something. Yo– Let me show you
what’s going on. I just want you– I want you to realize–
– [bleep]. I’m not scared of none
of these [bleep] in here. Listen to me– I understand where
you’re coming from. We care. We’re just trying to show
you where your life is going. All the [bleep] that’s going
on around here, it’s reality. This is real. This is life in jail. It sucks. I’m taking you to five. Come with me. – You going to 55 unit?
– No. Right down here, to cell five. The [bleep] you doing here? Yo, they told me to come over. Told you to come over here?
Yeah? Oh, so you do what
they tell you to do? So you’re their bitch? Yo, that’s what
you do every day. You do what they tell
you to do every day. You’re their bitch. Y’all are funny.
– Funny? I’m here for 17
assault convictions. You’re not [bleep] tough.
You’re a bitch ass. – Oh?
– You ain’t [bleep]. I’m going upstate. I’m looking at 10. So open the door! I’ll get another
three years for you. I don’t give a [bleep]. Three years, I’ll smash
your face in that wall. Do it, yo. You act hard because
you’re in here, dog. You’re stupid for being in here. No, no, you’re acting hard
because you’re on the other side of this [bleep]. You’re going home
today, but you’re going to be here next year. I am going home today. I ain’t coming back here. I’m going to see you. You’re going to be
an [bleep] punk. I’ll remember you. Remember those sneakers. I’ll bring them with me. Next year, those
sneakers are gonna be mine. I’ll wear ’em. – Make sure you wear ’em.
– All right. I got you. Ugly little bastard. Go sit down. Get the [bleep] away from
that door, you bitch. – Yeah, we know.
– Go sit down. Y’all are funny. You’re young, he’s young. He needs to realize he
doesn’t need to be here. 15. Yeah? Yeah. Nowhere. They ain’t here. Nobody. Know what I’m saying? Bring him over here. Guys, I want you to see this. That’s your visit. Your mother coming
from the other side. That’s your visit.
Your sister, your brother. Your supposed to be friends. In this unit, the
nurse comes to you, the caseworker comes to you– everything comes to you. You don’t leave this
unit here for anything. The oppressor here comes to you. Once you come in here, you’re
here for a good three months. Not going anywhere, guys. These are the showers. Come over here. One person, and one person
only in these showers. Are people going to try
to advantage of you? Absolutely. If we have one than one
person, this thing should be coming off, all right? Only one person
should be in there. That’s the life you guys want?
This is it. This is life in jail. These are the people
you’re gonna deal with. [shouting] Come on down, guys.
Come on down. What did I tell you? Coming up in here and smiling
up in their face like that is disrespectful.
– I ain’t being disrespectful. You know, and I
know if they were– They’ve been disrespectful
without me saying something. It’s a different
story, because they’re behind these doors. They will be in forever. So while you’re over there
smirking and doing that, remember that. What’s so funny? – I ain’t laughing.
– What did I tell you? – Let’s go!
– I ain’t say nothing. I hope you don’t
think this is a game. All right.
Like– I really hope you
don’t think it’s a game. – Why you pushing me for?
– You need to chill. You need to stop. All right. Step right up against
the wall over here. You with that attitude, and
everything else, all right? There’s no need to
disrespect anybody in here. I don’t care how tough you
think you are out there– I’m a gang banger, I’m a– I don’t care about
the gang banging. But I’m going to
tell you one thing– if you ever end up in jail,
be careful what you say, and what you do. With that stupid attitude
that you have in there, it’s definitely
going to hurt you. Straighten your mind out.


100 Replies to “Beyond Scared Straight: Maximum Security (Season 3 Flashback) | A&E”

  1. Kyron chandler says:

    Bobby go do what you got to do you said you not scared of the inmates or if they let you in your cell I bet you would start a fight saying I’m not scared of the inmates and you was arguing with the other inmates in your cell.

  2. Amber Myers says:

    That lady Security guard really does look like MOMO 4:11 😂😂😂😂

  3. 10,000 subscribers with no videos Challenge says:

    Big eyed officer in the thumbnail 😂

  4. Donald King says:

    That will be crazy if the doors just open up lol

  5. Paulaswam says:


  6. Extra Sauz says:

    1:23 hey kids got a point

  7. El Chapo alv says:

    2:54 you can hear the hurt in his voice when he said i aint ever coming home

  8. Caden Kaufman says:

    Just put the dude in the cell with them then we will see who’s tough.

  9. Haider Ameer says:

    The kid at 1:40 is a genius

  10. Terriq Drayton says:

    He roasted them inmates lmao. Hit the likes 👍.


    1:27 had me weak asb he talking facts tho

  12. Northernlights4 says:

    This 19 year old really knew how to talk to young dog. That's the type they need. Honestly at 15, 16, 17, I woulda been more than happy to step into the cell too

  13. Ynw Viper says:

    Glen is the toughest Indian gangster I ever since

  14. Hockeytown/Broad Street Bullies #1 Fan says:

    Every single person in this show needs to learn how to speak proper English.

  15. Amy Brown says:

    So sad

  16. Imran Noor says:

    Instead of wasting tax payers valuable money just deport those half animals to the Isolated Jungle

  17. kkk kkk says:

    kid on the 1:08 sec thinks hes not scared, just put him with them for 3 days, we will see how he really scared is

  18. kkk kkk says:

    these kids need to see how fights and muerders are donde in jail, many videos in youtube, show them up

  19. Jodl says:

    They’ve gone soft

  20. Tristan Santiago says:

    Is it me or does the black guy kind of sounds spanish

  21. Joker says:

    1:27 lol kid got a point there K.O

  22. The Egocentric Predicament says:

    PMSL 1:25 cracked me tf up

  23. TryzHard says:

    That gourd talks funny😂

  24. IDont LikeTraps says:

    Yea i wanna go to prison. Be the guy looking through the cameras and eating a donut

  25. Nonsense Ziqrul says:

    Put them in the cell if they're so tough

  26. K H A K Ï says:

    1:42 dude his lashes

  27. SAVEGE BEAST says:

    1:01 😂😂😂 let the inmates free and we'll see if hes actually not scared

  28. Angelo Kelsh says:

    No offense but do these 2 cops seem too nice for prison? 😂 or am I just trippin?

  29. alex says:

    that male cop sounds like a mexican

  30. yvng bxrk says:

    these guards way to light in this one my gahhddd, they goin wayyyy to chill

  31. Chamorropinoyboi says:

    This Black Italian CO don't know how to break these kids down smh. To dam soft

  32. King Semi says:

    That c.o in the end gave him the best advice ever if he ends up in jail 🤣🤣🤣

  33. Heckard Jabari says:

    That, is bad

  34. DbzSmGamer McCants says:

    1:13 and 1:17 the policeman is nice

  35. Keisha Sandridge says:

    That 19yr old boy was nice to him

  36. Josh D says:

    Dudes at 2:00 having too much fun lol

  37. RespectMeOff. says:

    Blablabla….juste ouvrir la porte!!!Ils vont bien comprendre alors…

  38. DIonix says:

    I was locked up with him

  39. Tyler Hennessy says:

    Bobby’s gonna come in wit a different pair. Lmao

  40. Natty Graham says:

    1:25 Klay Thompson needa chill

  41. Monroe Hutchen says:

    2:37 – 2:38

  42. JeVonta Jackson says:

    He sounds like meek mill

  43. Parallel Drippy says:


  44. keisha smith says:

    New York accent kills me

  45. ICY K DAGOAT says:

    The other fat black gaurd is funny ash his voice😂

  46. Frankie - says:

    lowkey right

  47. Derrick Roseman says:


  48. Northern Modded says:

    1:30 the prisoner got roasted

  49. Duvmasta says:

    What accent does the black guard have?

  50. Don Rhaniel Blair says:

    1:30 that roast

  51. Marbles says:

    0:13 sounds like Tr3yway wtf?

  52. Smokey MIA says:

    Those cops soft bruh

  53. Breezy Hayzie says:

    This is what thay need to do in the UK show people what it's like in jail and 2 teach people not to kill watch other

  54. inked g0d says:

    1:26 roasted

  55. Mrs Jackson says:

    Lord when that 19 year old said " I ain't NEVER going home!" Hit home I'm 32 with 2 strikes! One more time and I'm going for 3-5 years!! DEFINITELY NOT READY FOR JULIA TUTWILER !!!! My momma and both my aunts were there. Same time different crimes

  56. StrikerXsarge27ツ says:

    2:51 hit hard “Cause I Ain’t Never Coming Home”💔

  57. Gacha Kenz says:

    1:24 straight facts

  58. Blah Blah says:

    0:13 sounded like "open this door man we alsisjd!"
    0:27 same guy said "I'm taking you right the F— outta here!" Dats a real G….aint make no sense LOLOLOL

  59. Pokemon Pokey Journeys says:

    They should have let the inmates out in him inside only to see how it actually feels obviously going to have one of those securities with them

  60. _.iBullitt500x._ says:

    4:05 That voice crack he was like AlrIIgHT

  61. Lottie Cole says:


  62. Jus Rarsh says:

    Them kids don’t get the bigger picture.

  63. KillerCon643_IG says:

    0:56 Now that’s a good cop talking to him camly and doing the right thing insted of getting all up in his face and shouting and spiting and insulting him in his face.

  64. J DaKIdd says:

    The officers was low key weak

  65. itz_dj_bruhh 654 says:

    The 19 year old is the only 1 tryna put good stuff in the kid while everyone else threaten them

  66. this kid says:

    These cops were weak

  67. Mat H says:

    1:21 this young guy shot him down 😂😂😂 come to europe and see how guards scare not like here they act like g

  68. TsA-_- Furyz says:

    Lol imagine if the rock went hear he’d be the top dog i just know it but he’s a good man so he won’t be here

  69. don't be gay be gae says:

    1 person in the shower hmm 6ix9nine didn't have 1 at a time

  70. GangstaPlaysMobile says:

    Ok Nick Actually Had A Point Video Should Be Titled First Kid To Make Inmate Look Stupid 😂😂😂

  71. Samanduh says:

    Beyond scared says something but 60 days in says something different😔

  72. Emir Trump el-Amriki says:

    Lol for a second I thought they were actually in my city (Nashua NH), but thats just the name of a street in Boston

  73. Amer Darwich says:

    Last one so stupid he thinks he is tough guy…..

  74. Michee says:

    Not gonna lie but the kids came up with reasonable responses…

  75. Exotic Simplicity says:

    Dude at 2:15 deserves another chance.

  76. Kayla M. says:

    Lol that officer give mi Haitian vibes.

  77. ur local roach says:

    1:24 kid caught him lackin 🤣🤣

  78. Oscar Blackman says:

    4:27 that kid looked like coach carter's son from the coach carter movie

  79. Nolifemerc says:

    at 1:28 he thinks he is home free, they gonna see him when he next in line.

  80. Michael Baller says:

    Don't care kids

  81. SealAngel says:

    Nick is awesome! everything he said was right

  82. Count Grishnackh says:

    p o w e r t r i p

  83. SimplyStimulating says:

    Oh noooooooooooo

  84. SimplyStimulating says:

    I wonder if there’s ever been anything to crazy

  85. Rod Powers says:

    So who went back and got the womp womp?

  86. FLINT DEAD-SHIT says:

    sayin i aint scared but if they stab you with a 12 inch shank.
    these kid arent tought theyre just stupid

  87. Harold I. says:

    Never seen a blak boy with straight hair

  88. Burgers 'N' Shit says:

    1:22 that kid is kind of right with some things he is saying.

  89. wolfy 12636 says:

    3:32 me when i see a spider on the floor but my door is locked so im left to defend for myself

  90. Alex I. Ramirez Rivera Mr. X gon give it to ya says:

    I am addicted to this channel of beyond scared straight

  91. fpswicked_YT says:


  92. Denisee X says:

    1:26 his comment backfired😂😂

  93. high ninja assassin · 3 years ago says:

    4:20 look at them puppy dog eyes 🐶👀😍

  94. S.B.G says:

    Cant save them all

  95. peanis face says:

    2:12 – 2:57 Wow that is a very clever young inmate. This is what those guys need to hear. The truth! You see how the dude listened to him, and understood what he was saying? Logic and rational.

  96. peanis face says:

    2:47 Listen to this. Listen listen!

  97. KENNETH NUNEZ says:

    Send them to prison in mexico….

  98. Hanox says:

    0:32 when some one explains a joke 10 times but you still don't get it

  99. s r says:

    Yooo the white boy had em so bad

  100. Ween Fain says:

    I remember when I use to flex my jaw muscles to look tough too.. when I was 7…

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