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August 17, 2019 posted by

Hi friends Jeff Dennis from Bitboyz here Cybersecurity is one of the hottest topics we deal with today Just look at the news with huge companies like Equifax and Sony and the limelight for their security breaches It raises a lot of concerns for individuals and businesses of all sizes I know our clients are continually asking for education pieces or literature that they can keep on hand for their employees to educate them about Cybersecurity awareness team here at bitboys has released a free cybersecurity best practices ebook with some necessary Information and tips on how to better protect yourself and your company feel free to go ahead download Distribute the book for yourself or internally at your organization We hope the cybersecurity guide helps you stay a little safer in this world where your data is one of your most valuable assets as always if you enjoy the guide or have suggestions on how we can improve it feel free to send us an email or Give us a call. Thanks for downloading and enjoy

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