Blink XT2 Security Camera – The new version! (Full Review, Sample Video & Audio)

July 12, 2019 posted by

the blink xt2 security camera hello everyone welcome to Brian unbox this is the new bleak XT 2 security camera which features two-way audio and a new mounting hardware this new camera can be added to existing blink systems or as a new setup I have included the link in the description below for the product if you're new to my channel or have been here before thanks for taking the time to watch also don't forget to hit that subscribe button so you don't miss out on future videos and give it a thumbs up as well so let's take a look inside you get a user guide and a security sticker mounting screws two double-a batteries and the new camera mount this unit is the add-on camera since I already have the existing system if you don't have a blink system you will need to buy a sync module which is roughly the same size as the camera and this is what communicates with your Wi-Fi network and your cameras the sync module can be placed anywhere as long as it's in range with your wireless network this new system features two-way audio so now you are able to communicate back and forth with whoever's in front of the camera the camera specs are pretty much the same as a regular xt system it is 1080p HD resolution runs on 2.4 gigahertz wireless network has an app for iOS and Android and the battery can last up to two years or 40,000 seconds worth of clips this is IP 65 rated and can operate in temperatures of negative 4 Fahrenheit all the way up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit the camera is plastic all around and has a matte finish you can see the blink logo on the front it features the following a microphone the record led the camera lens the motion sensor and the infrared on the back you can see it has the XT 2 logo pulling down on the rubber knob will allow you access to the back which has the battery compartment and on the bottom you can see the speaker in comparison to the original XT which I have on the left it's pretty much identical in dimensions with the difference being the addition of the two-way audio and the speaker cut out on the bottom as mentioned earlier the mounts have been redesigned if you are a current owner you are familiar with the existing mounts that the units come with they are very flimsy and tend to break and many owners went for aftermarket mounts the new mount is definitely a big step and it feels a lot sturdier and stable these mounts will also work with the original XT as well and can be purchased separately opening the back will reveal the battery compartment and also the serial number which is used to set up the device and I have covered it here you will also find a switch to toggle the record LED if you prefer to have it on or off while recording to begin the setup download the blink home monitor app if this is a new installation launch the app and click on the add blink device on the dashboard follow the prompts by entering the serial number and it will begin to sync with your network once it's completed you have the option to take a still photo and adjust the settings and go into live mode settings are pretty straightforward and you can toggle zones retrigger time sensitivity and so on now here is a sample of the audio using the talk feature just click on the live view icon and hold down the talk button you will also be able to save the session or discard it testing one two three testing one two three this is the audio coming from the blink XT to testing one two three here you see the session saved and the volume was pretty loud and clear I have installed the mount on the wall using the two supplied screws this mount is definitely an upgrade from the original version it's easy to rotate to your desired angle it also feels a lot sturdier and stable and here are some sample footage from the XT to day night and infrared the new XT camera performs well and the added two-way audio feature is great now you have the ability to interact with people on the other side from my experience with the blink system I can say that it's definitely worth it the batteries do last depending on usage of course and the cameras have weathered through extreme temperatures in my location over the years they have updated and fixed a lot of the sensitivity issues with the addition of the zoning option the systems are priced very well and require no monthly fees they are easy to set up and require little to no maintenance at all if you liked my video go ahead and hit that like button and if you haven't subscribed yet hit that subscribe button as well until next time this is bryan unbox take care everyone


16 Replies to “Blink XT2 Security Camera – The new version! (Full Review, Sample Video & Audio)”

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  2. Is there a mounts included in the box when you receive it?

  3. mboiko says:

    Amazon stopped selling these (ie XT2)

  4. Carl G says:

    Thank god they redesigned that mount! πŸ‘πŸ»

  5. Aelia Yousaf says:

    i just wish there was a way to display the camera feed on a monitor all the time – instead of having to log into an app. Currently i have cameras installed around my house and are displayed on a screen 24-7 using the pvr.

  6. Ansar Baksh says:

    Hey does this have an alarm which sounds when it detects motion?

  7. Ken Morton says:

    I bought the Blink XT system 1 1/2 years ago. Very satisfied. Still using the original batteries. Received my 1st XT2 yesterday with the 2 way audio which in my opinion makes it more versatile than the Ring Doorbell.

  8. eurosteve50 says:

    I just received mine. There are two questions I need to answer with testing. One is how much lag there is when you're having a conversation. The other is how well the "push to talk" arrangement works. It appears that the two-way conversation is only available in live view. That makes sense because by the time you get notification that someone has triggered the camera, the video has already uploaded to the server and there is notification through the app. I did a quick test with my wife and she reported low, but discernable audio. We noticed lag. How much of a problem this is remains to be seen.

  9. Please keep posting this type of video. Love it!

  10. One issue i've seen from other Youtube reviewers is that the IR seems to blast a person close to the camera with so much reflected light that their facial features and such are not discernible. I was hoping that you would show a person near the camera in your video when the IR was working, but you didn't. Do you find that to be an issue with this camera? πŸ™‚

  11. Great review!!! Thorough review, one question though…..does the mount feel like the camera can easily be removed? For example if someone tries to steal it and yank on it can they?

  12. Chas harper says:

    Brian, Thanks so much for this Review I was considering Blink and their close competitor I like the features this system offers. Huge like on the video my friend as always #22 have an incredible weekend coming up. πŸ‘πŸ˜€

  13. Didn't want to order without seeing two way audio feature first. Thank you! Currently have five cameras this will be my 6th

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