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To be honset, no.
-no. -I am.
-No. When I go to the beach. Everytime we leave the house
and are outdoors in the sun. I have this bad habit of not
applying a sunscreen. Could that be between two to four hours? Every six to eight hours, I suppose. -No! One hour, two hours max. Each sunscreen has a different lasting time.
I lost count of the time differences. I don’t.
-No. To be honest, it is kind of
irritates me while I’m running. It ruins my makeup. Mostly, what bothers me is
the texture and the smell. You need to take off your
make up and stuff. It is oily. It is very irritating to me.
It’s outcome is very oily. I see that most of my patients, are
unaware to the fact that they need to reapply the sunscreen
every two hours. They are exposed to
the sun’s UV rays, and, as a consequence, they will
start to develop wrinkles, little wrinkles and skin
cancers types as well. The hot summer days and sun exposure ,
require constant protection for the both the hands and face The solution?
Brush & Go! by NOON Aesthetics. A unique, durable and easy-to-use product, that provides all the benefits of other sun creams but without the oily complexion and sweating. The mineral powder in the Brush & Go prevents UVA and UVB rays from
penetrating the top layer of the skin and generates a soothing effect on the skin In one word-physical protection. Imagine to yourself
that you are being covered in millions of tiny size mirrors. that reflect back all of the light
rays far away from your body. I can see the powder. Wow, it is excellent. It looks like an awesome product. You arrived just in time! It is not oily and
other stuff like that. So it is more handy. It is not sticky when it is
applied to the face. It’s magical. A magic powder!

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