Bug Out Bags and OPSEC in Networks with Wes S

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playing VA stuff magic room bliss Oh what are you doing here you said I could play with your stuff what you doing t-rex oh he put them back on the desk you sure about that yes what is the camera setup for here with West s he drove quite a few miles if you keep up with the wrong channel he kinda already told his story about how he ended up at my house going around and visiting people and seeing other youtubers and stuff and the thing I think the thing that so I guess we're gonna piggyback off of there's so many channels right now other folks talking about kind of the same stuff but it's good good it's a lot of good information and so I don't I don't I don't like to I don't want to trample on other folks and their videos so I was going to take the topic and add call me X to another topic that connects to that topic and we're gonna go into bug out bags but this was from revolting man he's in our communities with we were talking about how you have to get you have to have more of a network bug out pull off if you will you know places that you can go because it's really hard even if you can afford it and buy a secondary location it's kind of hard to secure a yeah and it's really pot luck whether or not it stays secure after you you know I mean there's things you can do but still it's nice if you have a place that's being guarded 24/7 to go to yeah and that's but there's getting around and when people say they they want to go to bug out bag and then if that bug out bag makes you fall over yeah or or if that bug out bag you have to prop it up on something else in order to get your arm straight get those shoulder straps on yeah I played online if one of the tools you have packed in your bug out bag is a block and tackle so you can raise it up and get in it it's a little over little overkill the thing here is that if you're there is the cooperation with other folks and networking like you guys were saying and networking with other people and saying hey man here's 100 bucks for some for some beans and rice to stash at your place in the event things go south here I don't want to show up to your doorstep empty-handed right and vice versa vice versa so you have to cooperate with that individually getting there you might be some distance away right and that's what a bio thanks for the that short distance something happens here's the cool thing in perfect conditions in today's society the way things are standing right now it takes 28 days you ever take a day or so to walk from a town close to my house to tell them close to his house in perfect condition yeah that's not carrying no bug-out bag either that's not stopping to eat and sleep exactly need a I've got folks all around me now that I didn't know before a few days ago and now but if I need to get to any of them folks I better have a running vehicle or some type of bike or something to get today and if I don't if something happens between here and there and psycho Billy's pull out of left's left field and take me out and there goes my truck my only vehicle then what do I do next lawyer we're walking we're walking and you're not going to be able to carry your year two years worth of groceries with you so you need to have it where you're going established already in that other location and make sure and I think pastor Joe Fox is going to probably talk about a lot of that with trust I think he's going to talk about trust and so that's that something's going to be pretty interesting and if you don't follow Pastor Joe Fox that suggests definitely doing that sure sure viking repair so I'm gonna say I'm gonna say it make sure it's worth what the legitimate dollar and nothing on it somebody out there who's that but yeah so the thing is like you want to be a minimalist you know you want to be a Milnes you wouldn't want to I mean what if I need to carry X amount of water or whatever a standard fire kit right and you've already established we've got networks of folks this is going to go on for a while between the channels but you got a network of folks we've got that part figured out folks are helping one another back and forth but then what about what happens between point A to point B and do you really want to this is where the top is going do you really want to carry 60 pounds 50 pounds I mean heck even 40 pounds would you say your pack weights now 23 23 I've got mine down to 25 and that's point even though my points now – water yeah that's the deal I got to get to my I have a point B one point yeah okay that yeah I cannot stay at my bug in location if it takes 20 pounds of water for me to walk to my next water source yeah and the other thing that I have to keep in mind is I have kids so I have to keep them with me and they have to carry their own little backpacks yes and they have their own little kids so I'm not gonna have enough stuff to support you got to get your kids if you got kids you need kits for the kids the kids need you're not gonna set items that's going to be beneficial to those individuals and then the wife as well the wife is gonna need to have a kid you got a wife sniffing another they need a kid they need something that they can carry doesn't have to wait two times it can wait 15 pounds 15 pounds again start to wear on you a little bit after a few miles well I have a 8 pound path or satchel dad yeah if I have to grab it and go out the back door with the gallon water I can make it yeah and but that's because I practice stuff a lot which I should show more on my channel I can practice it er I can film it no it's so I mean it you said it's a million times student steals yeah skills pay the bills and and what you go and what you bring with you also helps a lot I mean not having all the years for some reason I'll roll out the back of my truck somehow and and I'm just me and that's it then I'm gonna have to make new what I got like we had visitors people people carried the the trek the big drum line yeah have you ever made the lean-to out of it can you make your tent out that bag that's carrying to make your emergency a lot of folks will say that's what they're going to do but they have an attempt to do yeah it's not it's not as easy as it you would think and all these little items that go into the kid if if you're gonna do a fire kid you know if you want a Ferro rod and you don't have to have a federal right you don't have that's added weight yeah Braille rock weighs a lot more than a big light lighter can be modified and still start fires for the time period that you need it to because you're just going from here to here you just need to get there you know so that is an option to reduce weight something to start fires with does not have to weigh 10 pounds and then something for there's so many light weight foods out there not saying grab all the canned foods out of the shelf but you could spin you know what 4 bucks and get some really lightweight food for five bucks need some really lightweight food just for yourself to last that one shrimp and water filtration they make SuperDuper salyers they make like super lightweight all kinds of stuff so you can go through your kit do you really think you're gonna stop to go fishing if you just need to get to home boy's house if you're just going to homeboys house point A to point B then you really are you gonna stop for a fishing trip I mean you could start Xing things out of here my my kid my bug-out bag has a very minimalist dishing get in it yeah it's hooks in 20 wait that's it yeah I used to have an assortment of weights in more hooks now I realize you're carrying two pounds of fishing and you're planning I mean you're only real intent is to use that if you run out of food so if you run out of a food you're showing a situation where you needed to carry 200 hooks and 200 lead sinkers chances are you should just the broad shovel with ya in it the reason the one main thing that I say the fishing thing for is because what if you're not even in an area that has fishy at all say it won't even fit in the equation at all there where's the nearest Creek Lake stream River is it near you or not if not then why are we bringing it you know or you can acquire stuff at any link if you do find a lake start checking the banks and you'll start finding hooks and someone else is lying yeah somebody elseís bobbers that's all around the lake all you guys do is walk around it for a few minutes and there's stuff there no mine I'm gonna justify my deal my point be 101 or whatever here's a life free you do have places to visit fish better to have it than not in that way you I if I eat my last granola bar in my last bag of tuna which I modified it my bag again from can to those little pouches because now you can get the pouches with oil in there yeah when you buy something for your bug out bag don't we oh I really like this chunky like tuna in water 20 like tuna in oil 70 calories for water 125 or 150 oil retains four in its you get you get the tool in one pouch and you're gonna use the boil then you can use the oil yeah you can use the oil it's like super better for you it's all you really it boils down the way I figured that out that little bill I did well don't sin any Tony Oh all you people plan on carrying all that extra bullets with you it's a day to give you that's another thing that I wanted to talk about was just with the kid alone only God we've kind of hashed out we can lighten the load and this is kind of how you would do it it's do you really need that much of it and then that's how you build a minimalist kit and get a smaller pack you know you don't need like a full scale 50 liter pack for some cases you could something a little bit smaller and that's one option and then the other thing you're just going for me all right could be a few miles a couple of hours maybe maybe two days but in two days time you have enough to eat for two days so you got to calculate that so I'm not telling everyone out there just get one meal you know it's your scenario it's your situation how far away are you going from here to here if it's going to take you longer than most folks and you can calculate how many calories you go through in that much time and all that walking so that's when you need to calculate more food so I'm not telling anyone out there to down great just because the other thing is I have to keeping count is for myself prior service I I have body armor and you know I have plate carrier and things and I don't think I'm gonna leave my plate carrier if I in the event that I need that we don't know what's happened right so it's there now if we're talking like a thunderstorm or something like that something like a tornado or something like that's happened you know thunderstorms are what everybody that's a different kind of situation well so but if it's something else then I'm gonna be wearing that as well so that's added weight to my body so my pack needs to be lighter to match and balance that of said maybe 50 pounds because you're counting the rifle ammunition you start riding it all up it starts to get pretty heavy and then we start going into our other conversation that we wanted to talk about was the guys been there long remember that that we've been here while just chatting about different scenarios we've been throwing back and forth but what can you do do you want to go into that I think oh you couldn't hurt nothing cuz then just go keep blocking shot right in the butt there you go I'll let you take it what if you're thinking I'm just gonna go into this area give me a spot there's a lot of people have lived there for a long time and they've been eyeballing that spot – I think – out I want to say real quick just another will shout to somebody else – how it's a great channel go check them out and don't forget just in case you don't watch any further you should subscribe to Wes s and but – out brought up this adage don't throw knives at me I'm just I ran out of candy but – shout was in a live feed with the two of us and he brought up a good point he was scouting other locations that are completely vacant that were on the market and he wants to take note of it he's interested in him he wants to buy them but no one lives it well so this falls in the same equation and I said don't forget about the people that are still there that are still area their eyeball in that house – that's I just want to get that out and it's a real thing because there's a piece of property that happens the location b101 yeah that has come up for sale and been sold twice yeah the entire time I have been Hawking it like crazy so when it comes up for sale I can be the guy that buys it next so what yeah and mine yeah people know about these locations around the people that live there see I'm trying to buy a bar elevation in my own area that just happens to be further off the radar and a little used to anybody that doesn't give their done funniest people that live there know about it there you go yeah the people that will buy this place you're thinking about going to they've already claimed that for shtf or the modern day they're not gonna be happy about to be enough they've been there their whole lives this goes back to the talk about patron airs and everyone else out there that tell you you better know the folks there because they've had to mix and Ingle quite a bit in their towns and you know this is another bill of Tennessean right there that they gotta worry about the good influence on that community in the tank and being a part of the town like the if you don't think you need to have friends in the Union bill got location let me explain something to you the guy that lives down the road from you on that little that little rundown which is probably immaculate on the inside that little ratty looking treasure house chances are he was born at a hospital right down the road and then they brought him home then they let him run make it in that yard from the time he could walk he learned to run huh jump can't scrub with his teeth on the 2000 acres surrounding his property or his little train that house and he knows every Rock if you think you can keep him from sneaking up on you and putting a bullet in the back of your head take your stuff and then Jerry Maguire from from the city of whatever comes rolling in and buys that lot and they ain't happy because that's I think that's from you know like the city slickers yeah like that you know you think you're gonna run real quick cng packing missus is awful fond of calling me a hillbilly which I wear the collar was prob we are a distinct brain and there are rules yeah that's what our rules they're good rules their rules that you can build a tribe in the community around for starters you can't I can shake my hand you know me you know who each other are you gonna turn together you become friend yeah that's it that's we did you don't kick my dog I don't kick your dog your dog bites my dog my dog will bite back it's simple rules they're not they're good rules but everybody's got a drink oh and you're getting you really you can't expect people to just give up something they've been dreaming about their entire life and be okay with you coming in there because you've got more money and buying it out you know you really can't blame you some folks lose the land – or debts and family doesn't then can't catch the mortgage or you know property tax yeah dropping about the government you know tax mr. death this and everything else and that peace property you got on the the down cheap from some realtor was taken for away from that the family has a skills a little like they own it yeah and I mean you're got to deal with that too you know it's it's all for it's a rough time this goes back to bug-out locations to another topic that's probably going to get talked about quite a bit on You Tube now is that bug-out locations and people who think they're just going to go bug out and there's no that's I know a place in the woods well one of these days you know in those woods when you do get there you may run up into something and that something could be people that have lived there their whole lives and you have no idea they were ever there they're you know you're walking through a really nice wooded area you come out into the meadow you know what's happening to get to the other side and you're faded blue jeans are yellowish green colors and you turn around you look back and you realize you need just get out of there real quick because all the implants got Farley's yep it's time to go pick that we have that in the mountains all around me here in the mountains there's a lot of Vietnam vets that grow unusual I up there not saying what it is with unusual items up in those areas and tracking anywhere near that you are toast especially is there salad and especially if if stuff's going sideways it's gonna paint yeah that's good ugly you talk about cash crop now yeah I mean there's you know there's it's gonna be a completed people who are relatively dangerous before we're going to come ruthlessly deliver it after I'm gonna be scared to death every soccer mom I see what's mine is mine and what's yours is mine you have two attitudes gonna come out it's gonna be real big yep I can take it I own it that's gonna be a big one I'm not going to risk losing it it's gonna be another one yeah you know there's gonna be a lot of good people that get draw because people just don't risk me and there's going to be a lot you know there'll be a lot of bad ones going on that way too but it's gonna be you know major making a major deal you know like say a hurricane tornado well it's a hurricane I mean Katrina brought off the best and a lot of folks that's but it's the real world on a deal like that it's gonna be real yeah and it's there's no there's no fantasy time I can make your shopper you don't know you need to work on the canal you gotta save doing this stuff now you can sit around on hands and watch youtube video please watch church right and this is this is your vacation time yeah this is what you're doing I mean but though I decided to come down here and hang out with this guy you've got a really big dog who wanted to eat me but doesn't know no friends at school he could still be on z nation playing doc but could they change his ways I could be walking around beginning there to trade hot ecotone firm whatever man was the other one I sent you the day room that's right they as like he looks like to do the needed some sandals or something yeah you need sandals and ready a carton of milk I just got a picture who you're talking I'm not gonna hear it good I'm growing this out you know I'm going back I couldn't so I could get a job and then I got the job didn't want the job and now was left looking like I and I talked to a few people today they say they'll never cut your hair for a job I know no little late I mean I had hair down halfway down my back and now I got this rag again I gotta work so like I said I guess you pretty much nailed the conversation so they would pretty much cover no I guess that's all we got all right well you're uh you're watching this list I'm sorry – this is why say and have a beautiful fabulous fantastic day take it easy god bless three boys in Texas


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  1. Robert Kesler says:

    Good tips on bug out bag

  2. Brian Outdoors & Truth says:

    I lived in Johnson City for several years and spent time in the mountains almost every week. Do you think having a bug out location deep in the mountains would be a bad idea?

  3. General Redneck says:

    A good idea for a kid bug out bag would be to give them a dip can survival kit (Altoids case works too) and fill them with stuff for hunting fishing water purification Etc… and then show them how to use all the stuff in them that they don’t know how to use

  4. Wild Man says:

    Great video, I stopped by cause I sub to wess s's channel. Great information, I'm my opinion one of the better bug out discussions I've seen.

  5. Parapearce says:

    Awesome, I thought that was Tommy Chong for a second.

  6. Troy Stutsman says:

    First time I’ve seen Wes s…
    Sounds like another Brother to me…!
    Thanks SOS for introducing him to us.
    Wes S you’ve got a new subscriber.
    Have a great day and be blessed.

  7. Casper says:

    I check in on several of you guys channels which I've commented to them also that the prep communities really need to start and keep a test check on a coms network and add individuals across the country while there's this Soft coms network. SOS I know you know how important com was in the suck. If there's not a network set up before a shtf preparations could be in vain in a matter of days. Bugging out could be suicide just as quick in so many ways. I'm aware a lot of people have picked up ham radio's as part of the prep's just like you and myself but are we going to know what's call sign is out there we can depend on. Call sign identification and radio voice recognition needs to be established and I'm not seeing anybody pick up that ball. I've got a guy big into hams I've made arrangement with to walk me thru setting up a as long range mobile set up I can put together. I'll have my user set up devices and protected back up devices with a solar power supply source in case the grid is ever popped. I don't know how many people know the NOAA Weather Broadcast Towers are hardened but communications could save them from a world of hurt knowing what's going on in the next couple States over before it ended up in their backyard or the route their taking to get to a bol.

  8. Creative Redundancy says:

    great 😀 like the intro. Znation will always remind me of this now 😀 Very useful info to keep in mind. I try to shed weight even a little especially a lot of little weight without losing too much functionality or capability.

  9. surviving with Sabot says:

    Great video. I have been trying to decide if i should lighten up my I.N.C.H bag because it weighs roughly 65 to 70 lbs. Its an ACU rucksack with 2 sustainment pouches. After watching this, i have some ideas on what to lose to take some weight off. Thanks for the info SSG BA and Wes S.

  10. Frank Burns says:

    What a great show. Amazing amount of information,,gonna have to save this to go back and take notes. Hey, thank you

  11. Cossatot Prepper Texas Proud says:

    Lol so funny 😁Killer wes s intro! I allways like to watch stories about people that hike the Appalachian Trail where they take all this gear and a quarter the way in end up dumping most of what they started with.

  12. From Point A to Point Z says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  13. william vailati says:

    point A to point B so many things that can go wrong so much logistics for a young family or older not sure it is worth the risk yet evasion n making sound use of the art of war may be the strongest stand provided you are in a sound location already and have the talents and gifts provided standing on the Word of My Father that just happens to be God being blessed with Psalms 144 and 91 you need to own your own land we who live in the hills of west va wont be liken the rules being violated best advice get your own land we live here and will die here we will make a stand thats what im thinking good video !we are the nightmare for those that are evil ! Step One Survival you should do a video on that The Hills !!! we do own the hills do it on bug out locations and what you just may run up into something ! well done you guys did touch base on the right subjects !!!! Semper Fi

  14. Gary Shaimas says:

    The more you no is less you carrying if on foot think logic

  15. Greg Wright says:

    Good conversation. Same thing me and my buds have discussed.

  16. Greg Wright says:

    What, you didn't bring SSBadass any armadillo! I'm sure the Bob and the Wooded Beardsman would of let you have some!

  17. Craig Etheridge says:

    Nick Nolte. (I think), ( The Dude.)

  18. Leslie Kovacs says:

    Just a thought. I think it would be a good idea to have Extended Contacts across the Country if you can. You can never tell when SHTF happens. And Murphy's Law says you'll be in Chicago on a Business Trip when you happen to live in Boston. Or the Dreaded "We're going to Disney World Kids!" Vacation. You got friends in Orlando? Food for Thought. Thanks again and Take Care.

  19. BandoftheRedHand says:

    Cache food/supplies along expected routes.

  20. Christina Thompson says:

    trust ….big issue ….set them contacts up now , it'll fall slow i think , it is already so think leagles , somthing in one area not leagle in another and witch hunts going on ….just a thought

  21. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Long hair is a liability in a fight. 😎

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