20 Replies to “Butte Law Enforcement Academy Class 132”

  1. Dontay Cox says:

    How come I didn't see any black person in the video.

  2. john3:16 says:

    You forgot to teach these punks you call cops manners. All that training is worthless at that point. This town has these out of date programs that do not help which is exactly why the town of butte mt is such a scummy place because they do nothing to get to the root of these people's problems. It will always be the armpit of america. Butte has the worst reputation of all montana but montana itself is no better. They hire women who hate men to decide their fates so their motives are absolutely horrendoues and all it is is money making schemes.this state should be cut off from the rest of the country completely..for its racism alone it will fall. Worthless. There are tons of sex offenders here. Violent offenders. They use their little programs like watch and start and ccp as prisons and knowing their programs dont do any good but hurt people more is the same as saying "we like our crime and drug problem. We wouldnt have a job if we actually helped them".

  3. J Bender says:

    Seems like an amazing group, well done! Kudos for using some TFK for the vid!

  4. Jayden Wolf says:

    Any chance anyone could get all the songs used during this video?

  5. Jay Fleming says:

    WOW I went to MLEA Basic 32 in 1978…. Good job guys, be safe out there…

  6. Siddesh Gannu says:

    4:19 you can see how this muslim is willing to serve and protect the community

  7. MrEpic490 says:

    I start my police academy in one week i cant wait.. its going to be a long six months

  8. J. Hurt says:

    this is unprofessional, they should educate them instead of using violence to resolve problems.

  9. Nick Giorgio says:


  10. ItsMebub says:

    I'm going here for trading

  11. Jacub Israel says:

    There not the only ones who can train! in order to take down your enemy you must learn how they think. They live life in a box witch can be easily exploited

  12. Scott says:


    Order out of Chaos

  13. Ray Britt says:

    Trained killers

  14. Tevin Lim says:

    I grew up learning to hate cops cuz my family always say "police will come get you" whenever I don't want to do or want to do things, just to get me to obey for the dumbest shit just cuz they're either lazy want me to do it because they schedualed unwanted appointments without me knowing, or to get me to stop what I'm doing even though it's not against the law. After that I hated seeing and hearing the word "police"

  15. DillRider says:

    awesome video

  16. Sierra1947 says:

    As I watch the video portion where you all practice taking down a criminal to make an arrest, all of the cadets are of average weigh and height. How would you take down a criminal weighing 340 pounds, about 6'3, who doesn't want to be touched and resisted first attempt to get hold of his arms?  Keeping in mind four officers weigh half the size of the criminal and about 5'10". I curious to know how the police can get this large of a criminal to the ground.  Thank you.

  17. Alyson Hoover says:

    My daughter is in Academy Class134. Set to graduate December 2014.
    Thank you for posting this impressive video. It helped me get a better understanding of  the hard work, determination, endurance and commitment she has for her chosen profession. Good luck cadets of class 134.

  18. Westheimer King says:

    Being A Former Public Servant / Officer This Is A Great Inspirational Video

  19. wheeler508 says:

    Great job guys and gals. Welcome to the brotherhood. 
    Wheeler MCSO
    Class 122.

  20. Elite199 says:

    Nice video, i'm starting the 133rd Butte Academy in 3 days. Nervous!

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