Butthurt Allied Security Guard Kick Us Out Of The Mall For Filming Robbed Store-1st Amendment Audit

July 4, 2019 posted by

alright scaizi camera boy I don't even know what's going on here but they got two units and they had another one one went that way too yeah go ahead you get a news YouTube are you a cop watch or – what are you with the news or same will show up at the same time that's cool I like that right for Lola I'm talking about we'll get in the description right now yeah that guy yes sonic head my bro channel 5 with some furrows yeah it's not a good one he's on top of it – he's going that way yeah now with you let's go that's fine yeah it's okay yeah it's okay yeah it's first-amendment it terse a minute she's someone's running him over look she's a very unsafe driver okay so whatever happened have another house a Pharaoh's nigga robbery yep stop where am i turned yourself and then I made out other what is it my god radios in my car if you want to use them too I wonder where's the Apple store something happen yeah he can be this way so it has to be done he lost them he could even find him Colin got kicked out yeah you find them over there okay yeah yeah they don't live recording here in say so – well no yeah so they kick you out – yeah all right okay that's are some good connections there bro three black guys start my car oh wow you said Corolla we better throw a civic yeah yeah the sheriff actually said right now yeah he's outside they go get another unit okay that's good thank you I stood by my line drive when you agency you work for taste yes radio all right it's good juice trigger its crying private press okay youtuber do you guys sell video is just give yourself yeah I just didn't for myself oh yeah it's a little better you know who's that got no one answer to yep and they don't tell me what to edit what sit there yep the only visual we got right so I just asked me who I work for and then I asked him to what is this it Chris first best the kick that's a Curia that I mean the other guy all right huh alright fuck it let's go cause this thing real quick actually we can go this when you go around because it secures right there secure it right there turned itself and an attorney but one issue that's where that security guards hat no there's no cops inside there's no cop since it happened I'll know that's why we're trying to find out they just worked out that way okay so you can be filming here is there a law or something property unless you get a passable mall management okay perfect thank you I still got you the trip we're walking right now you see that we're walking we're walking do it we're not stopping we're walking over there don't you see see Universal I like now we got this one here this property yeah I'm leaving right now don't you see me James you might phone us what happened I can I can speak on behalf of that I forget speak to the Sheriff's Department okay they're located across the street all right thank you you two stay safe so the presence over there we're just gonna go stand with the press and as well so this is a undercover vehicle stay professional because we'll be watching hey close it right that's my car you gonna you're gonna damage it the hell what the hell you think pay for that car there you see that we're backing up right yeah we are right now don't you see we're moving by five station investigators this report you can't kill on the property Rocky IV nice to leave over a minute this supported as an armed robbery at the elincia town center Shailaja against their stove okay all right crazy camera boys he's up yeah probably gonna leave before they actually get the cops and have us trespass is this still private it's private property from Valencia big bean magic now okay I thought this was just like Street you know no private property I mean I got you interested in your job yeah thank you right across the street they'll answer if you guys push all you guys get are like a public information officer over there no right across the street Sheriff's Department okay okay sounds good well thank you so much okay it's just that I told you guys in the past yeah we're leaving right now all right later man all right at it Casey Cameron booth okay let's go before de trespasses yeah cuz everybody gave us a warning hey was it channel you got you got for dis cops he found me I had because I have a scanner – it's just digital I just and whatever's yours all 400 perfect thinking later alligator all he was going there my knowledge ater I did sit sit I mean just saying once they give you a verbal warning to leave you had to leave oh I was it gonna get the cops and then trespassing you that's why we're backing up now alright peace out Casey Cameron blue mm-hmm


36 Replies to “Butthurt Allied Security Guard Kick Us Out Of The Mall For Filming Robbed Store-1st Amendment Audit”

  1. Edwin Rodriguez says:

    Witch city it's?

  2. Matthew Latsha says:

    The life of a “Stringer”, no thank you…You need to have some “Allied Butthurt Cream” for runs in with Allied Security Guards to give them…

  3. Betsy Rivera says:

    Great video. Butt hurt cream works for them. 🤣

  4. David Schieler says:

    last time checked parking lot is not private property

  5. Bobby Glock says:

    According to California law you can be there and film regardless if the security or management likes it or not.

  6. John Taylor says:

    Guys u fucked up here u didnt have to leave .It may be private property but its open to the public ,so u should stay.

  7. cype man says:

    Surely you've seen California Guardians recent audits of shopping malls?

  8. KENT ROBINSON says:

    What do they have to HIDE since it is a 1st AMENDMENT free zone???

  9. Wanda Richardson says:

    Freedom SA

  10. Neal Mabrey says:

    Pruneyard Shopping Center v. Robins, 447 U.S. 74 … 23 Cal.3d 899, 592 P.2d 341

  11. Dave Slade says:

    who are the other guys auditing, if its publicly accessible you can film

  12. Raven The Man Hater 9999 says:

    0:50 He got's dat boo-tay sticking out 🍑 – you know what for 🕧

  13. Raven The Man Hater 9999 says:

    Where you at in LA?

  14. cockybastard1 says:

    Tactically your next move should have been to go across the street to the station the cops who solicited a trespass came from and film there back gate, car, plates etc. And when they most surely come out to see what fuckery you're up to. Simply explain this is what happens when one of your members gets us trespassed.

  15. Cindy Duran says:

    Good job as usual. Nice how you were able to hook up with other auditors. Its like that song lol… Its a small world after all!

  16. Audit Recon says:

    Another alien working for Allied Universal who doesn't know about freedom.

  17. Bono UKnow says:


  18. Harald says:

    High court you can Film in private for the Public Open malls etc, so they los, even No tresspas without crime.

  19. Kim Johnson says:

    KC KC hey hey 👋🏻

  20. Essene Gnostic says:

    The six pointed Police " star " is actually a symbol of Kabbalah …….. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kabbalah

  21. Master Bateman says:

    Rent-a-Stupid Lives Matter 😂

  22. Crow T Robot's Video Channel says:

    So a store was robbed because security was too concerned about a guy with a camera?? CLASSIC!!

  23. estate empas alfredo says:

    U always putting videos out i like that shit dont stop posting

  24. John Slater says:

    The mall owner should be aware that security and police dont want people in the mall that can Record. Thats everyone with a cell phone.

  25. Finbar Martin says:

    .1946 Marsh v. Alabama, 326 U.S. 501. Amalgamated Food Employees Union Local 590 et al. v. Logan Valley Plaza, Inc., 391 U.S. 308 (1968). PRUNEYARD SHOPPING CENTER V. ROBINS, 447 U.S. 74 (1980),

    Marsh v. Alabama, 326 U.S. 501 (1946), was a case decided by the United States Supreme Court, in which it ruled that a state trespassing statute could not be used to prevent the distribution of religious materials on a town's sidewalk, even though the sidewalk was part of a privately owned company town

    Amalgamated Food Employees Union Local 590 v. Logan Valley Plaza, Inc., 391 U.S. 308 (1968)The United States Supreme Court took up the case to decide whether a private shopping mall could use trespass laws to keep peaceful protesters off mall property. The Supreme Court struck down the injunction, holding that the First Amendment protects the right to protest peacefully, even on private property, if that private property is generally open to the public.

    . Since the California Constitution protected "speech and petitioning, reasonably exercised, in shopping centers even when the shopping centers are privately owned," PruneYard could not prevent the students from soliciting on its property. The Court argued that it was within California's power to guarantee this expansive free speech right since it did not unreasonably intrude on the rights of private property owners. https://www.oyez.org/cases/1979/79-289

  26. Dave D says:

    Dont go to that mall especially if you are a tourist they hate news media and public photographers.

  27. Dave D says:

    Security kicked the media out for reporting on a crime?

  28. ROCKY says:

    Ugh! A gay security guard? That's 2 strikes against him🤦

  29. kernow trebartha says:

    You ain't NOBODY in Amerika unless you wear a UNIFORM.

  30. Irene Vasquez says:

    Hi KC, I told you-you rock!!!!!

  31. ROCKY says:

    Research has shown security guard's brains are actually dog feces.

  32. Michael Vechnak says:

    Tell that security guard guard to FUCK OFF!!!

  33. LOUIE says:

    I think u can film Mall just inside there is just google the mall in Ca

  34. Michael Vechnak says:


  35. TINYNMINNIE says:

    was that av watchman you were copwatching with?

  36. Michael Vechnak says:

    They seem to think they are they Masters but they're not, they are the servants! FUCK THE COPS!!!

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