CA. DMV: Inter-Con Security FAIL. First Amendment Audit.

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this California Guardian is City West Covina 1800 south to Endora Avenue Department of Motor Vehicles is something different from the corner of Medora Avenue and Cameron Avenue [Applause] I know skateboards are loud another thing against the people this guy's no I do got these little wind blockers on order I know everybody's been getting on me about it oh okay security guards are coming after me already I just got here I want to know what you're videotaping me for not saying that doesn't want to know what for if I can that's fine stop taking the pictures nope Matis where can you get the SPR here we have a man on the monitor taking pictures of everybody hard [Applause] [Applause] there we go [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] there's a state property I have the right to be here we need to off the property no sir video tape is not allowed this is state property everywhere I have the right to record state property sir you need to know that's okay I have a nice day sir YouTube please look I'm not leaving the property sir first number right give me corner on this property sir intercom private security ham is correct my name is Melvin Hammond lieutenant melted hammer you guys yeah your security your rank does it really matter with that badge number one 196 – thank you sir you're welcome we graduate fucker oh the camera there the camera this is property back up you're my personal spam I'm not yes you are or not you within like two feet of me sir that's wrong is the property that's okay please state property sir please exit the front this is state property sorry I'm right to be here so the public can exit the park this is open to the public sir please exit the pond now [Applause] you're advocates in the state of California in your contract for the state of California I'm not contacted with better California contact to a private security builder this is the state of California property right here you can contact sir no sir I'm a journalist Gavin content for story and you're not on my story okay they're fine please access the pump it's a state property sir please exit open to the public please sir no please no yeah please okay how about you record me back I contracted with the Department of Motor Vehicles which is a state agency sir you're providing security for state agency how you being live-streamed right now so does it matter right actually won't get my name I guarantee you I'll leave today without you getting my name all right I can't see your name tag from here below for me okay please press charges hey what's your name what's your name rent-a-cop a rent-a-cop what's your name here's a sign up in veterinary I'm just leaving I got you right here how much state property it's public property my papers property are you trying to Kim today I feel her after all cuckoo ah shoot Elise you don't have an authority right by you you like a homosexual this time you like me that's what you want to say my actor I'm thinking okay all right don't touch me give you a YouTube star oh I'm all over YouTube now I don't have any backup oh the siren sorry what's up Michael stop is videotaping I'll take a real good look at that right there alright it is legal sir I get really reading and it's not a federal Vegas estate building are not he reading that I don't have to be that you know what there's a court case called new second worst person of the United States where the Federal Supreme Court ruled that filming on a public property especially federal property but this is a federal property this is state property knowing that they face that doesn't rank at all while your videotape I don't know I'm journaling content for a story anything that destiny going off play and if your eternal it's not the heck no I don't and I'm staying in California I'm afraid I don't have to that you do actually I don't know if you ever heard of four guys versus Seattle give her to the California state Penal Code section 148 G okay that's fine but also you have to sell food that you want read write out something that broke that your friend okay sir roughly recording people complain that you're put it in my pay I love putting you but you want it to me touch me and I guarantee you'll be the one going to jail good you better touch me and you'll be going to jail touch me what could be your no con well what's your badge number what's your badge number Oh after you think if you're saying I'm calling your company I guarantee you you won't be at this post I guarantee you will be at this post you constant me threatened violence on me okay we'll see we'll see who had the job tomorrow because all the intercom security threatening the public cussing at the public while protecting state property and what's your name name sooner your DMV employee sir are you a DMV employee I guess he doesn't want to answer so you guys seen this right we see a West Covina guys the corner of Gandhara Avenue and Cameron Avenue at the Department of vehicles the unprofessional security officer there to be threatened violence ami was with intercom security hi are you deploying a motor vehicle employee are you giving the employee I'm at the mm for you I want smaller official complaint if I were to follow physical plate we're crying sir what have I done well you know you I'm a right to be your first a little ride estate property sir yeah have a nice day the place analogy are you sure yeah are you sure about that I actually believe the document look he's also blocking in two cameras on the building it is that [Applause] give me sir can I get your supervisor know if I was pointing at that security guard I want to follow it to Buddy get that security guard yeah your execution come through our coffee you know what I want to talk to your supervisor about that on track security guard threatening violence on my person on your property like that we will have invested in a comment talk to you okay okay you can do it I actually believe on the project asleep on you I haven't committed a crime you have no right to kick me up thank you you can get this drama security camera and out there I'd like to do that I'm getting conned on the demolition First Amendment protected and Kimmi address getting content first story you're my story right now you you are not authorized your video take me a bit though you know the specific what is our public by what is a reason for doing that so I have a right to record you you have no petition to privacy public serving you now I gotta have you know to invest their comment on okay you do that we'll check up these phone number okay guys thank eyes pop intercom security on Hammond lieutenant Hammond he refused to give the number so I could report his employee for threat of violence seeming lifestream she was live-streamed by the way when she found violence on it you don't have to consent you're in public you're in a public place you already on there now you're being live-streamed yes you are I would like to go back lay it out no that's right called Google you'll find it nobody came back out [Applause] oh there she is [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] thank you guys are going to want to complain to the DMV their their phone number right there 1-877-748-1018 [Applause] then we should smile more and be happy you're alive you're breathing [Applause] [Applause] Oh [Applause] well obviously you guys out of what Security office is your office you don't want to give me security office either Ark it up just like you told him you can find it on [Applause] so you know just for your safety yes coming through here oh no we also left the property yeah yeah you got a please move to the side all right I'm going to die there we go at least behind the curve with the turbines are these puzzle over the hill all right if you want to get hurt so I'm okay right here I will instill company contact you to square all right I'm asking to be because you are talking safety problem over here I'm not on your safety probably consider the try to answer ah okay I'm and I'm not I don't know more I'm asking you to leave their pocket okay what authority do you have to ask me leave the property okay just asking right just asking right you're asking right thank you all right that's what we need to know [Applause] you must report me Oh in case you try to get violent I'm not going to violent just don't put your heel them above the right to kill myself I love your guard was kind of threatening violence over there she's wearing your uniform I didn't see you attempt to stop her you can kick turn people marketplace tomato sir I'm going to find what's your badge number and your name sir Oh they've asked you to leave already sir did your reason why you're filming here honestly yeah I am the drill is getting content first or you have a First Amendment constitutional right to film on state property unless I've committed a crime or wouldn't speak to me thank you I get your name and badge number sir yeah smolders Lopez badge number five seven eight I get your name number please I'd like you to imagine umbra name okay that female security guard threatened violence on me I wish to file a complaint I'll get you all thank you Hawkins Bobby Bobby for not – no thank you [Applause] medium I'll get you the phone number or you can ball its wanted a story did your part of the media yes Sarah yeah I'll get you their contact you can you can call them up and we'll be more than happy to that I'm also going to get you a complaint form to fill out that form if you which is the writ of complaint against any of the employees here in the office well you security has a security under the CHP security they work for the department so I was benders or higher they were directly under the do the DMV it works their company higher quality okay quality I get your name and badge number officer thank you and we speaking to any matter in favor well we're going to come and ask about their filming policy and policy on how they feel about anything I never got that far all of a sudden desiccating arts like surrounded me and started yelling at me so all provided with [Applause] okay so you have six officers out here for having the camera no we got an investigation off this year so got a bunch of employees here okay I wish to provide my name [Applause] sure you want simple ops with me mom okay I'll feel like going inside [Applause] a little problem [Applause] we want to film it'll evolve you sir I didn't want to see how they treated customers how they treated the public it was a lot of questions about the DMV you know personally I got triple-a I walk in triple-a and be out in 15 minutes but I've heard stories about people having to wait two three hours just to renew a registration on their car and all depends on if you have the appointment system or online schedule an appointment it's a lot quicker than coming in waiting alive you have the choice you don't have to wait in line get any questions I'd be more than glad to try to answer what is it apart what's the Department of Motor Vehicles policy on coming in public spaces that they can provide you information perform wrongly okay and what's the so are you at the party motor vehicles or CHP I'll define more vehicles rep you okay so you're not a CHP officer not so you my guardian if you have an investigation division off well now we're getting in the media release number two [Applause] well versed in irrigating okay my captain that motors on all right there so what are your peace officer status we're peace officer sworn officers from California are you limiting peace officer or full status peace officer all right and important [Applause] while we're naming Auburn I have somebody contact that's again you argue to the complaint process [Applause] let's go over right there sir complete form alrighty don't stop to address all right thank you all right sir you guys have a good day hi guys I'm going to leave the fill there you go obviously well the peace officers the investigators past security not so much thanks for watching guys I'm going to go ahead and close this out and head on out of here have a good one alright guys so I just stopped my bamboo sir so there's a mr. I can't film him or put him in public without his permission let's say goodbye to him alright enter con security


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  1. California Guardian says:

    I would like to thank all of my subscribers and loyal viewers for your support. I believe in Free Speech and the First Amendment that is why I do this. Please, can we keep the racist and ethnic slurs to yourself. This channel is about defending and exercising our constitutional rights, and while you have a right to voice your opinion I ask that you do not post racist, hateful or ethnic biased comments on this channel.

  2. MrScott3060 says:

    Its frustrating watching your videos with all the advertising brakes so you can make more money.

  3. bruce johnstone says:

    Kizzy be angry

  4. Mangel Leslie says:

    Sometimes cops are nice and at other times some of them can be a copsucker.

  5. Willfish Forfood says:

    What a bunch of ignorant dumbasses lmao.

  6. Donald Greenbriar says:

    You know you're in probable danger when the Popo shows up with that thin blue line gang insignia. The American Flag should be all they need to uphold the Constitution.

  7. may_Hamm 08 says:

    Did no one else hear his mouth smacking noises behind that camera..?πŸ˜‚

  8. Colin Richards says:

    Whats the point in doing these farces if you don't follow through!!!!

  9. Silverback says:

    β€œLieutenant”…what a fucking douche, your rank is fucking meaningless. It has about as much authority as a shift leader at McDonald’s.

  10. Elton Holt jr. says:

    These guys are true pieces,

  11. Elton Holt jr. says:

    OMG call swat

  12. Scott S says:

    Looks like that security guards wife hit him in the forehead with an axe.

  13. Scott S says:

    When they walk up can you put your arm out to stop them entering your personal space and then if they touch you it battery.

  14. Kevin Narnia says:

    Oh no, thanks to the video dmv security is breached and we know the exterior of the building is made of bricks (and guarded by rocks for brains).
    ( ( my apology if I offended any rocks ) )

  15. Jack Nicholson says:

    Damn that officer with the pink shirts fine as f*** I would pound the hell out of that one delicious

  16. broad100 says:

    Great job!

  17. W F says:

    Dip sticks employed as security

  18. Richard The Lionheart says:

    Call the National Guard A FUCKING man with a Camera

  19. Richard The Lionheart says:

    A good sock will block

  20. Shane Glasgow says:

    Dude just recorded himself getting owned πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  21. Shane Glasgow says:

    When they pull out their phones to record say . That’s great now your whole department can use your video for education purposes πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ keep recording cause you gonna learn something πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€

  22. Shane Glasgow says:

    Where do I start … so much to say but imma only say this …. the two female officers standing under the stop sigh , the one on the left , I swear her pants are way too tight , her cooka looks like it ready to burst out of them jeans . The female guard , the black girl got a mad booty I think I’m just might move to Amerikkka… not!! . But gawtam she sexy .

  23. Christopher James says:

    Stupid fatass wannabe cop

  24. Sizzle Galaxy says:

    I am sick of that illegal, desecrated American flag being displayed everywhere. I believe it's become THE symbol of the American police state.

  25. Martin Barbeau says:

    Do you stupid security guards realize how dumb you look??? Oh and BTW dumbass I don't have to axe you nuffin!!!!

  26. matt holt says:

    why did u leave after the cops got done withu? u shoudlve walked back on to the dmv and recorded while the security was there so u can have the last laugh ….her handing u the piece of paer and u leaving looked like they ran u off…

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